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cravings + yogurt stalking (plus – sample daily diet!)

so it’s late…i’m tired and really should be going to bed, but since i didn’t blog last night i really feel the need to at least provide a quick update in the hopes that my little endeavor will at least bring a smile to someone’s face because it is rather amusing.  i’m almost 8 weeks out from the competition and as i mentioned before, things are going to change on my diet and work out come monday.  question: why do we crave things that we can’t have?   i’ve found myself making sure i get my fill of the things that are going to be taken away from me.   i talked to my trainer yesterday and she calls JUST as i’m making my morning snack: ezekiel bread with almond butter, banana slices, and a drizzle of honey.  i was all set to sit down and enjoy it and she calls. i confess that i’m savoring every last little bite and she proceeds to rub it in that i may as well enjoy it ’cause it’s the last i’ll see of bread for awhile! 

as of monday: no bread, only 1 egg yolk per day, no bananas – actually the only fruit i can have is apples and blueberries – and i have to limit my spray butter (oh i love my spray butter!).  it’s just human nature – you tell someone they can’t have something and that’s all they can think about.  so what did i have for breakfast this morning: 2 eggs (with yolks), 3 egg whites, 2 slices of ezekial bread and salsa.  my dad taught me to eat eggs the right way when i was little and this is how i love ’em: soppin’ up the over easy eggs and salsa with my toast!  and since this little love affair with my eggs and toast is gone come monday – i’m ensuring that i get my fix now.  i’ve been following everything really closely, but honestly anybody could do what i’ve been doing the last 4 weeks – it’s just very clean eating and 1700 calories is actually extremely do-able.  just to give you an idea – here’s what i eat in a typical day right now:

  • breakfast (8am): 1/2c whole grain oats with 1c vanilla unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, splenda and spray butter + 1 egg and 5 egg whites with salsa  (or my protein pancakes…recipe to come in the next few days), and coffee with 2 tbsp half-and-half (note here: coffee has 0 calories but my cream has 40 for 2 tbsp…but i’d rather have one cup of coffee with real cream than any fake stuff – i just have to limit it!)
  • snack (10am): small apple with 20 almonds -or- 1 tbsp almond butter (measure!!  trust me – it’s less than you’d think and calories add up fast on almond butter)
  • lunch (1pm): big spinach + greens salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and 1 can tuna with 1/4c quinoa (or brown rice), and light dressing – followed by sweet potatoes with splenda, spray butter and cinnamon for dessert!
  • pre-workout snack (3:30pm): protein pudding made with almond milk
    **should eat 1 hour before working out!
  • workout: 4:30 – 6pm
  • post-workout snack (6pm): protein shake + brown rice cake with splenda, cinnamon and spray butter
    **eat RIGHT after workout…i do in the car on the way home so i have to remember to take them with me!
  • dinner (7:30pm): “spaghetti” with meat sauce -or- fish/chicken/steak (4oz) with 2 servings of vegetables…usually either grilled brussel sprouts or asparagus.
  • snack (9:30pm): 1/2c cottage cheese (or greek yogurt!) with cinnamon and splenda

that’s a typical day – and of course i get creative in there some days to keep myself from getting bored – but that day comes in around only 1600-1700 calories, i’m eating every 2-3 hours, and i’m full!  however – those days are soon going to be gone so i will enjoy my last few days before i drop to 1500 calories.  actually – it won’t be that bad…just cut a little here and there and it will be easy!

before i head to bed (much much much later than i should be i might add!) i must say i’m super proud of myself.  i have had, since last sunday, in my freezer, 2 cartons of golden spoon frozen yogurt left over from our little get together last weekend and i haven’t touched them!  can you believe it?  i’m even impressed with myself!  usually if i have golden spoon in the house it literally stalks me until i polish it off – but i haven’t.  i’m so looking forward to saturday though when i can cuddle up on the couch with my peanut butter golden spoon and savor every little bite (ok – in moderation) while i watch my weekend chick flick.  this is what my life has come too: the highlight of my weekend is eating golden spoon.  oh well – such is life!  i guess if it works for you and you’re happy – why change it?

to answer the question i posed before: here’s what i’ve realized even in this short 4 weeks…  do i want to eat golden spoon every single day?  absolutely.  but knowing that i can look forward to it on saturday make me enjoy it just that much more when i do have it.  do i want chocolate souffle for dessert?  of course – but i’ve learned to be creative and savor my little sweet treats that i can have (my sweet potatoes!).  sometimes learning to sacrifice teaches us more about ourselves.  i’ve found that short-term sacrifice is necessary to find ultimate long-term satisfaction in reaching my goals.  craving what we can’t have is partly just human nature, but much like other things in life, it’s not about having what you want, but learning to want what you have. 

how’s that for deep!?  🙂
[disclaimer: if this doesn’t make any sense, in my defense it’s 12:46am and i’m very tired!]
off to bed!

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