butt whoopin’…then paintin’!

i’m exhausted and am completely feeling funky today – definitely the wierdest my body has felt yet…and how about being cranky/irritable/moody?  affirmative.  it’s just due to basically my muscles being completely depleted, taking in very little water, pulling all sodium out of my diet, adding in pottasium, eating FOUR servings of asparagus today at all but 2 meals…and oh, not to mention the absolute butt kickin’ i got on the beach today.  i seriously may not want to ever eat asparagus again in my life.  i bought the big ol’ thick ones just because they were on sale at henry’s and boy do i wish i hadn’t.  do you know how hard it is to force feed yourself 12-15 of those things with no salt or anything…and then they’re thick as tree trunks?  yuk – makes me sick just thinking of it.  so already feeling nauseous from that coupled with the dandelion root tea (both diuretics) and not taking in any water (except very little distilled water), i then proceeded to the beach for a workout that wasn’t quite as serene and lovely as the last one.  it was a total body butt kickin’ that completely exhausted every muscle group – especially my poor little shoulders.  quite therapeutic though….after resistance bands, pushups, lunges, and all that, we had a little boxing session on the beach which let out a lot of agression (much-needed at this point in my life!).  i’d get to about failure and she’d say ’50 more!’…ugh!  after about 45m of circuit training i was so close to losing my asparagus…but oh, we went for a little jog on the beach, in the sand for 3 miles.  luckily we added in walking!  the workout on any other day wouldn’t have been too torturous but given my body’s fragile little state right now – it killed.

after that: off to shower, exfoliate and…my very first paintin’!  it was hilarious.  it’s not spray tan, or bronzemy painting!r – it’s full-on dark brown paint, applied with gloves and a sponge.  yeah.  so that took about a good 45m to get me all painted up (see the pic of one leg painted and one not…and the not-painted side is after 2 weeks tanning too!).  then i practiced my posing while my tan dried.  i was SO happy – she said i’ve improved a lot and loves how my muscles are coming in.  yay!  love how the tan makes the abs pop! the funniest part – super tan body, splotchy feet and white face…hilarious.  needless to say, people definitely looked twice when i had to run in trader joes really quick (for asparagus of all things)!  i look like ross on friends when he forgets to turn in the spray tanning bed! 

so after that entertaining day i picked up mom from the airport…i’m so happy she’s here and it means so much that she’s here to support me.  and i know all my family that isn’t here is supportive too…even if they don’t understand what the heck it is i’m doing.  trust me – sometimes i don’t even know.  the diet today kicked my butt…here it is…doesn’t sound rough, but ugh…remember, no sodium/salt, no condiments, no nothin’…

  • 7:00am ½ cup oats (no almond milk, just water) + low sodium protein shake, coffee(my saving grace!)
  • 10:30am 3 oz extra lean ground beef, ½ cup brown rice, 12 asparagus spears
  • 11:30-1:30 *workout*
  • 2:00pm 3oz low-sodium tuna, ½ c quinoa, 12 asparagus spears
  • 6:00pm 3oz low-sodium tuna, small sweet potato, 12 asparagus spears
    (waited 4 hours between meals because i was stuck in traffic…about passed out!)
  • 9:00pm 3oz extra lean ground beef, MORE asparagus (yuk!)
  • 10:00pm low-sodium protein shake

oh the only other thing: i clarified my supplements which i kinda messed up on.  i should have STOPPED creatine as of monday because it makes your retain water and i accidentally started pottassium and b6 on monday…basically monday through wednesday should have been only my multi-vitamin, zma, omegas…and then thursday through saturday is the d-root stack of dandelion root, potassium, and b6.  we’re just adding in a bit more potassium to offset that but…oops!  i should be fine though.

all in all – i’m exhausted and tomorrow is a jam packed day of working out, painting, getting my toes done, painting again…and then (ah!!!!)…steak, wine and sorbet!  i’m hungry just thinking about it.  can’t believe there’s only one day to go.  um…yeah…i’m getting nervous!  but all i keep thinking is that once i see my mom and kim sitting there in the crowd smiling at me, i’ll calm down and just do my thang…and remember that i’ve worked this hard and to enjoy it.  in the meantime, i’m cranky, tired, sticky from the paint, and an odd shade of brown with the exception of my glowing white face and streaky hands and feet.  honestly though – even through all the crankiness, i’m loving every minute of it.
off to bed…2 more days!!!


3 Responses to “butt whoopin’…then paintin’!”

  1. 04.24.09 at 11:45 am

    You’re gonna look stunnning, girl!

  2. 2 gretchen
    04.24.09 at 4:21 pm

    it looks good mama! cant wait to see those abbies!

  3. 05.01.09 at 4:33 pm

    I had to laugh when you mentioned the ‘Friends’ episode. We always joke about that when we see the spray tan machines at the tanning salon. I know this is a late post, (completely missed everything while on vacation) but I can imagine how nervous you were.

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