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i must say that the highlight of my weekends are now enjoying my ‘cheat’ meal – but being the wine lover that i am, that means i would rather consume my cheat in the liquid form vs. some high calorie meal!  so after my filet o’ cod and salad last night i must say i thoroughly enjoyed my 2 glasses of wine at the wine bar.  very yummy – but obviously only 2 glasses left me drinking water the rest of the evening which leads me to an observation: my friends should be stoked that they have  a built-in designated driver for the next 11 weeks.  yay me.  all in all – great weekend spending much needed time with the girlfriends and family! 

on the competition front, things went amazingly well this weekend with my eating…i’m just very focused now and i truly think this whole blogging thing helps.  it takes me through the process of reflecting and re-focusing every time i sit down to type – and amazingly enough i learn something about myself through the process.  [sorry – getting deep]  my only concern at this point with the competition is that my trainer is thinking i may not have quite enough muscle so i may look ‘skinny’.  i’m not into the skinny look at all  so i guess i have to lay off the cardio a bit more so i don’t burn muscle and just keep pushing heavy weight.  don’t worry mom – i’m not going to get all beefy looking!  ha ha!   so it’s sunday night and i really need to get 8 hours of sleep tonight as i didn’t get all that much this weekend.  but i must plan my workouts in my little fitbook and plan out my next week of workouts: 5 days lifting + cardio and 2 off days [well – not off really, but ‘active rest’ so like jogging/walking].  i truly love my workouts – even in the few short weeks i’ve been doing this program i can see my butt tightening up and my abs are getting more defined.  which reminds me – week 2 pictures tomorrow.  probably not much of a change but i want to see the progression from week 1-12. 

a lot of people are asking me ‘why’ i am doing this.  why not?  i guess after thinking about it i’ve come to the conclusion that, for me, life is full of opportunities and we won’t ever truly know our own potential unless we continually push ourselves and expand our realm of possiblity.  so – that’s what i’m doing: challenging myself both physically (this is the obvious one) and mentally (this is the hardest).  finally – a quote from my good friend today that inspired me…

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”
– Bill Cosby

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