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cravings + yogurt stalking (plus – sample daily diet!)

so it’s late…i’m tired and really should be going to bed, but since i didn’t blog last night i really feel the need to at least provide a quick update in the hopes that my little endeavor will at least bring a smile to someone’s face because it is rather amusing.  i’m almost 8 weeks out from the competition and as i mentioned before, things are going to change on my diet and work out come monday.  question: why do we crave things that we can’t have?   i’ve found myself making sure i get my fill of the things that are going to be taken away from me.   i talked to my trainer yesterday and she calls JUST as i’m making my morning snack: ezekiel bread with almond butter, banana slices, and a drizzle of honey.  i was all set to sit down and enjoy it and she calls. i confess that i’m savoring every last little bite and she proceeds to rub it in that i may as well enjoy it ’cause it’s the last i’ll see of bread for awhile! 

as of monday: no bread, only 1 egg yolk per day, no bananas – actually the only fruit i can have is apples and blueberries – and i have to limit my spray butter (oh i love my spray butter!).  it’s just human nature – you tell someone they can’t have something and that’s all they can think about.  so what did i have for breakfast this morning: 2 eggs (with yolks), 3 egg whites, 2 slices of ezekial bread and salsa.  my dad taught me to eat eggs the right way when i was little and this is how i love ’em: soppin’ up the over easy eggs and salsa with my toast!  and since this little love affair with my eggs and toast is gone come monday – i’m ensuring that i get my fix now.  i’ve been following everything really closely, but honestly anybody could do what i’ve been doing the last 4 weeks – it’s just very clean eating and 1700 calories is actually extremely do-able.  just to give you an idea – here’s what i eat in a typical day right now:

  • breakfast (8am): 1/2c whole grain oats with 1c vanilla unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, splenda and spray butter + 1 egg and 5 egg whites with salsa  (or my protein pancakes…recipe to come in the next few days), and coffee with 2 tbsp half-and-half (note here: coffee has 0 calories but my cream has 40 for 2 tbsp…but i’d rather have one cup of coffee with real cream than any fake stuff – i just have to limit it!)
  • snack (10am): small apple with 20 almonds -or- 1 tbsp almond butter (measure!!  trust me – it’s less than you’d think and calories add up fast on almond butter)
  • lunch (1pm): big spinach + greens salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and 1 can tuna with 1/4c quinoa (or brown rice), and light dressing – followed by sweet potatoes with splenda, spray butter and cinnamon for dessert!
  • pre-workout snack (3:30pm): protein pudding made with almond milk
    **should eat 1 hour before working out!
  • workout: 4:30 – 6pm
  • post-workout snack (6pm): protein shake + brown rice cake with splenda, cinnamon and spray butter
    **eat RIGHT after workout…i do in the car on the way home so i have to remember to take them with me!
  • dinner (7:30pm): “spaghetti” with meat sauce -or- fish/chicken/steak (4oz) with 2 servings of vegetables…usually either grilled brussel sprouts or asparagus.
  • snack (9:30pm): 1/2c cottage cheese (or greek yogurt!) with cinnamon and splenda

that’s a typical day – and of course i get creative in there some days to keep myself from getting bored – but that day comes in around only 1600-1700 calories, i’m eating every 2-3 hours, and i’m full!  however – those days are soon going to be gone so i will enjoy my last few days before i drop to 1500 calories.  actually – it won’t be that bad…just cut a little here and there and it will be easy!

before i head to bed (much much much later than i should be i might add!) i must say i’m super proud of myself.  i have had, since last sunday, in my freezer, 2 cartons of golden spoon frozen yogurt left over from our little get together last weekend and i haven’t touched them!  can you believe it?  i’m even impressed with myself!  usually if i have golden spoon in the house it literally stalks me until i polish it off – but i haven’t.  i’m so looking forward to saturday though when i can cuddle up on the couch with my peanut butter golden spoon and savor every little bite (ok – in moderation) while i watch my weekend chick flick.  this is what my life has come too: the highlight of my weekend is eating golden spoon.  oh well – such is life!  i guess if it works for you and you’re happy – why change it?

to answer the question i posed before: here’s what i’ve realized even in this short 4 weeks…  do i want to eat golden spoon every single day?  absolutely.  but knowing that i can look forward to it on saturday make me enjoy it just that much more when i do have it.  do i want chocolate souffle for dessert?  of course – but i’ve learned to be creative and savor my little sweet treats that i can have (my sweet potatoes!).  sometimes learning to sacrifice teaches us more about ourselves.  i’ve found that short-term sacrifice is necessary to find ultimate long-term satisfaction in reaching my goals.  craving what we can’t have is partly just human nature, but much like other things in life, it’s not about having what you want, but learning to want what you have. 

how’s that for deep!?  🙂
[disclaimer: if this doesn’t make any sense, in my defense it’s 12:46am and i’m very tired!]
off to bed!


spray butter + cinnamon + splenda…oh my!

so while you may think that my diet (i hate that word) is bland and boring, it’s quite the contrary.  i’ve always been able to take recipes and tweak them to make them healthier – my guests love it when i cook because they know they’re in for a healthy meal that tastes like normal food!  however, this little competition has been a challenge to my culinary creativity.  but that’s been the fun part: taking the foods i can eat and not only making them taste good, but learning to satisfy my cravings – and for me it’s always a sweet craving.  enter my 3 best friends: spray butter + cinnamon + splenda.

these three little happy ingredients have the ability to transform any boring food into something yummy – so i’ll share with you some of my favorite snacks using these three condiments….trust me they are all yummy:

cinnamoney cottage cheese: mix 1 teaspoon splenda and 1 teaspoon cinnamon into 1/2 cup cottage cheese this seriously takes like rice pudding and has only has 90 calories and will crave even the toughest sweet craving!  this is good when i need something after dinner and is perfect before bed because it’s pure protein and low in calories.

super sweet greek yogurt: mix 2 teaspoons splenda into a 8oz container of greek yogurt (make sure it’s the non-fat, plain) and then serve with 1/4 cup blueberries.  the splenda takes it from tart to sweet and for only 115 calories, it’s a filling little snack!  another favorite pre-bedtime snack…high in protein and curbs my need for sweets after dinner.

sweet potato heaven: trust me on this one and try it…it’s so good!  either boil or microwave 1 medium sweet potato (appox. 4 oz) until it’s soft in the middle  – or buy the ones wrapped in plastic at the store that you just pop in the microwave.  place in a bowl and mash and cut the skin (leave it on though – it’s good for you!) until it looks like a mashed potato.  spritz with 10 sprays ‘i can’t believe it’s not butter’ spray, sprinkle with 1 tablespoon splenda, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon (or try pumpkin pie spice!).  mix together and enjoy…you can’t beat a dessert that packs in a serving of vegetables, will leave you full, and has only 123 calories!  i love this pre-workout to give me some carbs for energy!

french toast egg white scramble: ok so i got this from a friend at the gym and i must say that this sounded super wierd…but it’s amazing.  note: i could write a whole blog on how amazing egg whites are, but i’ll leave that for another time.  okay, so scramble 6 egg whites (only 17 calories each!), then place in a bowl and spritz with 10 sprays ‘i can’t believe it’s not butter’ spray, sprinkle with 1 teaspoon splenda and 1 teaspoon cinnamon.  i kid you not this tastes like french toast…and the whole bowl (which is pretty big) is a whopping 108 calories.  perfect for when you want to raid the fridge and need to fill your tummy!

cinnamon rice crunchers: at the grocery store look for ‘brown rice’ rice cakes (unsalted) and make some of these and keep them in your car for emergency snacks!  take one of the rice cakes and spritz with butter spray (only 10!), sprinkle with cinnamon and splenda and you’ve got a little yummy snack of whole grains that has only 85 calories.  i take these in the car with me and have one of these post-workout with my protein shake…great way to get some high-quality carbs in my body after a tough workout and it’s crunchy and sweet…love these!

i could probably go on and on but i’ll spare you!  last note on these: remember to ENJOY ALL THINGS IN MODERATION!  my curiosity got the best of me because some of these snacks are so good that i couldn’t believe that these amazing condiments could truly be calorie free.  and how enlightening my findings were.  check this out:

  • splenda: in my opinion this is still the best ‘no-calorie’ sweetener…but after a little research, it’s not really ‘no calorie’…but it’s still the best alternative.  each little yellow packet (or 2 teaspoons) of sweetness has 4 calories.  click here for an article on splenda from one of my personal favorite sites,
  • cinnmon: you can’t really go wrong here…there’s only 6 calories per teaspoon and you’ll rarely use much more than that.  what’s more – this little spice is a super-food that has been shown to reduce blood sugar, lower cholesterol, reduce risk of heart disease – and not to mention it packs in calcium, fiber, and vitamins c, k, and manganese…all in one itty bitty teaspoon!  whew!  click here for a good article from women’s health with more on health benefits and recipes.
  • spray butter: here’s the kicker…i love this stuff…the ‘i can’t believe it’s not butter’ should be called ‘i can’t believe it’s calorie-free’ because that’s how good it is…until i found out it’s not really calorie free.  gotta love the little FDA guidelines that say as long as it’s <5 calories per serving then it can be termed ‘calorie-free’.  and when one serving is ONE SPRAY (hello!!! who uses one spray??)…it’s easy to get under 5 calories.  here’s the scoop: 12.5 sprays = 10 calories…25 sprays = 20 calories.  you’d be surpised how trigger happy you can get so just beware.  i’m glad i looked…i love to spray to my heart’s content!!  again, another article from hungry girl on spray butter…have to give them credit for this great info!  all in all though – much better alternative to slathering your food in butter…just use in moderation!

so there you have it…my little love affair with spray butter + cinnamon + splenda. hope something here inspires you to get creative with your food…there’s always a healthy way to tweak something and more often than not, it’s pretty easy!   i’m off to make my dinner, relax, and conquer the ever-full bottle of water…stay tuned tomorrow for updates on fitlosophy – we’re rockin’ and rollin’!


week 4 pics + sell, sell, sell!

if you ever want to just be in a good mood for absolutely no reason…parade around your house in a sparkly bikweek4_frontini.  [note: if the guys try this i think there might be other issues]  so that’s what i was doing while i was waiting for my neighbor to come take my pics as we go into week 4 of this thing.  but i was sporting one of the new competition bikinis per the request of my trainer…so here we are at the start of week 4 trying out my silly new little pose.  please excuse the frizzy ‘do and lack of make-up…all my pics are taken post workout!

apparently i need to build up my lats so i get more of a v-taper so i literally kicked my butt at the gym today working my back doing lat pull-downs, iso lat pull-downs, single arm cable rows (with the flexsolate straps which were the first time i’ve used them and – love them!!), and dumbell rows…all circuited with sets of 10-15 pushups in between each set.  ouch.  and then – my body must completely be used to having sundays off and starting fresh monday…because i could totally feel it today that i worked out yesterday.  holy camoly.  i almost died doing week4_sidemy leg routine…thanks to my girl jamie (and my amazing new workout playlists)…i made it through my workout! 

so i had lunch with my best friend (and finance genius) last friday to look over fitlosophy’s financials and everything and she just gave me a reality check on the things i need to be doing to ensure fitlosophy is a success. little overwhelming! i’m an entreprenuer at heart – so i fly by the seat of my pants and while most of the time i make pretty good, well-thought-out decisions, it’s always nice to have a reality check every now and then. fitlosophy is my passion in every sense of the word so i get carried away, excited at opportunities and sometimes lose focus. so that meeting was enlightening – but also scared the you-know-what out of me too! don’t get me wrong, fitlosophy is rockin’ and rollin’ given the economic climate and we’re super grateful for everything we’ve got going on…we just have to be smart and make sure we’re around for the long haul. which right now means my focus is sales…sales, sales, sales. that said: i’m going to throw this out there completely on purpose because – hey you never know who’s reading this thing right?! my goal in the next 30 days is to close a big corporate wellness deal where we do fitbooks with the company logo on the front. we’ve done a couple big ones last year with companies like chevron…and the best part is they are given to employees as part of their wellness programs to help employees get healthy. so there it is – complete and utter shameless plug, but hey – a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

so talk about the power of writing down goals (which is why i created the fitbook!)…last night i sat down to my workouts for the week, and in the ‘other’ goals section i just jotted down the following: “close one new corporate wellness and one new wholesale deal by friday.” yeah – so i had a call at 2pm today and ‘check’ – we’ve got a new retailer, fitness town, based in canada which is awesome for all my canadian customers – so amazing how things happen. one down, one to go! this week is a big week for fitlosophy – some great meetings coming up so keep this little company in your prayers as we aim to make america (actually – make that the WORLD!) just a little bit healthier one person at a time!

wanna learn more about doing that corporate wellness program with me? email me at and mention the blog…i’ll cut you a deal! 😉


conquering the frosting temptation

another weekend come and gone…   i woke up bright and early to hit the gym this morning which was a bit odd given that i can’t even remember the last time i went to the gym on a sunday!  it was nice – amazing how fast i can get my workout done when there’s no one to talk to.  plus i was in a time crunch to get ready there at the gym and make it to church on time, which i did!  then the rest of the day i just spent doing things around the house and prepping my food for the week.  each sunday i grill my chicken, boil my quinoa (pronounced keen-wa…kinda a mix between brown rice and cous cous that is really good for you and a whole grain), wash and slice my veggies…just get everything ready so that putting together my healthy little meals are easy throughout the week.  then i ran around getting ready for our little neighborhood oscar/pre-baby bash with our friends…i love entertaining, getting all the food ready, having it look all cute…just love it.

[side note:] so the hardest part about this whole thing isn’t going out to eat at restaurants, cooking great meals at home, or even watching as my friends enjoy yummy dessert and sip on their vino…it’s the everday food gatherings that aren’t even necessarily that unhealthy, but i just can’t have!  it’s easy to look at the chocolate souffle and say ‘no’ – that’s an obvious one.  but the yummy breads (which i haven’t had anything but ezekial bread – and very little of that i might add – for 4 weeks)…crumbled blue cheese in salads…the little things are tough! 

case in point: our little get together tonight was so nice (except for missing the biggest oscars because of the darn tivo!)….we brought in corner bakery and had a nice little selection of their sandwiches: chicken pesto, turkey, and ham on their yummy pretzel bread, along with a big harvest salad with walnuts, blue cheese, and cranberries.  everything looked so good…but i was good and ordered my own salad (extra chicken, no cheese) and had a cup of their lentil vegetable soup – but that was seriously the first time it was hard to stay focused on my goal…probably because it was more of a social situation, versus a sit-down meal.  not to mention i took all the sandwiches and cut them into cute little slices, arranged them on platters, and then didn’t get to enjoy my little creations.  however,  i stayed focused for one reason and one reason only: golden spoon!  we had a cake made for the coming arrival of our friend’s baby in the next 3 weeks (my guess for the record is march 13th carole!) and being the little hostess i served everyone their cake and a side of golden spoon (complete with their selection of sprinkles, m&ms, or snow caps).  the torture:  licking my finger (after serving the cake of course!) and getting a little teaser taste of the super yummy sweet frosting.  how many calories are in a little slobber o’ frosting?  ha ha!  but i must say, my little bowl of peanut butter golden spoon hit the spot!  sheer willpower…i’m actually impressed with myself.  so yes, i conquered the frosting temptation….who knew that sugary, fluffy pink and blue frosting had so much power? 

so off to bed (45m later i might add)…another monday and an exciting week ahead for fitlosophy!  not to mention week 4 pics tomorrow…this means a new bikini and trying out my new little poses i learned.  oh dear – this could be fun/interesting/humiliating…oh well!


a little r+r at the ranch

i love my weekends…and although this one didn’t start out like i’d have liked, it’s turning out to be pretty good!  so i went to the grocery store last night and why they only have 1 person working on a friday night i have no clue…don’t most people go shopping on  a friday night?  so my should-have-been-30m trip to the store resulted in me getting home very hungry and quite cranky by 9:30…and not having dinner until 10pm left me even grumpier.  so instead of being on the couch watching  a movie like i’d planned, i decided that it was too late to start my chick flick and instead started working again.  bad idea!  that said, i worked until easily 1am where i made the decision that i apparently have no work-life balance and that i needed to take saturday (today) completely off for the subject of my next little segment: my stress reliever day.

usually saturdays start with the gym and sundays are my ‘active rest’ days but i decided to head to temecula with carlos (my friend aeddiend also my fitlosophy partner in crime)  for a relaxing day at the ranch riding horses.  it was beautiful down there – sunny and 70 degrees and for me it was exactly what i needed, to be out in the sun surrounded by nothing but nature and horses.   very peaceful and serene – and just a reminder to slow down a bit and enjoy life.  i love riding and miss it so much.  of course my close friends and family know this about me, but those that don’t…i grew up in the sticks, literally in the middle of nowhere and grew up riding, doing the little rodeo princess thing, and even dabbled in barrel racing.  that was many years ago, but i love horses all the same and there is nothing that can relax mchilendrinoe more than spending a day riding.  absolutely love it.  the pic of me on the horse is on ‘eddie’ and the little colt in the other picture is ‘chilindrino’ (named after me – long story).  and…that little son of a gun – i was nuzzling with him and thought we were bonding and the little guy nibbled on my arm!  it hurt – but i think it hurt my feelings more than my arm, but still!  crazy little guy.  he’s only about 8 months old so i suppose i won’t take it personal since he’s being playful, but in all my time being around horses i’ve never been bitten.  guess he’s feisty, just like his namesake!

so after an amazing and much needed day of nothingness…i went to dinner with friends to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner (spaghettini’s) and had the filet mignon with yummy little baby squash and brocolli and a glass of vino (mmmmm!!).  for dessert i ordered just a bowl of berries – not too hard right?  the waiter asked if i wanted ice cream or anything on top…i laughed and said ‘no thank you, that would defeat the purpose!”….he laughed and i just said berries with some splenda would be good.  so he comes back with a bowl with THREE scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and i completely thought he was joking, but he wasn’t.  oh the torture…i was laughing so hard.  seriously?  i’m so good – i pushed it aside and happily enjoyed my berries for dessert (all the while watching others nibble on the ice cream and warm apple tart).  then off to the horse races where my friend’s horse won the championship race tonight – just an added bonus so all in all just a really fun, relaxing, and non-working day which i’m feeling good about.  stress is so bad for your health and i know it, yet i’m horrible about being stressed…so i’m glad i took the time for me today just to unwind.  i’m blessed though – at least when i am stressed, it’s at least it is while i’m doing something i absolutely love, which that alone i can be grateful for, along with so many other things.  i’m slowly learning to slow down a bit and just take life one day at a time…

so off to bed – since i did the rest day today (which was actually about 2 hours on the horse!) i’m hitting the gym after church tomorrow nice and early and then i’m hoping to go read at the beach, watch the oscars with friends and indulge in a little golden spoon (my favorite cheat which is still super low calorie).  favorite flavor?  tie between peanut butter and cake batter!  mmmm….


randomness: spaghetti squash + bikinis

so i have no rhyme or reason today so i’ll just jump right in!  today was a great day – which for me means productive…kicked butt all day long and then proceeded to kick my own butt (literally) at the gym.  leg day today at the gym which means 30m of heavy-lifting, circuited with squats/lunges/cardio to keep my heart rate up…followed by 10m of abs and 30m incline walking!  needless to say, my little booty is tired and glad to be home.  

i have so many things i want to write about i literally had to just jot down all my thoughts so i have something for those days when i draw a blank!  i know i said i’d give an update on the tweaks my trainer has in store for me come 8 weeks out from the competition, but that’s not until NEXT monday (whew – one more week of eating bananas)…so you’ll just have to stay tuned.  at the end of this week i’ll have finished my 3rd week and to be honest it’s just been pretty great.  i think everyone has this idea that i’m starving, but i can honestly tell you i’m full all the time!  now – ask me that in 2 weeks and i’ll probably have a different answer for you.  i have figured out how to be completely and utterly full on 1500-1700 calories a day [read: tons of vegetables, egg whites, protein shakes].  but anyone that knows me – knows how much i love my food and love cooking, so what’s been fun has learning to create really good meals with limited ingredients…i’m getting good!  here’s a favorite one for dinner that i also posted on facebook today…my “spaghetti” with meat sauce.  i can’t do starchy carbs after 3pm, which means protein and vegetables only…sounds boring right?  not this – super yummy and it packs 2-3 servings of vegetables and seriously tastes like spaghetti – without the starchy pasta…just try it!

“spaghetti” with meat sauce
1 large spaghetti squash (it’s the big yellow one!)
1 lb. extra lean ground turkey (jennie-o)
2 cups marina sauce (any kind from a jar – just watch calories + sodium)
2 cups grape tomatoes, sliced in half
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup chopped onion

  1. heat the spaghetti squash (whole) in the microwave for 1m to soften the outside. remove and cut in 2 length wise, clean out the seeds and stuff in the center with a spoon, then lay each side face down in a micro-wave safe dish in about 1″ of water. 
  2.  microwave on high for 10-12m
  3. while that’s cooking, saute the ground turkey in a skillet with a little pam until it’s browned (about 8m)
  4. add the tomatoes, onion, and mushrooms and saute another 2m
  5. then add the tomato sauce and reduce heat to medium low to simmer
  6. remove the spaghetti squash and use a fork to shred the squash out of each side….it looks like spaghetti strings!
  7. spritz spaghetti squash with ‘i can’t believe it’s not butter’ spray, add a dash of salt and pepper, and then top with turkey meat sauce!
  8. enjoy your super yummy spaghetti with meat sauce! [wine optional]

makes 4 servings, 1 cup squash + 1 cup sauce per serving
calories per serving: 225
protein per serving: 28g

love love love spaghetti squash – it’s only 30 calories per cup versus 175 for even whole wheat pasta…and if you’re eating this at night it’s better to eat your veggies than starchy carbs right before bed anyway. our bodies don’t NEED any starchy carbs at night anyway because they provide energy and if you don’t burn that energy it’s stored as fat.   still need something sweet after?  (i do.)  i just have a little bowl of blueberries and 1/2c greek yogurt with splenda to sweeten it…really good and curbs the craving!

so i’m SUPER excited because i met with my trainer yesterday and she loaded me up with some bikinis.  she was making fun of my ‘grandma bottom’ bikini in my photos and said she can’t tell anything if i don’t have the right cut of bottoms on [which means little!].  she gets to see the back view – ha ha!  so she sent me home with a ton to try on…i’m so excited!  nothing calls for a glass of wine more than trying on 25 bikinis, but since that is not an option i will defer to my 1.5l smartwater water bottle that is staring at me still half full.  i’m off to have a little fashion show by myself in hopes that i find at least one that i like.  oh…and we did the posing practice thing so i’ll officially look really funny in my next pics because now i can’t say i don’t know how to do it!

so how was this for a random blog tonight?  what can i say – i’m all over the place.  all i know is this: i’m loving this whole process believe it or not, probably because i’m eating the way i should, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water – all the things we’re supposed to do!  another bonus: tons of energy.  i’m probably the last person that needs more, but i’ve got it!!!  watch out world!


blankety-blank computers!!

ok so after i had crafted my blog last night at 9:45pm (right in time to be in bed by 10 right?) – my DSL connection hit the crapper and silly me – i was up until 12:30 rebooting routers, playing with cables, and on the phone with tech support only to find out i needed to be sent to level 2 support!  conveniently they wouldn’t be in until the morning – so i head to bed cranky that i lost my sleep only to wake up this morning with my internet connection up and running dandy.  so the lovely blog from last night – never posted and is floating aimlessly in internet land somewhere.  so in an effort to be IN bed by 10:30 i will make this short and sweet today…which brings me to my next point.

the whole concept of blogging is quite amusing to me.  it serves the sole purpose of communicating a bunch of information that may or may not be of any value whatsoever to people that you may or may not know.  it’s as though what i have to say is really truly that important.  but i shall continue my blogging for 3 sole reasons:

1) it’s therapeutic.  i truly enjoy blabbering endlessly at times but have found value in really putting my thoughts down each and every night.  it’s a great way to end my day and allows me to reflect on my day and how i’m doing throughout this process. 

2) it holds me accountable: i have on average about 100 people right now reading my blog everyday…whoa!  talk about some serious accountability!  so i know that i’ve got people behind me rooting me on (or just randomly interested in what the heck i have to say) – but that alone keeps me going when i have days when i want to give up.

3)it might inspire: it’s a stretch, but if any way anything that i have to say can relate someone else out there then it’s totally worth the time.  i guarantee that every hard day i have – someone else has gone through the same thing and it’s nice to know that you’re not alone.  i hope even one thing i may have to say on any given day can motivate or inspire just one person – or at the very least just bring a smile to their face.

so i shall blog away!  at about 3 weeks in i met with my trainer today to get the next steps for tweaking my workouts and nutrtion…but at her command i MUST get 8 hours sleep so i need to head to bed now and will refrain from divulging this information until tomorrow.  suspenseful huh?  if you want to get an email update when i post a new blog – subscribe (snazzy new feature):

until tomorrow…

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