week 6 pics + stats

so here i am at the 1/2 way point…i can’t believe the last 5 weeks have gone by so fast and i’m heading into week 6!   

when i was planning my workouts last night i looked back at what my beginning stats were…just to see how far i’ve come.  i still won’t share my rear-view pics – but i will share my stats…just to show my progress.  so when i started my beginning weight was 112 and my body fat was 14.5% (according to my trusty body fat scale).  the key here is consistency because every scale weighs different and different methods of measuring body fat vary too.  the other key – take measurements at the same time of the day!  ok so as of this morning i’m at 106 and i’m at 13.4% body fat!  woo hoo!  so i really don’t want my weight to go any lower – again, not really a fan of the string bean look.  i jotted down 105 and 10% as my 12-week goals so that means that i have to convert fat to muscle without losing weight over the next 6 weeks.  hmmm…so here’s what i figured out:

*start:   112lbs, 14.5% body fat (96lbs muscle + 16lbs fat)
*current: 106lbs, 13.4% body fat (92lbs muscle + 13lbs fat)

so the good news is that i’ve lost 3 lbs of fat…but i’m bummed that i lost 4 lbs of muscle!  i guess that’s what my supplements are supposed to help with over the next 6 weeks.  i’m eating what i’m supposed to and really pushing my weights at the gym.  it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll lose some muscle, but i just want to keep from losing any more!  anyway – that’s the 411 on my stats at this point.  i’d write more…but honestly, i’m tired and need rest to make sure my little muscles can recover from a super duper killer workout at the gym tonight.  have i mentioned how much fun it is to kick your own butt at the gym? 
so off to bed i go…


3 Responses to “week 6 pics + stats”

  1. 03.10.09 at 6:22 am

    You’ve come a long way – (look at those abs!) – but like you say, it’s hard to keep the muscles!

  2. 03.11.09 at 2:24 pm

    Keeping muscle is definately a hard part. You work so hard to create it and wind up losing a little. Although the benefits outweigh the loses in this case. You’re certainly doing great! Hopefully the next 6 weeks go just as fast for you. hooray for results!!

  3. 3 LaNi
    03.12.09 at 4:04 am

    great job girlie. impressive!

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