4 days: shoes, water, 3lbs!

today was another good day – this drastic change was much needed mentally!  yay – i got my shoes today…they’re so purty and sparkly!   so now i have to wear them pretty much non-stop for the next 4 days to make sure they’re broken in.  don’t really want to fall on stage!  so i’m off to put on my sparkly bikini and my new shoes and practice my posing.  oh – if you want to know what it’s supposed to look like – my trainer sent me this link on youtube to help me with my posing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTmKnVcSnVg&feature=related.  interesting! 

how did i even complain before about 1 gallon of water? seriously…i’m completely water logged all day.  i’m a bit behind for the day because i think i still woke up full of water from my 2 gallons yesterday!  i feel so full and bloated – blah!  i have 4 more of my little water bottles to go tonight which means a night of waking up i’m sure.  this whole peeing-every-15-minutes really wreaks havoc on my productivity!  it’s SO interesting what’s happening to my body this week though – just how we can manipulate our bodies to get a certain result.  i’m not really big on weighing myself all that much because body weight can vary so much from day to day…and depending on what you ate, time of day, all that.  but i’ve pretty much been consistently 105 at 12% body fat the past few weeks.  so i wake up and weigh just for fun and i was at 108.5!!  what?  i don’t know much about this whole thing but i’m pretty sure the idea is to not gain weight!!  so i call my trainer of course to figure out what’s going on and she laughed…she said she was surprised i hadn’t gained more and that my pics looked pretty good given what we’re doing to my body the past few days.  so by loading up on sodium since saturday and taking in 2 gallons per day, i’m basically retaining a ton of water weight – which is to be expected i guess…but i just freaked when i saw 3lbs of water weight!  i was relieved to know this is normal – because i completely trust my trainer…she knows her stuff.  so then starting thursday we take out all sodium, add in potassium (sweet potatoes), reduce water intake to 1/2 gallon, and then start taking dandelion root and eating asparagus (both diuretics).  this will trick my body into continuing to flush out the water i’ve been retaining because i’ve been taking in so much fluids and then the potassium will help ‘fluff up’ my muscles, along with the sugar intake the night before. SO interesting.  she said i should lose about 5-6 lbs just from thursday thru saturday.  so i have a feeling if i think i’m going to the bathroom a lot now, just wait!!  anyway – 3lb freakout resolved…all part of the process.

oh – as promised, for those of you that are interested in my week-out diet…here’s my meal breakdown for the day:

  • 8:00am       ¼c oats with almond milk + protein shake
  • 11:15am      6 egg whites lightly salted
  • 1:30pm       4oz turkey, vegetable soup, broccoli with galeo’s miso dijonaisse
  • 4:15pm        4oz can of tuna with broccoli slaw with galeo’s
  • 6-7:30         *workout*
  • 8:30pm       3oz orange roughy, 2c brussel sprouts
  • 10:00pm    protein pudding + hot tea

oh and yay me – i got 8.5 hours sleep last night!  so i’m wrapping this up so i can finish my work and get to bed early again.  so much to do in the next few days before my mom gets here thursday….SO looking forward to that!  
night night!


1 Response to “4 days: shoes, water, 3lbs!”

  1. 04.22.09 at 8:19 am

    That posing looks rather like..you have to hold your breath (don’t;)
    You have been so well prepared now, I’m sure you will do fine!

    (can’t believe I’ve followed you on this journey, just because I bought your Fitbook right after your journey started! Thanks for sharing it all!)

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