oh dear heavens…i’m exhausted

i can’t even believe i’m blogging…i’m that tired.  but i just had to write – even if it was just a few sentences – to garner pity from anyone that will listen/read!  through this whole process the eating has been the toughest challenge.  even though the workouts are tough…i’m used to working out hard so it wasn’t a big deal. until today. holy camoly…i can’t even describe how exhausted my poor little body is.  my body is totally used to having wednesdays off…and by switching my leg day (which is the hardest workout by the way) to wednesday…it threw my body for a loop and just drop kicked it off any plateau i may have hit.  so i did my 45m leg workout – squats (with 45#’s on each side…thanks to a spot from my girlfriend!)…leg extensions…lying leg curls…deadlifts…and a nice little session with my favorite smith machine just to polish off anything i had left in my legs…and then abs.  i was already dead before i started cardio and then i get on the stepmill for a grueling hour, only to find out that the audio book that i thought i had put on my ipod didn’t upload and i only had 1/2 of my shape magazine left to read.  so 23m in i had nothing to do but stare at the timer SLOWLY count  down.  i did however have my blackberry which i now keep with me during cardio to check email and text (but not talk on the phone – huge pet peeve of mine by the way!!) so i just proceeded to have a text battle with my trainer letting her know how i was dying.  i couldn’t even muster the energy to text back anything remotely smart alleck for the last 15m because i thought i was going to pass out!  i tried going sideways and backwards to add in a little variety…almost fell off a few times…it must be enertaining to watch.  honestly i didn’t care about anything but just finishing and by the time i was done i seriously collapsed. ugh!!  i know it sounds like i’m a big baby – and i am being a baby right now because i can – but i’ve NEVER been that exhausted after a workout! 

so i came home, made my fish, broccoli, and random other veggies…and now it’s about 10 so i’m going to enjoy my protein pudding, veg on the couch and finish watching america’s next top model – my one guilty pleasure of the week that i definitely earned tonight – and then go to bed.  i don’t think i’ll have a problem falling asleep tonight.  this is honestly the first day where i questioned what the heck i’m doing….and the crabbiness?  definitely setting in…just ask my poor mom!?  ha ha…love you mom! 

no rest for the weary…tomorrow is cardio only – but still i’d rather lift weights for 2 hours than do cardio for 1!  oh well – it will be a short day at the gym so i’m grateful for that.  i just realized that 6 hours of my life will be on the stepmill and treadmill for the entire week…and 12 hours in the gym!  heavens…that’s just insane.  i must stay focused and remember that i can do ANYTHING for 2 weeks…focus!
i’m too tired to focus right now…i’m just gonna go to sleep…


1 Response to “oh dear heavens…i’m exhausted”

  1. 04.09.09 at 11:54 am

    I guess you’ll know the answer when the day comes that you are up on the stage, in your sparkling bikini, feeling like a mill.$! And remember, you don’t have to do this ever again – but just keep holding on for a bit longer – you’re sooo close to your goal now!!!

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