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busy day…mellow night.

so it was a big day for fitlosophy!  we sent out an email blast announcing fitbook on facebook and it was fun watching our facebook grow minute by minute – we’re up to 61 members!  and the email blast also promoted my little valentine’s day promo [shameless promotion: buy 2 fitbooks and save 14% with promo code love14] and i also had a little p.s. announcing my blog so i may have a few followers now.  who knows!  either way – when i sit down to write, it’s just me and my computer and for those of you that know me, i’m not usually at a loss for words. sadly enough i could probably talk to a wall so this whole blogging things come quite naturally!    ok – off subject – point being that it was a great day for fitlosophy and i just love watching the hard work pay off, but most importantly, i find sheer joy in reading emails daily from people that not only love the fitbook, but who truly have seen amazing results and are kind enough to share their story.  that is why i do what i do…love it.

on another note – great workout at the gym however i have no clue how i can be there for so long sometimes.  my workouts are pretty intense so i don’t talk [or try not to] but then between weights and cardio i get diverted and the little social butterfly that i am – well let’s just say i seriously need to stop timing my workouts and start timing my chat sessions and work to reduce those so i get home at a decent hour!  nothing too exciting to get home for besides my ground turkey with yummy homemade tomato sauce and steamed brussel sprouts.  which i must say – for those of you that think they’re gross – give them a try!  just steam them and add spray butter and a little salt.  surprisingly tasty (like brocolli)!  my mom didn’t like them – so i didn’t like them but honestly don’t think i ever tried them.  high in protein (5g per serving) and low in calories and super good for you.  however the highlight of my evening was making my chocolate protein pudding. [is it sad that that’s the highlight of a friday evening?]   i accidentally bought the JELLO pudding you cook (instead of the kind you just mix with cold milk) so i thought i’d try it.  i used almond milk instead – it’s lower in calories and very tasty – and then since it makes 6 servings i added 6 scoops of chocolate protein powder and stirred until it started boiling.  not knowing how the almond milk and protein powder little concoction would turn out i was a little hesitant and to my surprise…ridiculously good.  and right at my 100 calorie night time snack limit with 26g of protein!  so now i have a yummy little treat to look forward to while i go finish watching ‘under the tuscan sun’, which after watching only 15m i realized is a seeminlgy close depiction of my life right now.  note: if no one sees me for awhile it’s because after watching this movie i’ve up and moved to italy.  ah – that would be so nice. buonanotte!

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