week 7 pics…half-way there!

ok so i really should have blogged before 9:30 at night because honestly i’m so exhausted i wanna cry.  my body is SO tired and i literally feel like i could fall asleep at my laptop, however the only reason i’m keeping my eyes open is i get one more precious (little) snack before i go to bed and you better believe i’m not missing even one little calorie!  i was so excited to blog about the changes to my workout and nutrition for the next 6 weeks…but i’m cranky and tired.  oh dear – the crankiness is starting to set in. 

only 6 full weeks of training until the competition…crazy how time flies.  so i met with my trainer yesterday afternoon and worked out with her.  holy camoly!  i usually kick my own butt – then you add her watching me so i pushed myself even harder…and then she just proceeded to push me even further.  we did my shoulder workout (my favorite!) and it was so interesting because she could tell that my rear delts are underdeveloped and part of that is that i wasn’t doing any exercises to target them!  so – she has me on the reverse pec deck and i tried to do it and with barely any weight it’s like my muscles had no clue what to do.  she got me through the first 5 and then it was so crazy – my muscles kicked in and figured out what to do and then from there i knocked out 3 sets!  she said a lot of times it’s just making that mind-muscle connection and once you wake that muscle up it figures out what to do!  so i need to work on that…and then of course my lats which she knew just from the pictures i send.  the toughest part of the workout: she had me do these hanging leg raises, which i do leg raises all the time…but instead of bending the knees and just crunching up, you keep them straight and bring them all the way up, past your waist and actually touch the bar above you!  check out this page from men’s health on yahoo…it’s the hanging pike at the bottom of the page in case you need a visual!  so i saw this exercise (we’ll refer to it as the ultimate lower ab torture) in oxygen magazine a few months back and thought ‘i can do that’!  so i went to the gym, tried it and there was no way my body was going to even come close.  so fast forward to yesterday and she decides that i need to do 10!  she spotted me on them and the first 4 i thought i was going to pass out…and same thing with the rear delts, after that my muscles kicked in and i did them!  she had to spot a bit but still – i did them!  i must say it felt rather good to do something that i really didn’t think i could…and not just the satisfaction of the physical accomplishment, but the mental satisfaction of accomplishing something that you didn’t think you could.  

so she kicked my butt at the gym and then we went and made a fantastic dinner of chicken and veggies skewers with a huge spinach and veggies salad and then these yummy little peppers for appetizers.  you take 1/4 c fat free feta and mix with 1/4 c fat free cottage cheese, then stuff little red and yellow peppers with the mixture and broil for a few minutes…mmmmm!!  perfect little healthy appetizer!  ok so here’s the kicker: we tried this new wine she found that is apparently 0 calories and made with natural sweetners…and still has 12% alcohol!!!  what?  so after she heard about it (slender wine) she ordered one of the red, white, and blush for us to try out!  we tried the red last night…and at first taste it’s a bit sweet because with a red you’re expecting more of a bold flavor. but it was actually really good…more on the sweet side, almost like you’d expect a dessert wine to taste…but honestly – impressed!  check it out online at www.slenderwine.com.  i’m excited to taste the white wine on a warm summer afternoon and see what that one is like…i’ll keep you posted.  wine with 0 calories…seriously?  i mean it’s not a bottle you’d take out for a fancy steak dinner…but it’s just pretty darn good for having around for dinner during the week! 

so yesterday might have been one of the best days i’ve had in a long time.  we just spent the afternoon/evening going over every detail of my nutrition, workout, supplements, and even the little things about getting ready for the competition.  not to mention my trainer is an absolute sweetheart and has become a good friend so we just had a fun girl’s day which was a much needed little escape for me.  so while i’d love to divulge the details of all the changes coming my way for the next 2 weeks…i’m tired and per her strict instructions – i must go to bed!!!  so please check back tomorrow for the inside scoop – it’s really interesting all the things we’re changing up for the 6 week countdown. 

and last but not least: my pics for today!  i must share my funny story because it makes me laugh just thinking about it.  ok so usually my girlfriend comes over on monday nights to take my pics and she wasn’t home.  and after the gym i’m super hungry but i wanted to take my pics before i ate…so i’m prancing around my house in my sparkly bikini stacking a box on top of a chair with 2 dvds to get the camera to the perfect height so i could take my own pics!  so after i figured out how to use my self-timer i had my own little photo shoot by myself which just was entirely too entertaining.  i dropped the camera twice, took pictures of only the lower 1/2 of my body a few times…it took some practicing but i got ’em!  so enjoy my professional pics – all because i wanted to eat and couldn’t wait!!  and after seeing these pics i’m more motivated than ever to at least get a little sun… you can’t see the muscle definition when i’m white as a ghost! 

so i’m sorry i’m a party pooper but i must go to bed.  i’m going to blog tomorrow afternoon instead of night…the way my workouts are going right now, i’m just tuckered out when i get home!  so until tomorrow….


1 Response to “week 7 pics…half-way there!”

  1. 03.17.09 at 8:23 pm

    lol – you’re too funny 😉 I can see improvement here allright! Look at your shoulders and thighs! Wow!!! (Drop the wine..the alcohol isn’t good for your body..when the body is busy getting rid of the alcohol, it has no energy left for fat burning!)

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