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a little r+r at the ranch

i love my weekends…and although this one didn’t start out like i’d have liked, it’s turning out to be pretty good!  so i went to the grocery store last night and why they only have 1 person working on a friday night i have no clue…don’t most people go shopping on  a friday night?  so my should-have-been-30m trip to the store resulted in me getting home very hungry and quite cranky by 9:30…and not having dinner until 10pm left me even grumpier.  so instead of being on the couch watching  a movie like i’d planned, i decided that it was too late to start my chick flick and instead started working again.  bad idea!  that said, i worked until easily 1am where i made the decision that i apparently have no work-life balance and that i needed to take saturday (today) completely off for the subject of my next little segment: my stress reliever day.

usually saturdays start with the gym and sundays are my ‘active rest’ days but i decided to head to temecula with carlos (my friend aeddiend also my fitlosophy partner in crime)  for a relaxing day at the ranch riding horses.  it was beautiful down there – sunny and 70 degrees and for me it was exactly what i needed, to be out in the sun surrounded by nothing but nature and horses.   very peaceful and serene – and just a reminder to slow down a bit and enjoy life.  i love riding and miss it so much.  of course my close friends and family know this about me, but those that don’t…i grew up in the sticks, literally in the middle of nowhere and grew up riding, doing the little rodeo princess thing, and even dabbled in barrel racing.  that was many years ago, but i love horses all the same and there is nothing that can relax mchilendrinoe more than spending a day riding.  absolutely love it.  the pic of me on the horse is on ‘eddie’ and the little colt in the other picture is ‘chilindrino’ (named after me – long story).  and…that little son of a gun – i was nuzzling with him and thought we were bonding and the little guy nibbled on my arm!  it hurt – but i think it hurt my feelings more than my arm, but still!  crazy little guy.  he’s only about 8 months old so i suppose i won’t take it personal since he’s being playful, but in all my time being around horses i’ve never been bitten.  guess he’s feisty, just like his namesake!

so after an amazing and much needed day of nothingness…i went to dinner with friends to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner (spaghettini’s) and had the filet mignon with yummy little baby squash and brocolli and a glass of vino (mmmmm!!).  for dessert i ordered just a bowl of berries – not too hard right?  the waiter asked if i wanted ice cream or anything on top…i laughed and said ‘no thank you, that would defeat the purpose!”….he laughed and i just said berries with some splenda would be good.  so he comes back with a bowl with THREE scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and i completely thought he was joking, but he wasn’t.  oh the torture…i was laughing so hard.  seriously?  i’m so good – i pushed it aside and happily enjoyed my berries for dessert (all the while watching others nibble on the ice cream and warm apple tart).  then off to the horse races where my friend’s horse won the championship race tonight – just an added bonus so all in all just a really fun, relaxing, and non-working day which i’m feeling good about.  stress is so bad for your health and i know it, yet i’m horrible about being stressed…so i’m glad i took the time for me today just to unwind.  i’m blessed though – at least when i am stressed, it’s at least it is while i’m doing something i absolutely love, which that alone i can be grateful for, along with so many other things.  i’m slowly learning to slow down a bit and just take life one day at a time…

so off to bed – since i did the rest day today (which was actually about 2 hours on the horse!) i’m hitting the gym after church tomorrow nice and early and then i’m hoping to go read at the beach, watch the oscars with friends and indulge in a little golden spoon (my favorite cheat which is still super low calorie).  favorite flavor?  tie between peanut butter and cake batter!  mmmm….

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