week 12 pics….my sparkly pink bikini!

today has just flown by and in an effort to make sure i have time to blog, i am doing what i do best: multi-tasking. that’s right – i’m writing my blog on my blackberry from the stepmill. why, you might ask has this day gone by so fast? well aside from it being monday which is always nuts, i slept until 8 to make sure i got my 8 hours sleep…i’m committed to bed at 10 all week this week but couldn’t wind down last night! so after a late start, i enjoyed my breakfast of oatmeal made with almond milk and my protein shake….and the got to work! using my new little flip top smartwater water bottle that i got this weekend i figured out i need to get 10 of those down to reach my 2 gallons. this little guy makes it SO much easier!! where has this been the last 11 weeks? i guess it’s because you squeze it – who knows, but I had my first gallon down by 2PM and i only have 3 to go as of 7PM so i figure i’ll just need to have one before I leave the gym, one with dinner and one before bed! so after working awhile i took my 5-egg-white-and-coffee break and then hopped in the shower to shave, exfoliate, moisturize…repeat…yeah – an hour in the shower!!!  by then it was time for lunch! i had my 4oz of chicken and veggies with chicken broth (sodium!) and back to work.  before I knew it i had to eat again – my pre-workout meal of tuna, veggies and brown rice. i was so full that i had to wait to go to the gym but i’m glad i did because whatever i ate today gave me an insane amount of energy! my workout was/is amazing (again writing this in the midst of it!). the circuits took about 50m and now i’ve got 14m and counting left on the stepmill! so – between eating every 2-3 hours, drinking endless amounts of water, going to the bathroom every 20 minutes and then my marathon shower – my day is gone! And I still have to go home, and put on my sparkly bikini for my 1 week out shots…which you’ll see below! drumroll please!!!!

don’t you just LOVE my pink sparkly bikini?  so pretty! 

this last week is time consuming but fun because it’s a much needed change. the diet and workout are both drastically different so its nice! i’m eating 6 equal meals throughout the day and have fish and/or veggies at every meal but 2. the calories are really low actually so it must be the water that’s making me so full! and even though the workout is low weight and high rep, its tough!  just 30m of cardio – love it! i’ll do weights for an hour any day over cardio but i must admit i’m hooked on this whole multitasking thing.  after pictures i will be happily grubbing on orange roughy and vegetables before I go practice my posing. moisturize again, enjoy my protein pudding, sip my hot tea and collapse in bed! of course I’m sure i’ll have to pee about 10 more times tonight but that’s a given.  where did the day go!?!?

[note: the author apologizes for any typos or misspellings but does not have time to really go through it in details so please excuse any blackberry mishaps or any sentences that just don’t make sense!]


2 Responses to “week 12 pics….my sparkly pink bikini!”

  1. 04.21.09 at 1:40 pm

    Wow! I love the bikini Angela! Very sparkly indeed.
    It’s amazing how fast a day can go when you spend the majority of it eating, haha.
    I can’t believe you’re only a week out! Hopefully this week will go quickly and you’ll be up there on stage in no time. Good luck!!!

  2. 04.21.09 at 2:42 pm

    WOW!!! You look absolutely amazing! The bikini too..but your smile sparkles even more than the bikini! What about your hair at the comp? You have such beautiful hair – let it out!

    (back pic: strong and fit back, cute bum ;))

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