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week 9 pics…4 weeks out!

here i am…4 weeks away from the competition!  i wanna show my back pictures just to show how my back muscles are coming in…but not yet.  i’m shy!  i learned how to tie my bikini right (it crosses in the back) and it gives a whole new meaning to the term flossing, let me tell ya!  then i had a slight panic attack because i couldn’t get the darn knot out on the side and i was afraid i’d be sleeping in my sparkly bikini.  speaking of which – i LOVE my competition bikini but i think i shall keep it my little secret until the competition…but i will tell you it’s pinkish purple and all sparkly (of course)!  love it!

so my trainer’s really happy with my progress which makes me happy, but i must say she’s a bit evil.  so post-blogging last night i had this panic like ‘oh – i can cheat…i better make it worthwhile’ so i had my golden spoon…not a big deal.  then, hmmm….maybe just a little bag of my 100 calorie popcorn….and then a handful of almonds.  i was mad at myself for polishing off what was left of the almond butter earlier in the day.  my thought process was to just finish it so it wasn’t there to haunt me for the next 4 weeks!  ha ha!   but the worst part: i had nothing good in my house to cheat on…and  i guess that’s a good thing, but not when you are allowed to savor something yummy for the next 4 weeks!  that said, i felt like complete crap and emailed my trainer before bed.  she apparently found it amusing and knew exactly what i’d do…human nature i guess…she said she would’ve been impressed if my entire cheat was just my steak salad and glass of wine, but she knew that my mind would get the best of me!  actually – she’s brilliant because the result: 1) i have no desire to cheat whatsoever because of how crappy it made me feel and 2) i hit the gym like a maniac today!  that 2 days off really re-energized my body and i’m back at it with a vengeance!  all in all it’s very psychological as far as the food goes, but physically and mentally the whole ‘off’ weekend was exactly what i needed to keep me on track for the next 4 weeks.

speaking of which – after going to the competition and seeing what tweaks we need to make with my body, she made some changes to our little strategy because she’s concerned that there’s going to be nothing left of me in 4 weeks.  so yay for me – more calories!!!  she brought me back up to between 1300-1400 on most days and 1500 on my leg day.  breakfasts stay the same…egg whites + oatmeal…oatmeal + egg whites…super exciting.  then she wants my morning snack to be a protein shake (trying to cut out more dairy), then lunch is vegetables and protein only (no carbs) – but then she wants me to have carbs right before and after my workout.  so that would mean 1/2c quinoa, sweet potato, oatmeal or brown rice combined with a protein about an hour before my workout and then right after.  the best proteins in order of what would be the best choices would be 1) fish (mmm…fish and oatmeal…disgusting!), 2) chicken/turkey/egg whites, 3) protein shake, or 4) dairy.  i’ll think of some interesting combos i’m sure – it has to taste good!  then dinner stays the same – veggies + protein (more emphasis on fish now!) and then my nightly meal is my beloved protein pudding.  very minor tweaks – but i’m really happy i get more calories!!

so in case you’re curious, check out the pics from the competition we went to this past weekend…just to get an idea of what it’s all about.  the trick: i’m a bit too lean for bikini and not quite muscular enough for figure.  but after looking through the photos and talking it over with my trainer – we’re for sure settled on doing figure.   i’ll probably be in division b (based on height) in figure…in bikini there are only 2 divisions and i’d be in the shorty class!

figure competitor pics
bikini competitor pics

interesting huh?  hard to believe that will be me struttin’ around up there in only 4 short weeks!  so…off to bed i go.  must rest my little body so i can hit the gym hard again tomorrow!


competition snooping + weekend off!

so yesterday was just an amazing day…  i went up to spend the day with my girlfriend and go scope out the NPC competition in culver city!  so first things first – i’m happy to announce that i have my competition bikini finally and i’m SO excited!  i tried it on for her and it fits perfect…i would tell all about it but it’s a suprise!  all i can say is when i tried it on and the light hit me i looked like a disco ball it was so sparkly!  very very very exciting for me.  now all i need are my stripper shoes (ha ha!)…yes you have to wear these clear plastic shoes that apparently you can only get on hollywood boulevard.  so that’s my next trip up to LA.

anyway, so en route to the competition in culver city we swung by whole foods and loaded up on the biggest and best salads for lunch which we grubbed on during our snooping session.  i’m SO glad that we went.  the whole idea behind going was to decide whether i should do the figure or the bikini division, which is new to NPC.  we really had no idea what the difference was between the 2 before going – and even after watching the 2 divisions it was still a bit of a mystery.  both divisions basically paraded out and posed the same…so that wasn’t different, which for bikini i was expecting some runway showdown or something…but no such luck.  the only difference we saw was that in bikini some (but not all) of the girls wore bikinis…like you’re wear to the beach – but then some wore the sparky ones like figure!  the girls in figure were more muscular and seemed to be leaner – but then between both divisions there was variation.  so after we watched i actually went up and talked to a few of the judges – and i’m glad i did.  my trainer’s perspective was that i could enter bikini and easily do well – but we wanted to talk to the judges to see what they’re looking for.  basically in figure they’re looking for the v-taper, muscle definition, and symmetry (and sparkly bikinis!) and in the bikini division they are actually looking for more of a volumptuous figure with fuller hips and chest and they want to see a normal bikini (not the competition suits).  in order to do bikini i’d have to ease up on my diet a lot and basically get ‘softer’ than i am now – no defined abs or muscles and a fuller chest (yeah which i do not have right now at 12% body fat!).  um…no.  i have not worked THIS hard to go backwards.  i’d rather work my butt off and take last place in figure than soften up and take first in bikini.  besides – i love the challenge!   again – super happy i talked to the judges.  they’re thought was that if i want to get my pro-card to do bikini because it’s a new division and fairly easy to win right now…but the pro card isn’t important to me.  of course anything i do  – i want to do well and i’m always in it to win it – but i don’t want to step down to win.  i’d rather challenge myself to achieve tougher goals and do my best, even if that means i don’t ‘win’.  so figure it is! 

after going to the show, my trainer was just telling me that she’s happy with my progress and where i’m at.  i told her about my stressful day the other day and her response to it: take the weekend off.  what??  yeah.  how many times will you ever hear that from a trainer?  she said my body is just telling me what it needs (fat!) which is why i devoured the almond butter.  i also told her my body is really really tired from training, so she told me to just take the weekend off from the gym, be active – but not go to the gym, and then take the weekend off from my diet.  she reiterated she didn’t want me going to eat a cheeseburger or anything (i don’t really eat like that anyway!…but i got her drift)…but that i needed a bit of a mental and physical break and given where she felt i am right now for being 4 weeks out, she said i could benefit from some time off.  yay!  so i felt like a kid that just got told they could go break all the rules…i didn’t even know how!  after the show we went to penguin’s in hermosa beach and got this amazing sugar free, fat free frozen yogurt that was ridiculously good.  doesn’t sound like much of a cheat to anyone else probably but i can’t have that right now so i ordered a medium (whatever with a small!) and enjoyed all 90 calories.  only 90 calories but seriously was so good it could have been 300 and i wouldn’t have known the difference!  we went and enjoyed our frozen yogurt overlooking the ocean…..ahh…what a life!

so after heading home i tried to decide how i was going to take advantage of my new found freedom for 2 days…but again, i felt like a kid that was now allowed to be bad and i didn’t know what to do with myself.  i figured it out though!  i went home and had an apple with almond butter and there was only about 1/8 of the jar left so i proceeded to just polish it off, thinking that it was probably just best to finish it than have it in the house for the next 4 weeks in case of emergency.  yeah – that was my logic instead of just admitting no self-control.  then for dinner, my big ‘cheat’ was having pasta sauce on my ground turkey and vegetables….so good.  isn’t that sad?  but the thing is – i have nothing in my house to ‘cheat’ on…especially after i raided the almond butter!  oh – and then in my protein pudding that night i slipped in some jello mix and heated it up…it’s like a warm chocolate souffle!  so good!  i have to share: take 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, add 2 tablespoons psyllium husks, 1 tablespoon chocolate sugar free pudding mix (i usually can’t have this but it was my cheat day) and add 1/4 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk.  mix and then microwave for 45s…amazing! 

so today i even thought about going to the gym…i just couldn’t fathom taking 2 days off in a row!   i can’t remember the last time i took 2 days off.  sad.  but i decided that my body might benefit from the rest and i decided to continue my spring cleaning extravaganza and tackled cleaning the inside and out of my bathroom cabinets and floors…which took 3 hours!  so i think i definitely got some good active rest in!  but for my ‘cheat’ today i enjoyed my protein pancakes with strawberries and added in my sugar free syrup which has been banned from me for the past few weeks…love my syrup!  the only bad part of the day – i got caught up cleaning and didn’t eat lunch until 2:30 which is bad….bad bad bad for my metabolism…and oh yeah, completely skipped my water intake for the day apparently!  oh well – guess a cheat day that consists of just not drinking all my water is better than downing a burger and fries.  lunch was just a typical lunch…but for dinner i must say i enjoyed the yummiest steak salad (with feta cheese crumbles!) and a glass of a super tuscan that was super good.  didn’t even touch the bread basket – doesn’t really appeal to me anymore.  and then…on my way i home i accidentally detoured to golden spoon.  i figure that i deserve my golden spoon while i veg out tonight and enjoy the last of my ‘cheat’ weekend.  i’m actually impressed with myself.  i had the opportunity to eat anything i want and i just didn’t even feel like it.  it’s amazing actually!  so that’s my weekend.  i truly feel mentally and physically refreshed now and ready to hit the gym and the diet hard core tomorrow.  as of tomorrow: 4 weeks out!  be watching for photos (which may or may not look good after my weekend off!)


stress happens.

so first off i’m just happy i made it back to california!  i’m safe and sound – but the snow started falling in denver the morning i was leaving…and it proceeded to dump about 14 inches (or that’s the last i heard)!  my flight was about an hour late taking off – but thankfully we did because all flights for the rest of the day were cancelled!  i had such a wonderful time with my family and miss them already…but it’s always nice to get back home – especially when it’s 70 degrees!  the only part i don’t like about returning from a trip?  the inevitable stress created by being gone – and even though i was working while i was there (between ms. pacman games), the work continues to pile up.  plus, i wanted to just be with my family which meant i did enough work to keep from getting too far behind, but upon return to the real world today it all hit me like a ton of bricks.  that is the joy of owning your own business!  i rarely have days like this where i’m so overwhelmed that i don’t know what to do with myself…but i did today.  i just have to remember and count my blessings that i usually wake up everyday just loving everything about what i do.  today – not so much. 

the crappy part?  stress affects every area of your life and, like most people, i’m no different in that it affects my eating.  so even though i usually have amazing self-control for the most part – yeah the stress got the best of me today and wreaked havoc on my little diet.  not that i went out of control or anything – but i could just tell it was going to be a struggle today.  i knew it when i ate breakfast and instead of wanting to go face the pile o’ work ahead of me – i just wanted to find something else to eat!!  just an extra 1/4 cup of oatmeal…not too bad right?  it’s not the food that bugs me…it’s the mental part behind it when i know i’m not hungry – i’m just eating to deal with some emotion that i can’t pinpoint.  so on with my day.  at lunch…same thing.  supposed to have 1/2 cup brown rice….hmmm…i think i’ll just have a whole cup!  as i worked all day i just kept feeling more and more overwhelmed so i was relieved when it was time to go to the gym.  however, because 1) i didn’t have coffee this morning and 2) i ate more starchy carbs than i’m supposed to, and 3) i was mentally drained…….i didn’t feel all so motivated once i got there!  the good news: i went!  the not-so-good-news: i wasn’t feelin’ it.  this might be one of the dullest workouts i’ve had in the last 8 weeks…no energy, felt horrible from the extra carbs that were weighin’ me down, and super duper sore from yesterday’s killer leg workout.  i made it through my shoulder workout, so-so ab workout, and then did my quick 20m intervals on the stairstepper. 

after being gone for a week i had NO food in the fridge so i had to hit the store after my workout so i had my quick protein shake, went to the store, and didn’t get home to make dinner until 9pm!  my dinner was amazing…lemon pepper tilapia fillet and a big big salad (fatoush actually, my sister-in-law’s lebanese salad).  so far so good.  then for my nighttime snack i made my protein pudding.  good.  and then – the damn almond butter caught my eye in the cabinet and all willpower went out the window.  ok so only 2 tablespoons…but that’s 200 calories and that took me over my limit for the day by far.  it’s only one day – but that’s not what bothers me.  it’s the point that i deal with my emotions or stress by eating when i’m not even hungry…and i know it!

to be honest – i’m fairly proud of myself for having this happen only like twice through this entire experience so far.  everything that i’ve had going on in my life and to have only 2 days where i turn to food for comfort when it’s a fairly common human reaction, well that’s not too bad.   i’m bummed that i’m dealing with it – but it really does teach me a lot about myself and the only reason i share it on my blog is because so many people think that i have it all together, that i have amazing self-control…and i do most of the time…but i struggle just like everyone else.  all i can do is learn from it, wake up tomorrow and make different and better choices and keep my goals at the front of my mind so i stay focused instead of getting diverted.  i feel like this is all a ramble – but i suppose that’s ok.  i’m entitled to random ramblings every now and then!

i’m looking forward to tomorrow…my girlfriend and i are going to check out a local figure competition so i can see what it’s all about, watch the posing, see the suits…and get some kind of idea what the heck i’ll be doing in 4 weeks!  i’ll have the scoop on that this weekend.  in the meantime, i need to just continually focus on getting enough sleep (as i blog at 12:45am!) and drinking all my water (oh yeah – did i mention most days when i go over on calories i haven’t kept up with my water intake?).  all in all i’m having a blast with this whole experience…but just like everything in life, you will inevitably get thrown curveballs and sometimes you don’t deal with them exactly as you’d hoped.  but the best part is that we have a chance to wake up tomorrow morning and make the best of whatever comes our way.  a great quote that i’m sure i’ve shared before…but always puts things in perspective:
“life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”

for your reading pleasure: a great article from self magazine..check it out! 
is the economy making you fat?


week 8 pics + road warrior

given that i’ve been traveling now since saturday i almost completely spaced taking my 8 week pics – luckily i remembered to pack my sparkly bikini!  however, i usually try and take my pics before i eat dinner and these are taken post quite possibly the largest salad i’ve ever eaten (recipe to follow!).  thanks to my mom, i have my 8 week photos and then of course one of me being silly showing off my muscles for the camera. 

so as i said, i’m back at home in colorado for a few days for fitlosophy (new fitbooks printing!) and i’m happily spending tons of time with my family too!  i must say that even though i had to be ultra-prepared with all my supplements and protein, being back home and sticking to my workouts and food has been easier than expected with all the credit going to my family.  they are all so supportive and even though this whole competition is a little out of their element – they have all gone out of their way to make it easy for me!  my mom even said she was just so happy to see me in person and see how fit i am and that i’m not too thin.  and then after they see just how much food i actually consume, i think they all understand now that i’m quite healthy – just really strict and focused!  mom had chicken breasts and asparagus stocked in the fridge…dad is my gym partner…my sister-in-law has gone out of her way to prepare special little versions of her food just for me…and my brother…well he’s done a great job of distracting me from my work with our ms. pacman battles (which by the way i’m losing horribly).  i’m so blessed to have a family that supports me and my goals regardless of what it is.  they know it’s important to me and that’s enough….i know that’s unusual, especially with something like a figure competition where everything is so structured! 

the eating has been easier than i expected.  breakfast is my oats (which i brought!) and just egg whites – but i did have to make a run for my almond milk as i wasn’t looking forward to toting that on the plane and having it explode.  then i just had my brother run me to sprouts to grab greek yogurt, blueberries, and apples for my snacks, and then either we grab lunch when we’re out and about (salad with chicken – that’s pretty much my staple) and then my wonderful-cook-of-a-sister-in-law has made amazing homecooked meals for us!  she’s lebanese so the first night she made my favorite – tawook chicken and fatoush salad.  the tawook is just chicken breast in garlic and spices (red pepper and sumac) and fatoush (my absolute favorite!) is a traditional lebanese salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, oregano, mint, onions, jalapeno and then the spices….and the dressing is just lemon juice and a teeny tiny drizzle of olive oil.  given that i’ve been eating salad for at least 1-2 meals per day for the last 8 weeks, i’m more than excited to have an exciting new salad that is my favorite so she taught me to make it!  here’s how i made it yesterday for lunch – just added a can of tuna – and…bada bing we have tuna fatoush!  here’s the recipe…credits to my sister rita!

tuna fatoush
**note: she doesn’t really measure anything so you may have to play with it a bit to get the taste you love!
1) in a big bowl mix together a 1/2 cup each of diced tomatos, sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced onions, and 2 cups mixed greens (sliced)
2) add in maybe 1 tbsp each of fresh oregano and mint, along with a bit of finely chopped jalapeno
3) drain a small can of tuna (packed in water, not oil) and add it to the salad
4) for the dressing add the following: 1 tsp olive oil, juice from 1/2 a fresh squeezed lemon, 1 tsp salt, and then add  just a dash of sumac (try finding it in a middle eastern market) and red pepper (or paprika)…i actually like a lot of the red pepper but it makes it spicy!!
5) use your hands to toss the salad (you must do this because this is how she does it and it’s part of the recipe – and it’s made with love!)…then add to a bowl and sprinkle with just a dash more red pepper because it’s pretty.

servings: 1 (big big salad!!)
calories: 306
protein:  46g
fat: 6.7g

how do i know the calories?  check out my little recipe tool online that i found…you enter the ingredients and it calculates everything for you!

anyway – enjoy this yummy salad…i’m hooked!  so…that’s how the eating is going.  the workouts are great too: i planned the trip so i could workout before i left saturday, then sunday my active rest was trapsing around the mall all day with my mom and sister-in-law, and then today i hit the gym around 4pm and dad met me there around 5.  all i can say is that the 5280′ altitude here in colorado definitely kicked my butt today!  i did my chest/back workout with my dreaded never-ending lunges…and i was happy the gym out here had the arm slings so i could do my leg lift ab workout (or try anyway – it’s tough!!).  then i did my 30m incline walking on the treadmill and was super happy because my dad joined me and it flew by as we chatted 90-t0-nothin’.  i wish all my cardio went by that fast!

so all in all: very pleased with how the trip is going as it concerns to my eating and workouts.  tomorrow will entail getting to meet up with my fitbook manufacturers and see how production is coming along, which will be fun!  orders are picking up so we’re right on time for production and i’m excited to have the ‘problem’ of watching inventory to make sure we don’t run out!!   then after my meetings tomorrow i’ll hit the gym for biceps and i’m just so looking forward to doing my treadmill mountain climbers at my parent’s gym.  at least at my gym people are used to seeing me do weird things…it will be fun to watch people’s faces at least!  wednesday i have off from the gym and then thursday morning, back to california!  the best part of this trip: definitely being with my family.  i’m so behind on work and things with fitlosophy just get more and more exciting everyday – which means more work!  but i’m also very well aware that time spent with my family is just more important.  they keep me grounded…they remind me of what’s important in life.  so while i will keep up on email and i do work when i can – i’ve just resigned to the fact that nothing is so important that it can’t wait until i kick my brother’s butt at ms. pacman.
wish me luck!


temporary blog hiatus

so the funny thing is that when i actually have all kinds of things to blog about, the downside is that i don’t have time to!  and then when i do have time i often stare at the screen wondering what the heck to write about.  so my apologies for my recent absence – but life has just been so busy!  so here’s the scoop…

so i had a last minute invite to go down to san diego for dinner to meet up with some really great people from the fitness industry to discuss doing business together.   so after a long 2 1/2 hour drive down to san diego we gabbed about business and all that fun stuff – which i’m so excited about by the way – and then we headed to dinner.   my girlfriend-slash-trainer came super prepared for me with the slender wine in tow so we tried out the white slender wine in the limo ride on the way to dinner.  love the white slender wine – really good actually – and while we still can’t figure out how there are zero calories, i just enjoyed it knowing that it might be the only drink i might have for the night.  so we get there and talk about torture: open tab at this amazing rooftop bar with bottle service…and i can’t drink.  boo.  however it was conveniently my cheat night (which really only means i have to stay under 500 calories) so just had mahi mahi with vegetables and had a great glass of wine with dinner (unfortunately this was real wine with 150 calories – but totally worth it!).  after dinner we were just having a great time dancing (i.e. burning calories) so my girlfriend was kind enough to ‘let’ me have a soda water with a splash of blueberry vodka – so basically just soda water.  the only downside to going out with your trainer!!  honestly though – i’m super focused and while i love to have a good time drinking just isn’t that important to me and anyone that knows me knows that i don’t have to drink to have fun…i will still be the one dancing on the tables completely sober.  i’m just saying: of all the nights to have bottle service and an open bar – yeah, i can’t drink.  probably better though – i didn’t get home until 2:30am and was exhausted waking up this morning so i can’t imagine how i would have felt if i would have partied like a rockstar!  that said – what an amazing time and it was just so wonderful to be surrounded with such great people.  some of the companies i met with to discuss working together:  – amazing online training program that has already been a huge success…so i want to see how we can work together on offering training to fitbook customers and vice versa! – innovative portion-control nutrition system that includes all these little food containers that basically make it clear how much of each food group you should be consuming…and they are stacked all neat in an insulated bag so you can take food anywhere!

both of these companies are truly successful at what they do – and i love meeting with people that are passionate about changing other people’s lives…but most importantly, i love doing business with good people so i’m excited about the next steps!  thanks kim for the connection – and chad for an awesome dinner and my scrumptious soda water!

so fast forward to 7am and i was not loving getting out of bed – but i had to get an early start on the day so i could make it to the gym and get packed for a last-minute trip to do an onsite-visit with my fitbook manufacturer.  great news: we’re producing more because our inventory is running low…how awsesome is that!?  so – i spent the day running around and getting ready to leave, but what took a good amount of time was preparing to be gone for 4 days and having to figure out how i’m going to stay on my nutrition plan while traveling!  so i was counting out all my supplements and putting them in baggies — i’m surprised i didn’t get checked by TSA because one bag was just packed full of white powder and pills!  ha ha!  then i was measuring out my protein powder, taking a little bag of oats, and then made a list of all the things i needed to buy upon arrival.  very time consuming, but i’m determined to make this work while i’m traveling.  so now i’m at my destination, which also happens to be where my family is.  i’m exhausted and have no clue why i’m up bloggin at 12:30am (which happens to be 1:30am here!) – but i just felt the need to let my little voice be heard on my blog again.  i truly miss it when i’m gone.  so we’ll see how this traveling and being on this strict program works.  my family is super supportive though which makes it nice.  it works nicely that i have sunday and wednesdays as off days so i only have to be in the gym 2 days while i’m here.  the challenge: getting enough sleep, which obviously i’m already doing pretty horribly at…but tomorrow is sunday so i can sleep in.  my active rest for the day?  shopping with mom!  🙂


6 week tweaks!

ok so once again i’m blogging at 10 o’clock at night and my body is killin’ me…i’m just happy tomorrow is an off day!  but i at least have more energy tonight than i did last night.  i got a full 8 hours sleep last night and plan on doing the same tonight.  it was hilarious though…since i can’t really eat much after dinner my trainer recommended me drinking a cup of hot tea while i read in bed to help relax.  yeah so i completely nodded off and spilled hot tea on myself…ha ha!  might have to re-think that strategy!  so here’s the scoop on what changes at 6 weeks out:

nutrition tweaks
at 6 weeks out she’s lowered me to 1200-1300 calories per day on workout days and 1100-1200 on active rest days.  i’m going to stay there for the next 3 weeks then she’ll lower me a bit more for weeks 2 and 3 to do the final ‘lean-out’ and then the week before the competition she’ll bring my calories back up so i have energy and feel good.  so here’s what the next 3 weeks look like:

  • i got a bit of a lecture on days where i went more than 3 hours between meals (in my defense it was only a few days when i was busy!!) so it’s really important i’m eating every 2-3 hours.
  • my fruit intake was already limited to strawberries and blueberries, but she did add in grapefruit which i love.  but she’s limiting my dairy to only 1 serving per day so either cottage cheese or greek yogurt.  that’s about all i was having anyway for my morning snack so it’s ok.
  • …but on that note i asked about my beloved protein pancakes and she said they’re fine, but to take out the cottage cheese.  which i was fine with that…they’ll just be a bit runnier and thinner.  but here’s the real kicker: yeah no more  yummy berry syrup.  berries fine.  syrup…2 tablespoons!  what?  that’s just a tease!  limit the spray butter, splenda and all those added things…i guess i should have saw the syrup going too.
  • other little additives i have to limit: salad dressing, olive oil, almond butter, salsas, tomato sauces…anything that adds empty calories.  i can still use my little spray salad dressings which is only 10 calories for 10 sprays…or do just lemon juice…and on oils i use just a tad bit of pam olive oil when cooking but that’s about it.
  • sad sad day…no more protein pudding!  well – the way i used to make it anyway.  we’re cutting out anything with added sugars or chemicals…eating super clean – which means no jello pudding mix.  BUT she did give me a little recipe for my bedtime snack  which is basically just 1 scoop of my chocolate protein powder, 2 tablespoons psyllium husks (for fiber!), and 1/4c chocolate almond milk.  when mixed together it tastes almost like my pudding and the psyllium husks fill me up…it’s got a bit of a grainy texture but i actually like it.  however i’m fully aware that at this point cardboard would probably taste good! ha ha!  no really – it’s a good high protein snack to fill you up before bed for only 150 calories!
  • so while it looks like she took everything away – she did add some things:  i’m going to be eating a lot more sweet potatoes, fish, and obviously vegetables.  actually i take that back – i don’t think i could eat any more vegetables.  my salads are HUGE!  when you’re eating so few calories you figure out how to fill yourself up.  what’s so crazy is that my body actually craves vegetables now…weird huh?  get this: i actually have been craving brussel sprouts.  go figure.
  • since she saw by analyzing my fitbook that nighttime is the hardest for me (especially when i’m up until 1am!), basically after dinner i have my protein shake or protein ‘pudding’ and that’s it.  often times i’d stay up later than i should and i wouldn’t eat anything bad necessarily but i’d eat too late and your body can’t burn fat when you’re sleeping if you have food in your tummy.  hence the importance behind going to bed!  so in order to have any issues with figuring out what to eat – it’s pretty simple: just my protein, then go to bed.  and i got lectured on sleeping…i need to!  so last night i got 8 full hours and i have to from here on out so my little body can recover while i’m sleeping.
  • water water water.  actually i’ve been doing really good on this.  believe it or not your body acclimates and i even finished my water the last few nights right after dinner and just had my tea…so i’m easily reaching my gallon per day goal.

workout tweaks
like i mentioned last night, after working out with my trainer, she definitely wants to develop my rear delts and lats more…other than that she said she’s really happy with my progress and that the workouts themselves won’t change too much.  here are the few things i need to switch up:

  • even though it was a love/hate relationship, i’m sad to see my smith machine squat routine go away.  she said that she doesn’t want me to be pushing too much weight or nothing will be left of my rear-end!  so while i was a bit relieved…i also credit that stupid machine with getting my butt in shape over the last 6 weeks.  never fear though – we have a new torture method to replace it!  read on…
  • while i was doing my smith routine 4 days per week (on top of my heavy leg lifting day!), she wants me to cut back to only 3 days per week doing walking lunges.  sounds simple right?  ugh.  i have to do 3 sets of 50 walking lunges…50!!  the first set is walking lunges with a glute raise…the second is a side stepping squat with leg lift….the third set is walking lunges with a glute raise + knee lift….all of these while carrying 25# dumbbells.  holy camoly they kill.  i want my smith machine back!  one benefit of doing these is that this engages my core and my back muscles a lot more than the smith machine.  darn it – she knows what she’s doing but it’s painful.
  • it’s really important to focus on targeting each muscle group from a different angle so i hit it from all sides.  so for example on shoulders i would do on overhead press to work the top part of the shoulder, lateral dumbell raises to target the sides, and then the reverse pec deck to target the back part of the shoulder.  i’ve been doing this but i just have to make sure and develop all areas of the muscles.
  • no more oblique ab exercises…she said those are already developed well and i need to focus on the lower ab region, hence the need to do those hanging leg raise pike thingy-mabobbers that are ultra-tortourous.  i texted her yesterday all happy telling her that i did 3 sets of 6 with a spotter but barely needed a spot.  her response: “that’s great. now next time give me 4 sets of 10.”  i love that…i love that challenge.  so guess what i did today?  4 sets of 10!  🙂  i didn’t text her and tell her that…not yet…i’m afraid she’ll challenge me to do more and i honestly almost died doing them today.
  • my cardio is getting backed down a bit to lower intensity so that i continue to burn calories, but not burn muscle.  so she still has me doing my lovely mountain climbers on the treadmill for 20m once per week and my 20m sprints once per week.  the only real changes is that i’m doing 1 day of 30m and 2 days of 45m at steady state cardio (no intervals) at a heart rate of 135 which is pretty low.  i can choose between either incline walking (15% at 3.5mph) or the stepmill.  i love my stepmill..that’s where i catch up on my magazine reading…i just have to be careful not to fall off!
  • overall she’s happy with my workouts and likes the results…my main focus is just to keep pushing more weight and making sure that i’m exhausting my muscles to failure on every set.  so that means i might need more spotting at the gym but i’m sure i can round up someone to help me with that…i’m a little social butterfly unfortunately.  however – i’ve been doing better about not talking at the gym.  i’m too focused on my workouts!

whew!  that’s long i know, but those are pretty much my tweaks at 6 weeks out!  i’m still loving it but i must say that my shoulders are STILL killing me from my workout with her on sunday…followed by my killer back and chest workout yesterday.  today was biceps and even more legs which are just exhausted.  so my off day tomorrow?  it’s supposed to be 70 degrees which means i will proceed to my pool at lunch time to catch some sun and relax.  so excited.  and for my active rest i’m going to continue my spring cleaning and get that finished up! 

i’m off to make my tea…relax and close my peepers.  let’s hope i can do this without giving myself a tea bath tonight!  sweet dreams!


week 7 pics…half-way there!

ok so i really should have blogged before 9:30 at night because honestly i’m so exhausted i wanna cry.  my body is SO tired and i literally feel like i could fall asleep at my laptop, however the only reason i’m keeping my eyes open is i get one more precious (little) snack before i go to bed and you better believe i’m not missing even one little calorie!  i was so excited to blog about the changes to my workout and nutrition for the next 6 weeks…but i’m cranky and tired.  oh dear – the crankiness is starting to set in. 

only 6 full weeks of training until the competition…crazy how time flies.  so i met with my trainer yesterday afternoon and worked out with her.  holy camoly!  i usually kick my own butt – then you add her watching me so i pushed myself even harder…and then she just proceeded to push me even further.  we did my shoulder workout (my favorite!) and it was so interesting because she could tell that my rear delts are underdeveloped and part of that is that i wasn’t doing any exercises to target them!  so – she has me on the reverse pec deck and i tried to do it and with barely any weight it’s like my muscles had no clue what to do.  she got me through the first 5 and then it was so crazy – my muscles kicked in and figured out what to do and then from there i knocked out 3 sets!  she said a lot of times it’s just making that mind-muscle connection and once you wake that muscle up it figures out what to do!  so i need to work on that…and then of course my lats which she knew just from the pictures i send.  the toughest part of the workout: she had me do these hanging leg raises, which i do leg raises all the time…but instead of bending the knees and just crunching up, you keep them straight and bring them all the way up, past your waist and actually touch the bar above you!  check out this page from men’s health on yahoo…it’s the hanging pike at the bottom of the page in case you need a visual!  so i saw this exercise (we’ll refer to it as the ultimate lower ab torture) in oxygen magazine a few months back and thought ‘i can do that’!  so i went to the gym, tried it and there was no way my body was going to even come close.  so fast forward to yesterday and she decides that i need to do 10!  she spotted me on them and the first 4 i thought i was going to pass out…and same thing with the rear delts, after that my muscles kicked in and i did them!  she had to spot a bit but still – i did them!  i must say it felt rather good to do something that i really didn’t think i could…and not just the satisfaction of the physical accomplishment, but the mental satisfaction of accomplishing something that you didn’t think you could.  

so she kicked my butt at the gym and then we went and made a fantastic dinner of chicken and veggies skewers with a huge spinach and veggies salad and then these yummy little peppers for appetizers.  you take 1/4 c fat free feta and mix with 1/4 c fat free cottage cheese, then stuff little red and yellow peppers with the mixture and broil for a few minutes…mmmmm!!  perfect little healthy appetizer!  ok so here’s the kicker: we tried this new wine she found that is apparently 0 calories and made with natural sweetners…and still has 12% alcohol!!!  what?  so after she heard about it (slender wine) she ordered one of the red, white, and blush for us to try out!  we tried the red last night…and at first taste it’s a bit sweet because with a red you’re expecting more of a bold flavor. but it was actually really good…more on the sweet side, almost like you’d expect a dessert wine to taste…but honestly – impressed!  check it out online at  i’m excited to taste the white wine on a warm summer afternoon and see what that one is like…i’ll keep you posted.  wine with 0 calories…seriously?  i mean it’s not a bottle you’d take out for a fancy steak dinner…but it’s just pretty darn good for having around for dinner during the week! 

so yesterday might have been one of the best days i’ve had in a long time.  we just spent the afternoon/evening going over every detail of my nutrition, workout, supplements, and even the little things about getting ready for the competition.  not to mention my trainer is an absolute sweetheart and has become a good friend so we just had a fun girl’s day which was a much needed little escape for me.  so while i’d love to divulge the details of all the changes coming my way for the next 2 weeks…i’m tired and per her strict instructions – i must go to bed!!!  so please check back tomorrow for the inside scoop – it’s really interesting all the things we’re changing up for the 6 week countdown. 

and last but not least: my pics for today!  i must share my funny story because it makes me laugh just thinking about it.  ok so usually my girlfriend comes over on monday nights to take my pics and she wasn’t home.  and after the gym i’m super hungry but i wanted to take my pics before i ate…so i’m prancing around my house in my sparkly bikini stacking a box on top of a chair with 2 dvds to get the camera to the perfect height so i could take my own pics!  so after i figured out how to use my self-timer i had my own little photo shoot by myself which just was entirely too entertaining.  i dropped the camera twice, took pictures of only the lower 1/2 of my body a few times…it took some practicing but i got ’em!  so enjoy my professional pics – all because i wanted to eat and couldn’t wait!!  and after seeing these pics i’m more motivated than ever to at least get a little sun… you can’t see the muscle definition when i’m white as a ghost! 

so i’m sorry i’m a party pooper but i must go to bed.  i’m going to blog tomorrow afternoon instead of night…the way my workouts are going right now, i’m just tuckered out when i get home!  so until tomorrow….

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