ultimate protein powder review!

given that i have now consumed at least 2-3 servings of protein powder each day for the last 11 weeks, i consider myself an expert in this area.  when you consume that much you basically try anything to keep it interesting: frozen, smoothie, pudding, and of course just water in a shaker…you name it, i’ve tried it!  so because i couldn’t find any reviews online of the flavors and types out there, i’ve kept little notes so i can share my thoughts.  of course this is just my opinion – but it might be helpful when determining which 2lb container of protein powder to buy…that’s a commitment!  i’ve included nifty little links for you in case you wanna try any of the ones i recommend!

first off – i tried the optimimum nutrition 100%  whey variety pack which has 16 flavors so i could try them all!  here’s a run down on what i thought of each one – and i tried all of them the same way (just added water in a shaker)…that way i could taste the protein powder!

double rich chocolate: so this is my all-time favorite of this whole variety pack which i bought a 5lb-er of even before i finished the taste test.  this was my go-to for almost the entire first 8 weeks!  by far the best chocolate-variety of the whole 16-pack!
extreme milk chocolate: i was confused as to why so many versions of chocolate in the variety pack – but surprisingly there’s a difference.  this one is not as rich of chocolate, but that just makes it sweet…super sweet. not a fan really at all -like the double rich!  which probably makes sense – i’m a dark chocolate girl – not milk chocolate.
chocolate malt: basically just the chocolate flavor with a wierd wang to it…odd aftertaste…not a big fan.
banana cream: ok so i may be a bit biased here because i don’t like banana-flavor-anything…love bananas…hate artificial banana flavoring.  this was honestly too sweet for me – could be good used in smoothies but not just as straight protein powder.
cookies and cream: actually kinda liked this one! little specks ‘o cookie and creamy without being too sweet…definitely would buy more of this one.
french vanilla: super yummy vanilla-ey flavor that’s creamy and good…not too sweet. perfect for an everyday vanilla protein!
vanilla ice cream: don’t get confused between this one and french vanilla…like i did!  this one has a wierd after taste and i don’t like it really at all except to make shakes with fruit in it…but i only do that because i accidentally bought a 2lb-er of this instead of french vanilla!
orange cream: weird twang…if only it tasted as good as it smells…like orange julius! probably would be good for making smoothies though with fruit…mmm.
root beer float: ok so this one sounds weird but is amazingly good! it’s even a bit frothy like a real root beer float when you shake it in the shaker.  it’s really good just straight with water so i’m sure it would be amazing if you added some ice and maybe a little vanilla frozen yogurt!
tropical punch: yuk. could be good to use with fruit blended, but just as a straight protein shake it’s rather gross and super sweet!
strawberry banana: first of all i couldn’t even really taste any banana, but even for a strawberry it was really wierd. i read a few reviews online from people that liked it but i thought it had an odd twang to it – didn’t like it at all. 
rocky road: one word – SWEET!  not sweet as in good – sweet as in too sugary and *blech*!  it was hard to down after my workout it was so sweet!
mocha cappuccino: another sweet one!  i’m bummed too because i thought i’d love it so i bought a 1-lb container of it.  i’m a coffee lover so thought i’d love it.  with straight water it’s super sweet – however i did toy with it (since i do have 1 lb of it!) and found that using it to make protein pudding is really good…and use coffee as the liquid to mix into it instead of water or almond milk.  really good – plus a kick of caffein pre-workout!
delicious strawberry: another sweet one – not horribly sweet, but i just don’t seem to like any of the fruity varieties at all.  better than strawberry banana in my opinion though.  perfect for blending with fruit and ice!
chocolate mint: really super yummy actually – minty fresh!  i was surprised by this one – wasn’t sure what to think of chocolate mint as a protein shake, but the chocolate was rich with a fresh mint flavor.
caramel toffee fudge: this one smells amazing – and i was happy to find that it tastes as good as it smells!  of all the flavors i expected this one to be one of the sweeter ones…not at all!  definitely would buy this one in a bigger size.

so of the entire optimum nutrition variety pack, my favorite is still the double rich chocolate!  (click on this handy link if you want to check it out at amazon).  so my next tasting endeavor was trying the bsn syntha-6 chocolate peanut butter whey protein.  i would say the quality of this protein is a bit higher but i was bummed to see that it had 200 calories per scoop and only 22g of protein whereas the optimum nutrition had only 120 calories per scoop and 26g protein.  that said – the bsn is super high quality, the flavor is amazing, and mixing 1 scoop of the chocolate peanut butter protein with 1/4 cup chocolate almond milk and microwaving to make protein pudding…incredible! 

so lastly, i wanted to share a new protein that is not quite as widely distributed on sites such as  amazon or bodybuilding.com – but it will be soon beause it’s the best protein powder i’ve ever tried!  and i’ve tried a lot!  it’s called protein freeze from this online training site called fasttracktofatloss.com.  kim lyons just happens to be behind this online training program, which is how i heard of it!  anyway – the protein freeze is incredible….  the idea behind is it is to literally use this protein powder to make ice cream…but there are recipes for all kinds of yummy stuff.  in my experiment i obviously tried it with just straight water in a shaker, to be fair, and this was the best flavor and consistency of any protein shake i’ve tried.  then another way i tried it was blended in the blender with ice which made it yummy and frozen like a frappucino.  finally, my favorite, i took a scoop of the protein freeze, added 1/4 c chocolate almond milk, mixed thoroughly and then microwaved for 25s.  take it out and stir it…then microwave another 20s and it forms this super yummy brownie-like yummy goodness around the edges with a still gooey inside like a souffle!  the best part is one scoop is only 130 calories but has 22 g of protein per serving.  SOOOOO good!

so there you have it – my complete protein powder review which i hope is helpful to someone when making a decision amongst all the hundreds of proteins out there.  i’m sure i’ll have more to taste and update  you – but this is my honest feedback because i know the frustration of wanting to get the bigger size carton to save money – but not wanting 5 lbs of a gross protein flavor sitting around!  comment and give me your 2 cents on your favorite protein powders!  now off to bed – 8 hours until i wake up tomorrow to 6 days of complete and utter focus.  i’ll give you the 411 on my diet and workout tweaks tomorrow – stay tuned…but i’m literally trying to keep my eyes open now so i shall write more tomorrow.  did i mention: 6 days left!!!!


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  1. 04.19.09 at 10:54 am

    6 days left..amazing how time flyes..or? Bet you’re a bit excited now 😉
    THANKS for sharing all about the Prot. powder!!!

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