much-needed off day + beach sunset

so every wednesday and sunday are ‘off days’ from the gym – not only to let my muscles recover, but for me to mentally get out of the gym since i seem to live there sometimes.  that said, our bodies aren’t mbeacheant to lie around on the couch (although it seems fairly natural sometimes) so my ‘off days’ are more like ‘active rest days’.  so on these days i usually go for a run, ride my bike, do pilates, or just go for a walk.  and it was just one of those days that i needed recharging so i went down to work at a starbucks this afternoon and then meandered down to the beach.  i jogged the stairs for awhile, then sauntered down to the waters edge and just walked in the sand (great workout by the way), then climbed up this little drive and there was a little sign that said ‘inspiration point’….which is where i took this pic with my cell phone.  thought i’d share.  it was just one of those days – and i have nothing insightful or funny or even informational to share today – just that when i have days like this i always list out 5 things i’m grateful for because it just puts everything in perspective.  so here’s my list for today…

1.  my family – seriously…i love ’em more than they probably know.
2.  my dog – he’s cutely curled up on the pillow next to me as i type.
3.  my friends – they really are like family, which is nice since mine is far away.
4.  fitlosophy – i love love love each new challenge and am blessed to have this opportunity to do what i love.
5.  my health – sometimes i forget how blessed i am just to be healthy!

ok so enough deepness for one day.  i’ve just always found listing what i’m thankful for to be quite rewarding – and it’s not the actual list that counts, but the process of thinking just all that we have to be thankful for.  having a bum day? i highly recommend this.  having a great day?  even better reason to count your blessings.
off to bed…6am will be here soon!


1 Response to “much-needed off day + beach sunset”

  1. 02.12.09 at 10:07 pm

    The “thankful-for-list” – great idea! I’ll make one this very minute!
    TFS – and Bless you!

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