tomorrow’s the big day!

so what a whirlwind of a day…unless you go through this i don’t think anyone understands just how much goes into getting ready for this kinda thing!  the morning started off with my morning oatmeal and a half a banana (i haven’t had banana in over 8 weeks!)…then headed to the gym for my ‘last chance workout’ as they call it on the biggest loser, although at this point i think i was just working off nerves because my body’s as good as it’s gonna get!  then i sat in the sauna for about 20m to try and lose some water.  speaking of – no water today, only just a tiny bit (distilled) – but basically none other than to take my supplements and drink my dandelion root tea.  then i had to run home, shower my last shower, shave really good, and then have my mom put on another coat of paint which was hilarious. my mom’s a trooper.  so after my bronzing session i had to go get waxed, get my toes done, get last minute things for the show like tack (to keep the suit in place), hooks for my bikini, and all sorts of things.  all the while i’m having to eat every 3 hours…my poor nail technician had to bear the smell of tuna, brown rice and asparagus during my pedicure!  then this afternoon my girlfriend came down to put on another coat of paint…ok now i’m dark!  dark dark.  it’s rather funny.  i look about like the chocolate easter bunny in the easter basket my mom brought out to me.  speaking of which: how sweet is my family?  i got home from the gym with a little easter (since they live far away we couldnt’ be together on easter) and good luck surprise.  it was a little red (favorite color!) insulated bag to pack my food, filled with peeps, a chocolate easter bunny, and peanut m&ms…those are what i’ll be munching on during the competition tomorrow (more on that later).  and then a beautiful bracelet to wish me good luck – along with cards from my mom and dad, and sister-in-law and brother.  i’m so blessed…i’ve got all kinds of texts and emails today wishing me luck! 

anyway – after my painting i proceeded to make my 5oz flank steak (yum!!) and then got ready really quick for dinner at mastro’s steakhouse…such a shame i couldn’t have a steak because it’s my absolute favorite, but i enjoyed a BIG glass of amazing wine, steamed asparagus (amazingly better when someone else prepares it for you!), and probably the best darn baked sweet potato ever.  it was hilarious – the waiter’s brought every one else their steaks and brough me just a big empty plate to serve my asparagus and sweet potato on!  then…ah…raspberry sorbet!  it was an amazing dinner – but more amazing to spend it with people who love and support me.  what fun this all is!  so now i’m relaxing with my dandelion root tea, hoping to heavens that i did everything right over the past 12 weeks and just trying to not get too nervous for tomorrow. 

i have to be there bright and early at 8am all ready to go – but here’s what i’m looking forward to.  we’ve depleted my body now of any water and my muscles will basically fluff up at the first sign of carbs/sugar.  so – breakfast i get to have oatmeal with honey(!)…then snack all day on carb/sugar…peanut m&m’s, rice cakes, peanut butter…hello!?!  how happy am i?!!?  if only i could have a little shot of tequila to calm the nerves before i go on stage! ha ha ha!  no – i’ll be fine.  i’m just excited to do this…and then celebrate after.  i’m proud of myself.  this has been quite the adventure and had many high moments and a few tough times too.  but reaching my goal has been completely worth it.  whether i place 5th or 1st…i did it and that alone is enough for me.  (ok – i wanna win but that’s just because i’m super competitive!!!).  so be thinking of me tomorrow.  no blog tomorrow…i’ll be busy all day and celebrating all night!  but guarantee i’ll update everyone on how i did…or go online anytime after sunday to see the results at: http://www.musculardevelopment.com/lindsay/

thanks to everyone for your support along the way! 
wish me luck…


1 Response to “tomorrow’s the big day!”

  1. 04.25.09 at 9:27 pm

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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