temporary blog hiatus

so the funny thing is that when i actually have all kinds of things to blog about, the downside is that i don’t have time to!  and then when i do have time i often stare at the screen wondering what the heck to write about.  so my apologies for my recent absence – but life has just been so busy!  so here’s the scoop…

so i had a last minute invite to go down to san diego for dinner to meet up with some really great people from the fitness industry to discuss doing business together.   so after a long 2 1/2 hour drive down to san diego we gabbed about business and all that fun stuff – which i’m so excited about by the way – and then we headed to dinner.   my girlfriend-slash-trainer came super prepared for me with the slender wine in tow so we tried out the white slender wine in the limo ride on the way to dinner.  love the white slender wine – really good actually – and while we still can’t figure out how there are zero calories, i just enjoyed it knowing that it might be the only drink i might have for the night.  so we get there and talk about torture: open tab at this amazing rooftop bar with bottle service…and i can’t drink.  boo.  however it was conveniently my cheat night (which really only means i have to stay under 500 calories) so just had mahi mahi with vegetables and had a great glass of wine with dinner (unfortunately this was real wine with 150 calories – but totally worth it!).  after dinner we were just having a great time dancing (i.e. burning calories) so my girlfriend was kind enough to ‘let’ me have a soda water with a splash of blueberry vodka – so basically just soda water.  the only downside to going out with your trainer!!  honestly though – i’m super focused and while i love to have a good time drinking just isn’t that important to me and anyone that knows me knows that i don’t have to drink to have fun…i will still be the one dancing on the tables completely sober.  i’m just saying: of all the nights to have bottle service and an open bar – yeah, i can’t drink.  probably better though – i didn’t get home until 2:30am and was exhausted waking up this morning so i can’t imagine how i would have felt if i would have partied like a rockstar!  that said – what an amazing time and it was just so wonderful to be surrounded with such great people.  some of the companies i met with to discuss working together:

www.fasttracktofatloss.com  – amazing online training program that has already been a huge success…so i want to see how we can work together on offering training to fitbook customers and vice versa!

www.staxsystem.com – innovative portion-control nutrition system that includes all these little food containers that basically make it clear how much of each food group you should be consuming…and they are stacked all neat in an insulated bag so you can take food anywhere!

both of these companies are truly successful at what they do – and i love meeting with people that are passionate about changing other people’s lives…but most importantly, i love doing business with good people so i’m excited about the next steps!  thanks kim for the connection – and chad for an awesome dinner and my scrumptious soda water!

so fast forward to 7am and i was not loving getting out of bed – but i had to get an early start on the day so i could make it to the gym and get packed for a last-minute trip to do an onsite-visit with my fitbook manufacturer.  great news: we’re producing more because our inventory is running low…how awsesome is that!?  so – i spent the day running around and getting ready to leave, but what took a good amount of time was preparing to be gone for 4 days and having to figure out how i’m going to stay on my nutrition plan while traveling!  so i was counting out all my supplements and putting them in baggies — i’m surprised i didn’t get checked by TSA because one bag was just packed full of white powder and pills!  ha ha!  then i was measuring out my protein powder, taking a little bag of oats, and then made a list of all the things i needed to buy upon arrival.  very time consuming, but i’m determined to make this work while i’m traveling.  so now i’m at my destination, which also happens to be where my family is.  i’m exhausted and have no clue why i’m up bloggin at 12:30am (which happens to be 1:30am here!) – but i just felt the need to let my little voice be heard on my blog again.  i truly miss it when i’m gone.  so we’ll see how this traveling and being on this strict program works.  my family is super supportive though which makes it nice.  it works nicely that i have sunday and wednesdays as off days so i only have to be in the gym 2 days while i’m here.  the challenge: getting enough sleep, which obviously i’m already doing pretty horribly at…but tomorrow is sunday so i can sleep in.  my active rest for the day?  shopping with mom!  🙂


1 Response to “temporary blog hiatus”

  1. 1 LaNi
    03.23.09 at 12:40 am

    Sounded like an exciting night in SD. Say Hi to your parents. Get some rest girlie!

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