spring is here!

i absolutely love spring…to me spring signifies newness and change, not to mention warm weather so i can catch some sun on this white little body of mine!  so speaking of new things…my girlfriend had her baby on thursday…little sienna entered the world wailing (rumor has it she has lungs like her daddy!) at 6lb 8oz.  what is it about a new baby that just makes you smile?  i met her on saturday and she was just the most peaceful little precious thing.  that was the most peaceful moment of my weekend because  for some reason i got it in my head that i wanted to do spring cleaning.  and, since i’m actually going to work out with my trainer today (more on that momentarily), i thought that cleaning the house from top to bottom would be a good active rest day!  ok so any one that has done spring cleaning knows that ‘rest’ isn’t exactly the word for it.  i went online to find stats on calories burned while cleaning…here’s the scoop:

dusting 85
moving furniture around 225
laundry & ironing 77
vacuuming 119
Scrubbing the floors 153
Paint a room 171
**calories burned in 30m by a 130lb person

intriguing huh?  ok so i only managed to deep clean the kitchen because my OCD kicked in and i didn’t just clean…i was up on top of the counters cleaning above the cabinets, taking everything out of the cabinets and drawers, cleaning the fridge, scrubbing the tile floors by hand, and vacuuming the entire house.  so i cleaned from 9am until 6pm with maybe a total of an hour break for lunch and a few errands.  so i figured i burned probably more calories all day than i do in a workout at the gym!  so i know what i’m doing next weekend for my active rest day: cleaning the upstairs! 

so as i said, today i’m going to workout with my trainer which i’m very excited about!  she wants to see how i do my workout and then basically go over my remaining 6 weeks until the competition.  Auughh – 6 weeks!  i scanned in last week’s pages in my fitbook and emailed them to her to analzye and structure my workout/diet.  i’m not sure what she has in store for me, but all i know was that i’m at trader joe’s on friday night and i get a text saying ‘do you like grapefruit?’ and i texted her back saying ‘of course – yay!’….i was so excited that i knew she was working on my nutrition plan.  she texted me back saying ‘don’t get too excited – that’s about all the fun you’re gonna get!’  ha ha!  so i have a feeling i’m going to have to buckle down and eat even more clean and be even more strategic with my carbs so i make sure and maintain my muscle.  so i’m headed out the door to go workout with her.  tomorrow i’ll have my week 7 pics and the 411 on what i can – or more like can’t – eat and workout plan for the next few weeks.  woo hoo! 
wish me luck!


2 Responses to “spring is here!”

  1. 03.16.09 at 6:20 am

    Guess I burned some yesterday too then..cleaning all day 😉

    Welcome, Sienna!

  2. 03.17.09 at 3:03 pm

    Wow that’s more calories than I thought you’d burn cleaning. No wonder I never do it. HAHA
    I wish you luck this week with your new nutrition plan! Having grapefruit sounds like it will be something to look forward too.
    Good luck!!

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