body…tired…need rest!

i must say that i love my wednesdays….especially now!  as the weeks have gone on i’ve continued to push myself even harder and my workouts leave me virtually dragging out of the gym.  it’s a great feeling to know that i’ve really challenged my body – but at the same, time my little bod needs a break too!  i always hit the gym super hard on mondays because i’m coming off of the weekend and an off day on sunday…so monday’s (chest/back) and tuesday’s (biceps) workouts are just fairly torturous.  meaning, come wednesday i’m ready for a little break – both mentally and physically.  thursdays are always tough days because it’s my leg day.  but i’m pretty much doing legs every day…so even by the time i get to thursday, my heavy lifting leg day, i’m already exhausted!  then i look forward to fridays because it’s shoulders and i love to lift shoulders…and then saturday is triceps and i’m just happy to get in and out of there so i can enjoy my weekend! 

i’m meeting with my trainer either this weekend or monday to basically go through everything in detail to see how we need to change things up.  my diet should be fine for the next 3 weeks or so – but i might need to add in a little more carbs before my workout so that i make sure i’m not burning muscle.  we’ll see what she says…i’m hoping i can stay on my 1500 calories for 3 or 4 more weeks until we go down to 1200 (yipes!) for the last 2.  seriously – i know i’m going to be cranky.  i’m cranky when i’m hungry and i guarantee i’ll be hungry. but i can do anything for 2 weeks – just have to think ‘big picture’!  i think my workouts might get changed up a bit which is fine with me.  i’ve been doing pretty much the same program for 6 weeks and need somethin’ to spice it up a bit!  however, i’m super motivated because last night i compared my week 1 pics with my week 6 pics and i can see some definite changes!  my back and lats are really coming in, my abs are getting even more defined, and i must say my bum is even perkin’ up a little bit so all that torture is paying off!  i do this routine on the smith squat rack 4 days a week that literally leaves me almost crying it’s so tough…and each week i’m adding more and more weight.  it’s exhausting…but that 5m of hell is worth it when i see my tush shapin’ up!  again – not really big on the idea of wearin’ a bikini in front of a ton of people if my butt isn’t in tip top shape.  all i know – my body is tired…so so so glad it’s wednesday.

so what did i do on my lovely little off day?  i was going to head down to the beach but it’s a bit cloudy and chilly out today so i took a stroll with my girlfriend.  we used to be able to fit in about 3 miles in our hour-long walks but with her literally less than a few weeks from delivering her baby, we took it a little easier and did 2 miles today.   my bet is that baby girl will be here this friday so i’m hoping our next walk will have a stroller…and based on my girlfriend’s little mama waddles she’s got going on i’m sure she’s more than happy to have the baby here sooner rather than later!  so that was my active rest day…very relaxing and now i’m going to enjoy my evening off before i’m back at it at the gym tomorrow night.  so i’m sitting in front of the fireplace contemplating whether to do work or to just take a nap with my dog who is curled up beside me.  knowing me – i’ll work, but lucky for me…i love my work!  

speaking of which…fitlosophy is going fabulous!  we’ve got just tons of orders coming in from recent placements in shape, ladies home journal, muscle & fitness hers, and men’s fitness…and i just found out that we’re going to be featured in an article in pregnancy magazine in the may issue!!!  woo hoo!   my main focus right now: sales, sales, sales!  this little company keeps me going 90-to-nothin’, but i seriously love what i do so much i just can’t even call it work.  i must say – i’m just pretty darn blessed. 
on that note…i’m hungry! 
until tomorrow…


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