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my chocolate fix

how appropriate that it’s valentine’s day and i cannot partake in the indulgence of chocolate yumminess!  i love chocolate and have an absolute sweet tooth – my favorites are chocolate strawberries (actually only 50 calories each) and chocolate souffle.  [note: see pictures below – just my little way of indulging, or just torturing myself!].  so what’s a girl to do?   i’m learning to get my fix via my chocolate protein pudding.  sad but true – my  friday night was yet another repeat of last friday, which consisted of another chick flick, painting my toes red (very appropriate for valentine’s day i thought), and giving myself a manicure.  every chick flick goes hand in hand with chocolate, which i have none in my house.  why?  because when i started this 12-week endeavor i found quickly that it was not possible to have it within a 50 foot vicinity, so to be safe i pawned it off to my 8-month pregnant neighbor and friend (who still has more self-control than me – which is why she hasn’t gained an ounce!).   so what to do during my chick flick?  chocolate protein pudding.  in the spirit of this lovely little holiday i thought i’d lovingly share my recipe with anyone that wants/needs a chocolate fix and doesn’t want to crack open the heart-shaped box of chocolates.  enjoy!foodcake

super-yummy chocolate protein puddingchocolatestrawberries
1 box JELLO sugar-free, fat-free cook & serve chocolate pudding mix
3 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk (trust me it’s amazingly good!)
6 scoops chocolate protein powder
(my absolute favorite: optimum nutrition – gold standard 100% whey in double rich chocolate)

1.  add almond milk to a medium sauce pan and add the JELLO pudding mix and the protein powder
2.  over medium heat, stir with a whisk constantly and whisk out any little lumps
3.  keep stirring until the pudding comes to a boil (it takes about 5m to start thickening)
4.  once it reaches a boil, remove from heat (keep stirring!), and then pour into another bowl to cool
5.  the pudding will continue to thicken as it cools…but enjoy warm when it’s the yummiest!
note: when you re-heat, add just a splash of almond milk before heating and stir.  zap for 30s and it’s ready to go!

makes 6 servings, 1/2 cup per serving
calories per serving: 160
protein per serving: 26g

so off to bed i go!  i need my 8 hours sleep so i can hit the gym hard tomorrow morning (triceps, legs & sprints) and burn those calories in anxious anticipation of my cheat meal tomorrow night.  the forecast is looking like wine again as my cheat – i was told it doesn’t matter as long as my cheat meal stays within 500 calories.  if i do the math correctly that means i can have 3 glasses of wine (at 150 calories per 6oz glass)…and a side salad…perfect!  ha ha!  ok maybe not but don’t think i’ve thought of it!  happy valentine’s day…

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