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bye-bye bananas + bread!

so as of tomorrow i’m exactly 8 weeks out from the competition!  i must say the first 4 weeks have flown by and it’s not been that hard at all.  of course now that i’m comfortable, everything’s changing again – isn’t that just like life?  anyhow, here’s the scoop on what changes for me as of tomorrow:

* calories per day drops to 1500, but honestly most days i come in between 1600-1700 anyway.  this basically means i trim back just a few things that are higher in calories such as fats (olive oil, almonds, almond butter) and cut just a bit from each meal.   it’s surprising how small little tweaks can make a big difference – like just buying small apples (60 calories) vs. the ginormous ones (100 calories)…or using 1 tsp olive oil instead of 1 tbsp when sauteeing my chicken…or watching exactly how many sprays of my spray butter i’m using instead of going spray-happy!

*no more bread.  nada.  zilch.  this isn’t that bad either given that i couldn’t have bread after 3pm anyway – so the only bread i was eating was toast every now and then with my eggs.  it’s not like i can have the yummy bread at restaurants anyway since it’s white bread – so the only thing i’ll be missing out on here is eating my over-easy eggs with toast…which leads me to the next change.

*only 1 egg yoke per day.  i was really only have one per day anyway except on days where i had my toast.  since i can’t have either – my breakfast will pretty much be either oatmeal and 1 egg with 5 egg whites…or my protein pancakes.  that one egg yoke a day is important though – that’s where all the vitamins are.  egg whites – pretty much nothin’ but protein.

*goodbye my yummy bananas.  so i was limited to 1/2 a banana a day anyway before – so this is not too difficult.  just one less thing to buy!  my fruit is pretty much restricted now to only blueberries, strawberries, and apples.  they’re all really low-sugar vs. bananas and other fruits that are pretty high. 

that’s pretty much it on the food changes.  my workouts pretty much stay the same for the next 2 weeks but i have started pushing more weight anyway just to push myself.  after looking at my week 4 pics my trainer said she can see my lats coming in a lot better and she’s not worried about my butt at all (my #1 concern in a next-to-nothing bikini in front of hundreds of people!)….so i’m really excited to see how my body changes from here on out!  the major changes come at 4 weeks out and i honestly don’t even feel deprived in the least bit!  i’m sure this is hard to comprehend given that it looks like low calories…but it’s all things that my body must be craving now.  the hardest part for me thus far:  getting 8 hours sleep!  i have all the best intentions, but i’m a crazy busy little bee and getting my mind to shut down at 10pm is just super difficult.  that – and i must admit i have been slacking on my water.  the past few days i’ve definitely got my 1 1/2 big ol’ water bottles in, but a few nights i’ve sadly looked at my 1/2 full bottle and just turned off the light.  time to start setting those little goals again…it’s neverending!  so i’m going to force myself to drink my first full bottle before i eat lunch…then at least 1/2 of my 2nd bottle before i workout, leaving me with only 1/2 for the rest of the night!  we’ll see if that works!  

i laid out by the pool today in the beautiful 80 degree weather to get some rays on my white little body and got 1/2 way through the last lecture and it’s an amazing book – super motivating and inspirational!  not sure if i got a tan today or if i got a sunburn – guess we’ll be able to tell tomorrow in my week 5 pics!   i had a nice and relaxing weekend – but i always get a bit  jittery on sunday night.  i get so anxious for all that’s to come on monday morning.  not in a bad way…just like my little mind starts spinning it’s wheels, rarin’ to go!  so i’m finishing my blog at 9:45…which gives me 15m to get to bed, relax, and read before i drift off to sleep.  or let’s hope so anyway…….


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