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yeah so that’s pretty much what i’m doing right now.  interestingly enough i just got done adding up my calories and protein grams for the day and i went a bit over  – not a huge deal, but as i write this, again my water bottle is happily sitting next to me waiting for me to polish him off for the day and i so don’t want to.  i flipped back through the past few weeks (in my handy little fitbook) and the days where i DON’T drink most of my darn gallon earlier in the day, i end up being hungrier!  yes – i know they’ve proved this, but now i’ve done my own little research so i know it’s true.  the only way i’ve found to get my gallon in without drowning myself before i go to sleep (and subsequently waking up to pee 3 times in the middle of the night) is to down the first water bottle (1.5l) before lunch.  if i break it down into littler goals i seem to get there – so back to this strategy.  it will help me be more full during the day AND maybe get a full night’s sleep!

today’s workout: blah.  i just did not want to be there, but luckily i had some good tunes to get me through. love my ipod for this reason and this reason alone.  i have new playlists from a friend of mine at the gym and it’s breathed new life into my workouts.  although i do find myself wanting so bad to start dancing and, given that i don’t have much inhibition, i wouldn’t put it past me.  but i refrained and was just glad to get through my workout…biceps today, eh. not my favorite workout.  but my cardio – now that was a sight to be seen.  i’m really working on my glutes (aka booty) since that’s where i really need to tone and strengthen so this is my cardio workout today:  walking on the treadmill at a 15% incline at 3.0 mph  – so  happily just walking along and my heart rate is up there but nothing too intense – and then after 2 minutes i have to hop off on the sides, duck down underneath the front part of the treadmill, place my hands on either side of the treadmill on the non-moving part and then i hop on and do these spider-man like crawls with my feet on the treadmill.  so i do that for a killer 30 seconds and then ever-so-carefully i hop off the sides and have to duck back underneath the front part careful not to bonk my head, and then hop back on and walk for another 2 minutes.  repeat for 2om total.   it’s hilarious.  usually i at least have convinced my girlfriend at the gym to do them with me – and the first time we did them it was hilarious…we were so careful not to fall off and the guy on the treadmill next to us took a spill off the back.  priceless!  anyhow, she couldn’t partake in the joyous routine tonight so anybody watching was probably wondering what the heck i was doing.  give me 11 weeks to get my perky little booty and then maybe i won’t feel so stupid …but for now it even makes me laugh! 

it’s just one of those days – glad it’s over, glad i made it to the gym, and glad it’s time for bed!

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