competition: details + pics!

whew!  so i’ve almost fully recovered from the big competition weekend…i’m exhausted!  but i really wanted to give a run down of the big day because it was so much fun and anybody that’s followed me on this journey probably wants to know what it was like!  so – in my usual style – here are more details than you probably ever wanted to know! 🙂  i have a ton of pics but i’m going to just post the ones that mean the most to me…and tell you why! 

getting ready…
we had to be there bright and early for the ‘athlete briefing’ at 8am which meant i had to be up and at ’em at 6:30am.  mom and i arrive wandering around with not a clue in the world what we’re doing…and i guarantee i was the only one there dragging my mom with me everywhere.  i’m so glad she was there though – it helped so much to have her support in an environment that was so foreign to me.  she’s been my #1 fan in everything i’ve ever done, but this was definitely outside her realm. little different than our days trekking to high school rodeos (yes, rodeo), cheerleading competitions, and all my other activities. but she was there – as always.  so we got me checked in and sofinal coat of paint + my peanut m&ms!on after my trainer/girlfriend got there to get me all prettied up for the show.  she finished up my makeup, put on my fake eyelashes, and finished up my last coat of tanning…all the while i’m asking about 10 times what the heck i’m supposed to actually do before i go on stage.  i was SOOOO nervous!  so this pic is kim prepping me with my final coat of paint, me crunching my m&ms and flexing my little bicep!  love this pic because it just shows how much time and effort she put into making sure i was as prepared as possible for the big day….hours of painting, on top of all the training and nutrition plan…not to mention just being there for me emotionally!

ok so the way it works is they have the first round of ‘pre-judging’ which is basically where they do the judging and decide on the placing…and then everyone goes back that night for the finals to find out how you did.  so did i mention i was nervous?  the show starts at 11am and my division (figure) was 2nd to last which means that you’re down in this little teeny tiny room with all the other figure girls getting ready.  talk about intimidating…everyone’s all dolled up and getting ready…some girls are pumping iron the whole time and i’m looking around clueless, popping my peanut m&ms wondering what the heck i’m supposed to be doing! oh – the m&m’s thing: so basically my body was completely dehydrated and the idea on the day of the competition is to only take in carbs to feed your muscles, and then right before you go on stage you take in sugars and when you pump up all your muscles the sugars/carbs go straight to your muscles because they are so depleted…and your muscles pop and look all pretty!  talk about bpre-judging: line-upeing happy that my entire diet for the day was oatmeal, peanut butter, peanut m&ms, chocolate…yummy!!  so since i was clueless as to what i was doing, i asked a ton of questions to the girls that had done this before.  i got to know some of the girls and there were so many that were just sweet as can be.  they answered all my questions – obvious i’m sure that it was my first competition!  so after much anticipation it was about 15m before we went on so all i was doing was using my resistance band to get my muscles all ready to go…and practicing my posing too.  yeah so i learned the ‘model pose’ which is the one hand on the hip pose…yeah had no clue what that was until about 10m before…but i learned it quickly!  then of course i had to go to the bathroom which was an experience in and of itself all strapped in my bikini!  i was literally in the bathroom when they called my name for the line-up…of course, leave it to me!  ha ha!  so we go line up and we parade on stage and i can’t even tell you how bad i was shaking…my teeth were chattering, my knees were knocking, and i was completely and utterly nervous.  they call your division and you all parade out on stage and stay in your model pose until they call your number, thpre-judging: individual poseen you go to the center of the stage, hit your front pose, then back pose, turn around and do your model pose again and then do this funny little curtsy…who knows what mine looked like!  then you join the line again, they bring you all out in a line and do comparisons where you do quarter turns and at that point they’re comparing your bodies at each angle to each other.  all i heard from the audience was a bunch of screams and ‘get your head up angela!!’ which was kim yelling for me to lift my head up.  i think i was so nervous that i literally was trying to hide – who knows, but the pictures are hilarious because all the girls are posed perfectly and there i am staring at the ground!  ha ha!  all i know is that all i was hoping was that i posed right because it went by so fast – and secondly, i was hoping no one could see my body shaking from my nerves!  that said – i did it and was so proud…here are my favorite pics from the pre-judging…note the head down!!

so after pre-judging i met up with all my friends and family that came to watch me…i must admit i was super duper nervous to go out and see everyone.  in a way i was just embarassed because i knew how nervous i was and had no clue how i did.  but on my way to go find my entourage (ha ha!) this great guy and his wife pulled me aside and he said ‘hey aren’t you the girl that i saw earlier with your mom?  didn’t you say this was your first competition?’ (ha ha – see i was the only one with my mom!!)  so i said yes…and he just went on to tell me that i did extremely well, that my phsyique is amazing and that i’m a ‘total package’…and that he would encourage me to keep competing.  i told him that meant the world to me because i was so nervous and didn’t know how i even did because i was shaking so bad.  he just told me that all i needed to do was polish my presentation a bit and i’ll do incredible.  i’m so glad i saw him before i saw my friends…that made me feel better!  so then i went and saw the clan and of course they told me how proud they were of me…but then of course everyone asked why the heck i was staring at the floor and the girl’s butt in front of me!!  ha ha!  i’m not saying i wasn’t proud of myself – but i was frustrated because i felt like i didn’t do my best.  the only thing that made me feel better was knowing that all the feedback i got was that body-wise, i looked great…i just needed to work on mmy cheering section!y posing and stage presence.  so here’s probably my favorite pic of all of them…these are all my friends (and my mom!) that were there to support me.  this picture just makes me smile…the fact that i had my close friends there…and even the ones that couldn’t make it were texting me and wanting to know how it was going…and of course i talked to my family too back in colorado.  i am so grateful for each and every person that has supported me not just that one day – but each day for the past 12 weeks.  so if you’re one of those people…thank you so much!!   so we all went to california pizza kitchen and grabbed some lunch before the finals that night…

the finals
round 2 i was a bit more comfortable…i knew what to expect so this time around i was down in the room with all the girls…waiting for the figure part of the show (the very end!!).  it was pretty cool too because i just happened to pull out my fitbook to write down what i was eating and all the girls wanted to see it…i wasn’t even trying to promote it but the girls loved it!  pretty neat.  anyway,  at one point i look up on the monitor to see the big ol’ bodybuilders doing their routines and just had to giggle at what the heck was probably going through my mom’s head right then.  what a different world for her!  for most of my friends actually…what troopers!  so it wasn’t until 9:30pm (long day!) that figure finally started and us shorties (division a, 5’2″ and under) went on.  i had popped my m&ms, got my muscles all popping and practiced my posing…but my main focus was 1) head up and 2) smile.  the finals were actually a lot more fun – they had music which loosened me up and when you came on this time they announced your name which got me all pumped up!  i decided just to go out there and have fun…and i did!  i was still nervous, but this time i hit my poses, was much more confident and held my head high!  i heard all my friends yelling for me and that just made me smile.  kim was in the front row yelling for me…it just all made me feel like i was on cloud 9.  so we do our line-up and quarter turns and then we parade off…and then as we’re leaving they tell you if you’re top 5…because top 5 turns around and goes back out for trophies.  so when i walked by and the guy told me ‘top 5’ – i was SO elated!!!  so out we go again, do our little quarter turns again and they gave us trophies…i got 4th place and i didn’t really even care what place!  i was so happy i got a little trophy!!  after finals, this time instead of being timid to go see my friends i was bouncing out to find them because i was so happy…i knew i did my best that time and was SO happy!  here are some of my favorite pics from the finals…you can tell i had a lot more fun and was more relaxed!!
me on the big screen!

finals: line-up

finals: having fun this time!

finals: side pose!




so after it was over i was just elated to see my friends and family and show off my little trophy (which oddly hasme, my trophy...and kim! amazingly large boobs and butt…ha ha!) and then EAT!  it was such a long day and instead of hitting the wine bar like i’d planned, we were so tired that we just went over to cheesecake factory where i thoroughly enjoyed a glass of wine, a kobe beef burger (and yes that’s brocolli instead of fries…i was craving it!), and the yummiest cheesecake i’ve ever tasted!  most of all it was just me with my vino + burger!nice to be with my friends and celebrate!  but i must admit i enjoyed grubbing on my food – oh-so-tasty!  this is why people are fat…all the foods that are good for you taste so darn oh heavens!good! ha ha!  but of course i felt like absolute crap after!  speaking of after, this was the way the night ended:  we went back to pick up my car in the parking lot since we drove over together to dinner, and yes – my car was parked in the high school parking lot at 2 in the morning.  oh joy!  needless to say i finally got it out sunday morning after quite a debacle, but it was a hilarious (well not at the time!) way to end the day.  i was honestly too tired to care!

final thoughts
this was an incredible experience that i’ll never forget.  it was 12 weeks of hard work both emotionally and physically – but i’m so proud of myself and thankful for having experienced it.  just a few thanks that i want to give before i wrap my lengthy little blog:
to kim (aka mama bird): for taking your time to see me through this entire experience from beginning to end.  having trained with one of THE top trainers there is out there…amazing, but gaining a true friend in the process has been priceless. 
to mom: for coming out to support me in something that you couldn’t even relate to or understand…but you did because you love me.  and you even got into it?!  you loved getting me all dolled up and being so proud…and i loved having you here for this experience.
to my friends and family: for putting up with my wierd diet, my endless detail about things you probably don’t even care about…but doing it all because you care about me.  from the monday-night-rendezvous photo sessions to my helpful spotters at the gym, and everyone being so understanding of my special diet and crazy training schedule…i’m so thankful.  the i only hope i can be as good to all of you as you have been to me.
to my blog followers: your kind words and support over the past 12 weeks have kept me going…i only hope that my openness about this experience (and my life) has shown you that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it, but most importantly – it’s not easy but that you just take it one day at a time.  but most importantly – remember that reaching your goals is SO worth it…and i support all of you 100% in whatever you set your mind to.

so in closing…this is the detailed rendition of my amazing experience.  if you’re sad to think that the blogging will now come to an end…never fear!  you know me – i’ve got a lot to say still!  some things coming later this week: update on fitlosophy (poor little company has been neglected the past few days), my post-traumatic competition disorder (adjusting to life post-competition), and my next goals (will she compete again?!). 
until then…

p.s.  few more pics from my photo session with mom and kim that i thought i’d share!
my photo shoot with mom + kim!flexing girl!posing!


9 Responses to “competition: details + pics!”

  1. 1 Lotta
    04.29.09 at 2:08 pm

    You’re amazing, girlie! Thanks, once again, for sharing! And CONGRATS!

  2. 2 Shana
    04.29.09 at 4:33 pm

    Hey Ang, i’d be interested to see the first pic you took at week 1 and your week 12 pic side by side. I”m so happy for you, wish I could’ve been there to see it all.

  3. 3 Lotta
    04.30.09 at 12:26 pm

    Kim as in Kim Lyons..? Wow…I didn’t know..but then again YOU did the hard work!

  4. 4 e
    04.30.09 at 1:48 pm

    I agree w/Shana and also could you add one from say your last year of highschool if you were heavier than at week 1’s pic? You look fantastic and should def do it again. I have often thought about it over the years but…….chicken.

  5. 05.01.09 at 4:49 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS! The pictures look incredible.
    I’m so happy to hear you had such a support crew there. It makes a huge difference when you’re nervous and in a foreign world to have people there.

  6. 6 triathladawn
    05.02.09 at 3:57 am

    You rock! I loved reading this!

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