ahh…workout on the beach!

so today was just fabulous!  i went up to hermosa to meet up with my trainer…we got a little work done…but mostly just fun.  frankly, i didn’t care!  i’ve been running around like crazy between work and the gym and all the other things life throws my way – and it was nice to just not worry about anything but the moment.  it was fairly hilarious – us two tooling around the south bay going from stripper store to costume store to adult store looking for the shoes for this competition!  so funny!  so we finally find some (name of store: pleasure island!  ha ha!) and these suckers were seriously 3″ platforms and a 5″ heel – and they were the lowest ones they had.  i mean they were cute but we just had a feeling that the shoes they used to wear in the figure competitions aren’t what they’re wearing now.  when we went to the competition a few weeks ago one of the judges mentioned not wearing platforms…so we held off on buying them and went back to look at photos of the competitions.  good thing i didn’t buy them – i would’ve looked like i was coming straight off hollywood blvd!  yeah so they do wear the clear lucite heels still but NO platform…just 4″ heels.  so a morning running around without scoring any shoes – but plenty of laughs to remember as you can imagine. 

so then after a bit of work and downing our protein shakes we headed to the beach where i was interested to see how i was going to get a bicep workout!  i did!  we came fully prepared with a bag of resistance bands, kettle balls, cones – you name it.  it was gorgeous out which made the workout enjoyable despite the physical torture.  so for 40m we did circuits between various types of resistance band curls all circuited with suicide sprints, lunges, kettleball squats…all in the sand…yeah, ouch.  but i seriously couldn’t complain given the ocean breeze and the view – it was gorgeous!  so after 40m of that we went for a 3mile jog along the shore between piers…we seriously looked like baywatch in our little sports bras, it was quite funny.  running in the sand is just killer on the legs…barefoot too, so your entire lower body gets a workout.  all i know is it beat an hour on the treadmill or stepmill any day.  it was just so nice to get out in the fresh air and not think about a care in the world.  so after our workout we went and grubbed on the largest plate of broccoli i’ve ever seen (yes – i’m craving broccoli just thinking about it!) and shrimp dipped in this amazing miso dijoinnaise salad dressing (brand: galeo’s) from whole foods  that is to die for (and i can actually have!) – only 19 cal per 2 tablespoons.  not sure if i was just that hungry but that lunch hit the spot like no other! 

after that: posing practice!  hilarious – that’s all i can say.  she wants to chop my hands off because when i pose i have these little claw-like hands that distract from my overall pose!  ha ha!  i was laughing so hard the whole time.  i’m learning to do the little walk onto the stage, hit my poses, do my quarter turns, and of course my cute little wave and smile at the end!  i was nervous at first by by the end i think i was getting it.  my body is SO sore from posing just for a half-hour…flexing every muscle and learning how to pose to show off the muscle definition.  so my homework for the next 2 weeks: put on my sparkly bikini and shoes every night and practice my posing!  hopefully i get the hands down so i don’t look like a wierdo.  i’m getting nervous now – especially knowing my friends will be there…auughhh!  i just hope i don’t trip or something super embarassing like that. 

after she saw me workout this week she reiterated that my workouts and eating stay the same as last week (5 days lifting, 6 days cardio) but saturday is exactly 7 days out from the competition so it all changes.  suprisingly, it gets easier the week before but she’s going to give me the details this week.  all i know is i heard something about a glass of wine and steak the night before the competition to fill out my muscles – i didn’t really hear anything past that i’m so excited!  so stay tuned for the much-anticipated final changes for 1 week out!  for now: i’m staying as focused as possible, getting my rest, drinking my water – and practicing my posing.  i can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks away….

the best part of today: i had a little bit of time tonight to relax instead of getting home from the gym at 7pm!  however i did go for a half-hour jog to get my full-hour of cardio in for the day.  it was relaxing and after an hour on the stepmill i can pretty much endure anything now.  so by 7pm i was done working out and happily ate my ahi tuna and brussel sprouts…and now – hot tea for me and bed!


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