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week 4 pics + sell, sell, sell!

if you ever want to just be in a good mood for absolutely no reason…parade around your house in a sparkly bikweek4_frontini.  [note: if the guys try this i think there might be other issues]  so that’s what i was doing while i was waiting for my neighbor to come take my pics as we go into week 4 of this thing.  but i was sporting one of the new competition bikinis per the request of my trainer…so here we are at the start of week 4 trying out my silly new little pose.  please excuse the frizzy ‘do and lack of make-up…all my pics are taken post workout!

apparently i need to build up my lats so i get more of a v-taper so i literally kicked my butt at the gym today working my back doing lat pull-downs, iso lat pull-downs, single arm cable rows (with the flexsolate straps which were the first time i’ve used them and – love them!!), and dumbell rows…all circuited with sets of 10-15 pushups in between each set.  ouch.  and then – my body must completely be used to having sundays off and starting fresh monday…because i could totally feel it today that i worked out yesterday.  holy camoly.  i almost died doing week4_sidemy leg routine…thanks to my girl jamie (and my amazing new workout playlists)…i made it through my workout! 

so i had lunch with my best friend (and finance genius) last friday to look over fitlosophy’s financials and everything and she just gave me a reality check on the things i need to be doing to ensure fitlosophy is a success. little overwhelming! i’m an entreprenuer at heart – so i fly by the seat of my pants and while most of the time i make pretty good, well-thought-out decisions, it’s always nice to have a reality check every now and then. fitlosophy is my passion in every sense of the word so i get carried away, excited at opportunities and sometimes lose focus. so that meeting was enlightening – but also scared the you-know-what out of me too! don’t get me wrong, fitlosophy is rockin’ and rollin’ given the economic climate and we’re super grateful for everything we’ve got going on…we just have to be smart and make sure we’re around for the long haul. which right now means my focus is sales…sales, sales, sales. that said: i’m going to throw this out there completely on purpose because – hey you never know who’s reading this thing right?! my goal in the next 30 days is to close a big corporate wellness deal where we do fitbooks with the company logo on the front. we’ve done a couple big ones last year with companies like chevron…and the best part is they are given to employees as part of their wellness programs to help employees get healthy. so there it is – complete and utter shameless plug, but hey – a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

so talk about the power of writing down goals (which is why i created the fitbook!)…last night i sat down to my workouts for the week, and in the ‘other’ goals section i just jotted down the following: “close one new corporate wellness and one new wholesale deal by friday.” yeah – so i had a call at 2pm today and ‘check’ – we’ve got a new retailer, fitness town, based in canada which is awesome for all my canadian customers – so amazing how things happen. one down, one to go! this week is a big week for fitlosophy – some great meetings coming up so keep this little company in your prayers as we aim to make america (actually – make that the WORLD!) just a little bit healthier one person at a time!

wanna learn more about doing that corporate wellness program with me? email me at and mention the blog…i’ll cut you a deal! 😉

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