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the joys [read: challenge] of eating out

so it’s fairly complex to eat the way i’m eating and actually have a social life.  but i shall try.  eating out can present some challenges!  without going into too much detail about my nutrition – it’s fairly basic:  lunch/dinner are lean protein and vegetablea and a whole grain is okay at lunch, but not after 3pm.  SO – i go to pei wei for lunch knowing that i can easily eat brown rice and they’ll steam my chicken and vegetables.  yeah – so i get up there and the lady says they’re out of brown rice!  that’s like mcdonald’s running out of hamburger buns!  come to find out they did have it – so no major disaster there.  the best part: i have leftovers for seriously 2 more meals!  and then i went out to dinner tonight and the worst part is taking 5 minutes to order just to make sure my filet was cooked dry (no oil) and that i could have double serving of vegetables (no starchy carbs).  probably shouldn’t have but i had a 1/2 glass of wine – yum – which takes an innordinant amount of self control…but not more than watching all 3 people have raspberry mouse chocolate yumminess and a heavenly cheesecake all while i sip my coffee with 1 tablespoon of cream! ha!  only a few days in i know that a few things are going to be important to be successful: 1) eat out with friends that are supportive of my long-term goals (which they were tonight!) because it makes it so much easier and 2) focus more on how food makes me feel physically versus emotionally.  which leads to my epiphany on the treadmill today…

i just started thinking about how good i’ve felt all week and since i’ve always trained fairly hard, the biggest change has been my eating…and i just have a ton of energy and feel really great!  so my epiphany was that i actually LOVE eating healthy, the way it makes me feel, and yes i actually like how it tastes (especially my cooking – creatively healthy!).  however, when i’m with friends or family i often find myself eating ‘normal’ food even when i’m not even craving it and sometimes i know  i do that so that i don’t make anyone uncomfortable by eating healthy.  this may not make sense – but when you choose to make healthy choices it can make others aware of their choices – and sometimes i guess i put others before me.  so my epiphany was that sometimes i do this in all areas of my life and it’s just a very basic, but good thing to learn about myself.  i need to do what makes me happy – obviously i always want to be a caring person toward others – but i need to learn to live my life for me, not others.  [disclaimer: yeah so sometimes i eat the chocolate souffle because i just love chocolate souffle – and the wine…that’s all me!]

ok – long winded today, but anyone that knows me….knows that’s me!  i must go down my water and go to bed…

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