my oops weekend

yeah so…one word can sum up my weekend as far as my eating and workouts: crap.  not so good at all.  i’m even ashamed to blog that i had a bummer of a weekend, but i suppose it’s not really real if only give the flowery side of this whole process and one thing i always am is honest.  i guess in the whole scheme of things it wasn’t all that bad – but mentally and emotionally i just had a ton going on.  those are the times i tend to struggle – like most people. 

friday was great actually…i had a charity event to go to that night in LA so i hit the gym early, did a bit extra cardio and then my eating was awesome…i enjoyed a little sushi picnic on the car ride up to LA because i knew the food they were going to serve wasn’t going to even be a possibility for me.  i tried spicy ahi tuna and this poke bowl with brown rice and ahi tuna…raw!  that’s a big deal for me – i don’t do raw!  i must say it was my first time eating sushi in the car and happily made it to the event with only one splash of soy sauce on me!  the event was amazing – fundraiser for the leaukemia lymphoma society with a live and silent auction.  fitlosophy donated a set of fitbooks with a personal training package from kim lyons and 2 of her signed books and we happily raised $575 for LLS!!  it was just inspiring to be around such positive people coming together for a good cause…

so saturday i just woke up in an utter funk…that’s the only way to describe it.  i’m sure it was a combination of lack of sleep and i know that since i’m dieting down my moods are going to fluctuate fairly drastically.  but ugh – i’m a pretty happy person about 95% of the time and i just couldn’t snap out of it.  i got to the gym about 2 hours later than i wanted, moped around and was NOT wanting to be there.  so i finished my partial-effort tricep workout and just decided to go home!  what?  i’ve NEVER done that.  anytime i get to the gym – i’m in it.  i just did not want to be there at all so i skipped my lunges and stepmill and just left.  i was so dissapointed in myself but at the same time i just wanted to get out of there.  so i went home and engulfed myself in cleaning which seems to be a stress reliever for me.  not exactly as good of a workout as cardio but i give myself credit for at least not going home and pulling the shades and sleeping all day!  the stress of the day led to me eating more than i was supposed to – and given that i don’t even have any food to cheat on – it was just me eating bigger portions than i should.  not to mention getting absolutely no sleep all weekend which is wreaking havoc on my little body and apparently i only decide to drink about 1/2 my water on the weekends.  the lack of structure on the weekends throws me off a bit i think!   so for my cheat on saturday i decided to go get golden spoon, which even though it’s low in fat and fairly low in calories – it’s got sugar in it…which i’m fine with on my cheat day!  so i enjoy that while watching mickey blue eyes…then around 11pm i get an itch to start listing things on ebay that i’ve been wanting to sell and around 1am i’m laughing to myself as i’m wandering around my house looking for things to sell!  i think i was partly delirious…no – i know i was.  anyhow, i managed to creep to the kitchen and make myself a bag of popcorn (yes it’s only a 100 calorie pack – but still, not supposed to do popcorn at 1am!) and then i happened onto a box of junior mints that were happily tucked in my cabinet and didn’t ever tempt me before…but attacked me last night! 

so apparently i was enjoying myself as though i was at a movie, listing my things on ebay and munching on my popcorn and junior mints!!!  did i mention i’m THREE weeks out from wearing a teeny tiny bikini on stage?  apparently that’s not motivation enough.  i finally meandered to bed around 3:30am (again – not sleeping at all which is bad!).  ok so here’s the wierd part…i go to change into my pajamas and notice that my veins are extremely enlarged – like popping out like crazy.  i freaked out….even thought of calling the doctor.  yeah – so i talked to my trainer today and apparently my body has had hardly any sugar at all for the past 9 weeks so when it got a rush of sugar from my golden spoon and junior mints, my veins just popped like crazy.  she actually said it’s a good thing – it means my body is reacting the way it should when it’s depleted of carbs…not that it’s a good thing i ravaged the junior mints, but good to know that my body is on track.  that said – she said it’s fairly normal what i’m going through…the last 3 weeks will be even tougher so i’m going to just wipe the slate clean.  i’ve eaten very light all day today just to feel better…do you know how crappy it makes you feel to put that junk in your body after you’ve eaten so clean for so long?  yuk.  so today it’s not even hard to be back on track – i like the way i feel much better when i’m on my program!  so there you have it…my crappy oops weekend.  my diet is going to get tweaked again tomorrow as i only have THREE (3!) weeks until the comptetition.  i can do this…focus!  the mental part is the hardest part – it’s challenging me in ways i didn’t think i would be challenged.  i just have to remember that i’ve got to be strong and focused on my goal and not let little diversions distract me.  so – stay tuned for pics tomorrow…let’s hope you can’t see the ramifications of my night o’ noshing!


1 Response to “my oops weekend”

  1. 1 LaNi
    04.07.09 at 8:53 pm

    So you are human 🙂 Still impressed with what you are doing. Actually your oops weekend took some pressure off b/c I could relate since I have oops moments daily. I was starting to think who is this machine? Nice to know chocoholic Ang is still under that hard body.

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