need sleep!

ok so apparently this whole ‘sleep’ concept is important and even though i know that – i’m just not good at it.  so after two nights of staying up until 2:30am, i was exhausted this morning and accidentally turned off my alarm and woke up at 9:30am!  what a great way to start a monday – waking up 3 hours late!  nice little frazzled start to the day, however i’m super lucky that i have the luxury of working from home so no one knows that i happen to be in my jammies when i’m on an 11 o’clock conference call (unless of course they read my blog).  my goal is to get to bed by 10pm – it’s 11pm now and here i sit with my dog in front of the fireplace (i’m cold) just typing away, and i should be IN bed.  my problem?  i get this kick of energy about this time and i’m so productive so it’s hard to shut everything down and actually go to bed.  but i shall try.

nothing too exciting today except that my workout was amazing – did back and chest, plus the killer little smith squat routine that just kicks my hiney every single time.  added in some abs and then 30m low intensity cardio and i was done.  i weighed in for the week to see my progress and i’ve dropped a few pounds and my body fat has gone down 1/2%…but not really wanting to lose weight so i need to see what to do there.  hmmm…eat more?  that would be nice!

i was super bummed at the gym because i forgot my fitbook – quite a tragedy – i had to remember all my weights and jot them down when i got home but luckly i remembered all my exercises and sets/reps while i was there!  the eating is going well, except for the fact that i’ve got half of my smartwater water bottle staring at me as i type and i must conquer him before i go to bed.  i drink 2 of the 1.5l bottles a day plus i take my gym water bottle with me (oh – and i forgot that today too…what a wreck) so all of that comes out about a gallon.  so – i probably should stop typing so that i can down my water, get my coffee ready for tomorrow morning (love waking up to coffee smell!), and then go read before i lay me down to sleep.
night night!


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