inspired + blessed

so today i had the opportunity to speak at an event at chaffey college in rancho cucamonga (a long haul from me!) for part of their ‘running a small business’ series.  i actually spoke at the same event last year and they asked me to come back – which i gladly offered to do because (surprise, surprise) i love to talk!  actually – more than that, i loved the opportunity i had to talk to young people that have that sparkle in their eye like i always did (and still do) when you can see their passion and drive to make something of their life.  what i realized today was just how blessed i’ve been.  when i spoke at this event last year, i had just launched fitlosophy but hadn’t even gone to production or anything on the fitbook, and i mainly spoke about my experience with manzana creative, my marketing company.  i shared my inner desire to be an entrepreneur that i’ve had since i was old enough to even pronounce the word ‘entrepreneur’…and just talked about my experience leading up to taking that leap to start my own business.  even last year i was so inspired by the students and their quest for knowledge.  but i could also very much relate to them.  i remember being in college really not that long ago watching someone speak about starting their own business and i SO wanted that to be me.  so fast forward to this year and it just made me stop and think how blessed i’ve been.  not only is manzana creative quite the little thriving company that has been my bread and butter for the past 3 years…but the little company fitlosophy that i started just over a year ago is well underway and doing so well!  not to say there aren’t tough days – it’s definitely hard work and long hours – but what i realized today is that i’m so lucky that i get to wake up everyday and work on something that i’m so passionate about that i literally don’t consider it work.  that is what so many people spend their lives looking for – and i did for so long – so to step back and realize that i have that, well it just makes me smile.

what i realize everytime i do something like this event today, or when i volunteer to do something for others…is more often than not, it’s more inspiring and good for the soul of the person giving of themselves than even the lives that they’re touching.  i don’t do it for that reason – but it makes me step back and realize not only how far i’ve come, but that we have the opportunity (and i feel, the obligation) to share our experiences to enhance the lives of those around us.  now – i just spoke for a small group and didn’t find a cure of any major disease – i know that.  but if, just if, one thing i said can spark the fire in someone to live the life they’ve truly imagined, then it was all worth it.  and if not – well then, just the realization for me of how blessed i am is enough for me.  which leads me to my favorite quote of all time…

“go confidently in the direction of your dreams – live the life you’ve imagined.”
~henry david thoreau


1 Response to “inspired + blessed”

  1. 04.02.09 at 4:13 pm

    That sounds like a great experience for both parties involved Angela.
    There’s a quote I remember hearing as a kid, “It’s better to give than to receive”
    I think the reward you’re talking about is from the giving of yourself to something you feel passionate about. You may not remember the people’s lives that you touched while speaking, but they will always remember you.

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