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conquering the frosting temptation

another weekend come and gone…   i woke up bright and early to hit the gym this morning which was a bit odd given that i can’t even remember the last time i went to the gym on a sunday!  it was nice – amazing how fast i can get my workout done when there’s no one to talk to.  plus i was in a time crunch to get ready there at the gym and make it to church on time, which i did!  then the rest of the day i just spent doing things around the house and prepping my food for the week.  each sunday i grill my chicken, boil my quinoa (pronounced keen-wa…kinda a mix between brown rice and cous cous that is really good for you and a whole grain), wash and slice my veggies…just get everything ready so that putting together my healthy little meals are easy throughout the week.  then i ran around getting ready for our little neighborhood oscar/pre-baby bash with our friends…i love entertaining, getting all the food ready, having it look all cute…just love it.

[side note:] so the hardest part about this whole thing isn’t going out to eat at restaurants, cooking great meals at home, or even watching as my friends enjoy yummy dessert and sip on their vino…it’s the everday food gatherings that aren’t even necessarily that unhealthy, but i just can’t have!  it’s easy to look at the chocolate souffle and say ‘no’ – that’s an obvious one.  but the yummy breads (which i haven’t had anything but ezekial bread – and very little of that i might add – for 4 weeks)…crumbled blue cheese in salads…the little things are tough! 

case in point: our little get together tonight was so nice (except for missing the biggest oscars because of the darn tivo!)….we brought in corner bakery and had a nice little selection of their sandwiches: chicken pesto, turkey, and ham on their yummy pretzel bread, along with a big harvest salad with walnuts, blue cheese, and cranberries.  everything looked so good…but i was good and ordered my own salad (extra chicken, no cheese) and had a cup of their lentil vegetable soup – but that was seriously the first time it was hard to stay focused on my goal…probably because it was more of a social situation, versus a sit-down meal.  not to mention i took all the sandwiches and cut them into cute little slices, arranged them on platters, and then didn’t get to enjoy my little creations.  however,  i stayed focused for one reason and one reason only: golden spoon!  we had a cake made for the coming arrival of our friend’s baby in the next 3 weeks (my guess for the record is march 13th carole!) and being the little hostess i served everyone their cake and a side of golden spoon (complete with their selection of sprinkles, m&ms, or snow caps).  the torture:  licking my finger (after serving the cake of course!) and getting a little teaser taste of the super yummy sweet frosting.  how many calories are in a little slobber o’ frosting?  ha ha!  but i must say, my little bowl of peanut butter golden spoon hit the spot!  sheer willpower…i’m actually impressed with myself.  so yes, i conquered the frosting temptation….who knew that sugary, fluffy pink and blue frosting had so much power? 

so off to bed (45m later i might add)…another monday and an exciting week ahead for fitlosophy!  not to mention week 4 pics tomorrow…this means a new bikini and trying out my new little poses i learned.  oh dear – this could be fun/interesting/humiliating…oh well!

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