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week 3 pics!

so i missed last week’s little photo shoot but i got a few insider tips that every other week should be good for pictures until the last 4 weeks.  less of my skin to post on the internet anyway so that’s a good thing!  so i’m supposed to do these cheesy little poses but i don’t really know how so i’m meeting with my girlfriend this week who’s going to educate me.  so beware: the next photos i will be posed like little trophy so you can see my ‘v-taper’ and all that jazz…basically see how my muscles are changing.  i definitely can see my abs getting more defined and i can feel my butt perkin’ up a bit – but not sure if i can see any change in the pics…and lucky you – you don’t get to see them!  eventually – over time.  i’m a lady!  🙂

so the weekend…aw, the weekend.  so compared to most weekends of going out with the girlfriends, this was very very healthy.  dinner was a salad and wine, followed by a chick flick, then another glass of wine and i had to order the shrimp cocktail because i was starving because my salad was basically lettuce!  great so far right?   my intentions were to have only 2 glasses of wine all night, but it was valentine’s day and i had much to celebrate.  so we went dancing and – after those first 2 glasses of wine – my ability to say no to any more drinks was greatly impaired.  however, i just did tonic and blueberry vodka (super good by the way) which, being the dork that i am, i calculated that it’s about 90-100 calories per drink.  plus – aren’t there antioxidants in blueberry vodka?  and given my moving and grooving on the dance floor i’m sure i burned those 200 cals off all night – plus i spilled 1/2 of one drink, so look at that…score!  i’m fully aware that the drinking can’t continue when i’m down to 8 weeks out…but i figure 1) it was valentine’s day and given my current life situation, i’m allowed a little liquid release while out with the girls and 2) i haven’t drank more than 1 glass of wine per week for 3 weeks!  [note: please do not notify my mother that i have a drinking problem – just being a 29-year-old girl!]

so let’s just say i’m glad it’s monday, i’m re-focused and hit the gym hard!  i’m meeting up with my trainer this week to see how we need to tweak things so that will be fun.  in the meantime, my eating is going amazingly well and i’m actually loving it.  found a new vegetable i love: artichokes.  my girlfriend and i made lemon-grilled halibut, salad, and steamed artichokes dipped in the ‘i can’t believe it’s not butter’ spray (0 calories) sprinkled with pepper.  SO yummy!  i thought that i’d have to limit my selection of foods, but it’s amazing how creative you can get when you can’t just reach for some processed food that has no nutritional value whatsoever.  the water is still difficult – i still struggle to get through it, but i do…usually while i’m writing my blog at 10 o’clock at night, which as i’ve wrote before lends itself to a rather restless sleep!  side note: due to recent high levels of stress my face has been anything but lovely on the complexion front…but drinking all this water has done wonders.  gotta love that!

ok so off to bed i go because the one area i’m struggling with – sleeping!  there simply are not enough hours in the day…

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