final countdown: tweaks for the week!

one week out! actually – just 5 days until the competition! oh dear. the past 11 weeks have flown by and i’ve been so focused on my eating and workouts that i actually forgot that i have to go up on stage in front of people in a tiny bikini! no worries right? i mean just a small congregation of my closest friends and family will be there – no pressure in that! this is going to be interesting…at the very least it will be an experience i’ll never forget. i have to keep reminding myself that i’ve worked hard for this and to enjoy it…i’m just nervous. no one believes me when i say this – but i am shy at things like this. a glass of wine before i go on stage would really be nice….of course then i might fall off my 5″ stilleto heels (which i got on saturday by the way!).

now that i’ve got only a few days to go i’ve started stressing about the details and literally spent the whole weekend running around getting everything ready. aside from my nutrition and my diets, i have a whole drill of things i have to do each day just to get ready. i have to exfoliate my entire body with a scrub everyday and moisturize with lotion 3-4 times per day…this is so the paint/tan goes on evenly i guess. then i’ve been going to the tanning bed the past week and will keep going through thursday so i have a base tan before we paint me all up. then – i have to shave my entire body – even my arms!!! ok so i’m from colorado where girls don’t do that…we happily have a little peach fuzz. in california it’s totally common but it seriously takes all the effort i have just to shave my legs, let alone the rest of my body! but i guess i have to do this so the tan goes on smoothly…my trainer promises my little peach fuzz will grow back and not be stubbly after awhile! then i have to get my nails and toes done and get my first layer of paint done on thursday. have i mentioned how i don’t want to be painted?? it’s paint – not self-tanner, paint. so paint thursday, paint again friday a few times, and a final coat on saturday morning. i’m just hoping i’m pretty glowey bronze, not orange! i warned my mom that the pics we take while she’s out here may not be ones she’s going to want to frame unless she wants her picture taken with someone that may not resemble her daughter! ha ha! so that’s my little run down on prepping my body…just that and then posing every night to make sure i can flex the right muscles at the right time, do my little quarter-turns without tripping, and of course working on my hands which apparently need work (according to my trainer!).

so here’s the scoop on the workouts for the next week: basically total body workout every day plus cardio. i actually started the new workout on saturday and it’s amazing how it’s shocking my body. since i’ve been doing heavy weight and low reps on one body part per workout i thought it would be easy to go high rep, low weight…but it was surprisingly tough. it’s a circuit workout so i do one exercise per body part (except chest) and i do 4 sets of 15-20 per set and do either abs or pushups in between each set so i keep moving the whole time but at a low intensity. so i do all 4 sets of one exercise, then move onto the next. it took me 45m to finish: back, biceps, shoulders, triceps, quads, hamstrings, and calves! then just 30m (oh thank heavens!) cardio at a low intensity. so i will do this workout monday, tuesday, thursday and friday and i’ll just do an hour of light cardio and abs on wednesday. saturday – no workout…competition day!

and the nutrition – ah the nutrition. my diet is super duper strict for the next week but basically the idea is that i’m drinking a TON of water…(2 gallons sunday thru tuesday and 1.5 gallons wednesday and thursday) and consuming more sodium. then on thursday i go super low sodium and high potassium and take away all water on friday and saturday. from what i understand this basically flushes all the water out of my cells and then we add in high sugar to puff up my muscles! enter: wine and sorbet friday night!!! i also add in a few more supplements: vitamin b6, potassium, and dandelion root tea (diuretic)…not sure as to the science behind it but i’m doing as i’m told! so in case you’re intrigued i’ll be blogging everyday this week with my diet and a countdown to the big day.

one last thing: if anyone has any questions or anything on this whole process feel free to comment on my blog! the physical part is just one aspect of this…the diet and the workout. the mental is a whole other issue. the past few weeks have been the toughest for me which is why my blogging has probably dropped off. it’s easy to blog when everything is going well…it’s hard when i’ve had a tough day. but it’s important that people know how tough this is. everyone thinks i’m doing such an amazing job – but that’s because that’s all i let them see. trust me – i’ve had days where i struggled like crazy and had days where i just didn’t want to go to the gym at all. it’s hard for me to admit because i’m doing this and i’ve been very open about the process. but part of me sharing this journey is to share all of it – not just the good days. i’ve got one week to go and i guarantee this week will be hard….i’m just trying to stay focused. mentally i’ve been completely off…scatter-brained, emotional, forgetful, cranky…you name it! so my trainer was right about that…so right! i guess that i’m proud of myself though because when i went into this i thought it was cut-and-dry…you eat this, you workout, you compete. but you completely forget how much your mind plays into everything we do on a daily basis and prepping for this has been a complete and utter mental challenge for me…more so than the physical. but it’s been worth it because i’ve learned so much about myself and just how strong i am. that doesn’t mean i don’t have rough days – but i work through it and that’s what matters. now i’m just going to get through the next week, enjoy the competition and have fun celebrating with my friends with a big glass of wine (or 2!). so off to make my dinner and continue downing my water. i’ve got one more liter to go for the day to hit my 2 gallons….ugh.
one week out pics tomorrow…will she post the back pics? stay-tuned!…


1 Response to “final countdown: tweaks for the week!”

  1. 04.20.09 at 12:48 pm

    ..so, I’ve felt free commenting all the way, and really enjoyed reading! You are so honest and straight forward in all you write, and I’m glad that you decided to blog!I can read between the lines that this has been thougher than you might expected – and I believe you! I also appriciate that you’ve shared both the easy days and the hard ones…and all the other stuff you shared! I do wish you soooo much luck in the contest, and I hope you’ll have tons of fun! (Wish I could be there, but I’m stuck in Europe 😉

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