week 9 pics…4 weeks out!

here i am…4 weeks away from the competition!  i wanna show my back pictures just to show how my back muscles are coming in…but not yet.  i’m shy!  i learned how to tie my bikini right (it crosses in the back) and it gives a whole new meaning to the term flossing, let me tell ya!  then i had a slight panic attack because i couldn’t get the darn knot out on the side and i was afraid i’d be sleeping in my sparkly bikini.  speaking of which – i LOVE my competition bikini but i think i shall keep it my little secret until the competition…but i will tell you it’s pinkish purple and all sparkly (of course)!  love it!

so my trainer’s really happy with my progress which makes me happy, but i must say she’s a bit evil.  so post-blogging last night i had this panic like ‘oh – i can cheat…i better make it worthwhile’ so i had my golden spoon…not a big deal.  then, hmmm….maybe just a little bag of my 100 calorie popcorn….and then a handful of almonds.  i was mad at myself for polishing off what was left of the almond butter earlier in the day.  my thought process was to just finish it so it wasn’t there to haunt me for the next 4 weeks!  ha ha!   but the worst part: i had nothing good in my house to cheat on…and  i guess that’s a good thing, but not when you are allowed to savor something yummy for the next 4 weeks!  that said, i felt like complete crap and emailed my trainer before bed.  she apparently found it amusing and knew exactly what i’d do…human nature i guess…she said she would’ve been impressed if my entire cheat was just my steak salad and glass of wine, but she knew that my mind would get the best of me!  actually – she’s brilliant because the result: 1) i have no desire to cheat whatsoever because of how crappy it made me feel and 2) i hit the gym like a maniac today!  that 2 days off really re-energized my body and i’m back at it with a vengeance!  all in all it’s very psychological as far as the food goes, but physically and mentally the whole ‘off’ weekend was exactly what i needed to keep me on track for the next 4 weeks.

speaking of which – after going to the competition and seeing what tweaks we need to make with my body, she made some changes to our little strategy because she’s concerned that there’s going to be nothing left of me in 4 weeks.  so yay for me – more calories!!!  she brought me back up to between 1300-1400 on most days and 1500 on my leg day.  breakfasts stay the same…egg whites + oatmeal…oatmeal + egg whites…super exciting.  then she wants my morning snack to be a protein shake (trying to cut out more dairy), then lunch is vegetables and protein only (no carbs) – but then she wants me to have carbs right before and after my workout.  so that would mean 1/2c quinoa, sweet potato, oatmeal or brown rice combined with a protein about an hour before my workout and then right after.  the best proteins in order of what would be the best choices would be 1) fish (mmm…fish and oatmeal…disgusting!), 2) chicken/turkey/egg whites, 3) protein shake, or 4) dairy.  i’ll think of some interesting combos i’m sure – it has to taste good!  then dinner stays the same – veggies + protein (more emphasis on fish now!) and then my nightly meal is my beloved protein pudding.  very minor tweaks – but i’m really happy i get more calories!!

so in case you’re curious, check out the pics from the competition we went to this past weekend…just to get an idea of what it’s all about.  the trick: i’m a bit too lean for bikini and not quite muscular enough for figure.  but after looking through the photos and talking it over with my trainer – we’re for sure settled on doing figure.   i’ll probably be in division b (based on height) in figure…in bikini there are only 2 divisions and i’d be in the shorty class!

figure competitor pics
bikini competitor pics

interesting huh?  hard to believe that will be me struttin’ around up there in only 4 short weeks!  so…off to bed i go.  must rest my little body so i can hit the gym hard again tomorrow!

1 Response to “week 9 pics…4 weeks out!”

  1. 03.31.09 at 8:51 pm

    You are so defined and good looking now! Wow – this is some journey! Figure seems the way to go, can’t wait to see the “magic bikini” 🙂

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