competition snooping + weekend off!

so yesterday was just an amazing day…  i went up to spend the day with my girlfriend and go scope out the NPC competition in culver city!  so first things first – i’m happy to announce that i have my competition bikini finally and i’m SO excited!  i tried it on for her and it fits perfect…i would tell all about it but it’s a suprise!  all i can say is when i tried it on and the light hit me i looked like a disco ball it was so sparkly!  very very very exciting for me.  now all i need are my stripper shoes (ha ha!)…yes you have to wear these clear plastic shoes that apparently you can only get on hollywood boulevard.  so that’s my next trip up to LA.

anyway, so en route to the competition in culver city we swung by whole foods and loaded up on the biggest and best salads for lunch which we grubbed on during our snooping session.  i’m SO glad that we went.  the whole idea behind going was to decide whether i should do the figure or the bikini division, which is new to NPC.  we really had no idea what the difference was between the 2 before going – and even after watching the 2 divisions it was still a bit of a mystery.  both divisions basically paraded out and posed the same…so that wasn’t different, which for bikini i was expecting some runway showdown or something…but no such luck.  the only difference we saw was that in bikini some (but not all) of the girls wore bikinis…like you’re wear to the beach – but then some wore the sparky ones like figure!  the girls in figure were more muscular and seemed to be leaner – but then between both divisions there was variation.  so after we watched i actually went up and talked to a few of the judges – and i’m glad i did.  my trainer’s perspective was that i could enter bikini and easily do well – but we wanted to talk to the judges to see what they’re looking for.  basically in figure they’re looking for the v-taper, muscle definition, and symmetry (and sparkly bikinis!) and in the bikini division they are actually looking for more of a volumptuous figure with fuller hips and chest and they want to see a normal bikini (not the competition suits).  in order to do bikini i’d have to ease up on my diet a lot and basically get ‘softer’ than i am now – no defined abs or muscles and a fuller chest (yeah which i do not have right now at 12% body fat!).  um…no.  i have not worked THIS hard to go backwards.  i’d rather work my butt off and take last place in figure than soften up and take first in bikini.  besides – i love the challenge!   again – super happy i talked to the judges.  they’re thought was that if i want to get my pro-card to do bikini because it’s a new division and fairly easy to win right now…but the pro card isn’t important to me.  of course anything i do  – i want to do well and i’m always in it to win it – but i don’t want to step down to win.  i’d rather challenge myself to achieve tougher goals and do my best, even if that means i don’t ‘win’.  so figure it is! 

after going to the show, my trainer was just telling me that she’s happy with my progress and where i’m at.  i told her about my stressful day the other day and her response to it: take the weekend off.  what??  yeah.  how many times will you ever hear that from a trainer?  she said my body is just telling me what it needs (fat!) which is why i devoured the almond butter.  i also told her my body is really really tired from training, so she told me to just take the weekend off from the gym, be active – but not go to the gym, and then take the weekend off from my diet.  she reiterated she didn’t want me going to eat a cheeseburger or anything (i don’t really eat like that anyway!…but i got her drift)…but that i needed a bit of a mental and physical break and given where she felt i am right now for being 4 weeks out, she said i could benefit from some time off.  yay!  so i felt like a kid that just got told they could go break all the rules…i didn’t even know how!  after the show we went to penguin’s in hermosa beach and got this amazing sugar free, fat free frozen yogurt that was ridiculously good.  doesn’t sound like much of a cheat to anyone else probably but i can’t have that right now so i ordered a medium (whatever with a small!) and enjoyed all 90 calories.  only 90 calories but seriously was so good it could have been 300 and i wouldn’t have known the difference!  we went and enjoyed our frozen yogurt overlooking the ocean…..ahh…what a life!

so after heading home i tried to decide how i was going to take advantage of my new found freedom for 2 days…but again, i felt like a kid that was now allowed to be bad and i didn’t know what to do with myself.  i figured it out though!  i went home and had an apple with almond butter and there was only about 1/8 of the jar left so i proceeded to just polish it off, thinking that it was probably just best to finish it than have it in the house for the next 4 weeks in case of emergency.  yeah – that was my logic instead of just admitting no self-control.  then for dinner, my big ‘cheat’ was having pasta sauce on my ground turkey and vegetables….so good.  isn’t that sad?  but the thing is – i have nothing in my house to ‘cheat’ on…especially after i raided the almond butter!  oh – and then in my protein pudding that night i slipped in some jello mix and heated it up…it’s like a warm chocolate souffle!  so good!  i have to share: take 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, add 2 tablespoons psyllium husks, 1 tablespoon chocolate sugar free pudding mix (i usually can’t have this but it was my cheat day) and add 1/4 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk.  mix and then microwave for 45s…amazing! 

so today i even thought about going to the gym…i just couldn’t fathom taking 2 days off in a row!   i can’t remember the last time i took 2 days off.  sad.  but i decided that my body might benefit from the rest and i decided to continue my spring cleaning extravaganza and tackled cleaning the inside and out of my bathroom cabinets and floors…which took 3 hours!  so i think i definitely got some good active rest in!  but for my ‘cheat’ today i enjoyed my protein pancakes with strawberries and added in my sugar free syrup which has been banned from me for the past few weeks…love my syrup!  the only bad part of the day – i got caught up cleaning and didn’t eat lunch until 2:30 which is bad….bad bad bad for my metabolism…and oh yeah, completely skipped my water intake for the day apparently!  oh well – guess a cheat day that consists of just not drinking all my water is better than downing a burger and fries.  lunch was just a typical lunch…but for dinner i must say i enjoyed the yummiest steak salad (with feta cheese crumbles!) and a glass of a super tuscan that was super good.  didn’t even touch the bread basket – doesn’t really appeal to me anymore.  and then…on my way i home i accidentally detoured to golden spoon.  i figure that i deserve my golden spoon while i veg out tonight and enjoy the last of my ‘cheat’ weekend.  i’m actually impressed with myself.  i had the opportunity to eat anything i want and i just didn’t even feel like it.  it’s amazing actually!  so that’s my weekend.  i truly feel mentally and physically refreshed now and ready to hit the gym and the diet hard core tomorrow.  as of tomorrow: 4 weeks out!  be watching for photos (which may or may not look good after my weekend off!)


2 Responses to “competition snooping + weekend off!”

  1. 03.30.09 at 7:17 pm

    What a blast! Good for you! (..and for the almondbutter, I can’t keep any nutbutter in my house, It’s more tempting than chocolate!)

    “…i’d rather work my butt off and take last place in figure than soften up and take first in bikini…”
    I totally agree! You have worked so hard, and you’re almost there!

  2. 03.31.09 at 1:50 pm

    Sounds like you had a very enjoyable 2 days! I LOVE having days off. It’s something to look forward to that’s for sure.
    Sounds like the competition snooping really paid off. Glad you’ve decided to do the figure bit. You’ve worked so hard it would be a shame to take a step back. Whatever happens in the figure comp. at least you know you’ve worked your butt off (literally!) for it.

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