i’m back…and 6 weeks out from hawaii!

to my few loyal followers…i’m back!   it’s been 3 weeks since the figure competition and what a 3 weeks it’s been.  as you saw on the last blog post a few weeks ago, i kinda hit a wall after the competition and it’s taken me a few weeks to get my feet underneath me.  it was just so hard to have the one thing that was driving me for the past 3 months suddenly be gone!  but i’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on things and have learned a lot about myself.  i crave that structure that the competition provided.  after a few weeks of wandering around aimlessly at the gym, eating whatever i wanted, drinking almost no water, and getting no sleep…let’s just say, i actually miss how amazing i felt before and want and need to be focused on a goal.  so my goal is to go to hawaii and compete on june 27th and hopefully do better this time around!  like i’ve said before – i’m always in it to win it…but now that i have my first show under my belt (or should i say bikini!), i know what to expect and want to win my division!

so as of today i’m back on track and am exactly 6 weeks out from hawaii.  i’m SO looking forward to the competition – but more than that…5 days in hawaii!  this will be a much-needed little getaway, an escape from reality.  granted, i will be all painted up and will be focused on the competition the first part of the trip – but it’s actually a ton of fun and i’m looking forward to doing it again.  then after the competition i will be happily laying by the pool, reading a book, sipping a mojito, and enjoying a little vacay! 

so what, you might ask, do i need to do to prep for this?  based on the feedback from the pro/judge at the last show, i need to develop my shoulders and back a bit more.  so while my overall workout will be fairly simliar to what i was doing before, i’m going to double up on back and shoulders, so my workout splits will look like this:

monday: back/chest
tuesday: bis/shoulders
wednesday: active rest
thursday: legs
friday: shoulders
saturday: tris/back

i’ll also add in the hella-hard walking lunge routine 3 times a week, plus cardio 2 days at 30m, 1 day at 45 and then my 2 favorite 20m workouts: treadclimbers + sprints.  for my eating i jumped back into the eating plan where i was at before when i was at 6 weeks out: 1300-1400 cals per day.  i’ve got a few extra pounds to lose as a result of my fun little 3 weeks off…but a lot of it is water weight too so i should have no problem jumping back into the program and being competition-ready in 6 weeks.  so i’m being pretty strict…but after feeling like i had no structure whatsoever i’m welcoming the routine!  seriously – i’m an all-or-nothing person…it’s hilarious.  annoying at times, but hey – i am who i am.  not good in the grey!

so i’m back to blogging as i’ve missed it more than you know.  it’s so darn therapeutic for me.  i suppose i could just type in a word doc and get the same effect, but NO…i like to put all my thoughts on the internet so anyone at all can read them.  go figure.  oh…be watching for an update on fitlosophy too…fun and exciting things happening that i can’t wait to share.  well – i guess i can wait because i’m not writing about it tonight.  it’s 10:15 and i’m off to bed with my hot tea in 15m.   so here i am (again)…happy as a little bug with my water bottle finishing off my last 28oz of my gallon for the day and happily typing my thoughts…it’s good to be back!


4 Responses to “i’m back…and 6 weeks out from hawaii!”

  1. 1 e
    05.19.09 at 11:15 am

    Congratulations on being back both in the blog world and competing. I have no desire to compete but would like to know if you could do a video/tuturial on the “hella-hard walking lunge” that you mentioned? As to Hawaii – You will want to move there ~ just a different way of life and fresh fruit that we can’t get year round in NJ. Good luck

  2. 05.19.09 at 3:58 pm

    Good to have you back! Missed your blogging..

    I’ve just started my new Fitbook and I’ve set new goals for myself. Planning and having structure is kind of fun too, and it makes it all easier to stay on track!

    No comp ahead for me, but still goals to accomplish!

  3. 05.19.09 at 4:33 pm

    Yah! you’re back! Glad to hear you’re back to your routine. It sucks to be out of it for a while. You end up feeling really lost and not sure what to do with yourself. It’s like that free weekend and you just want to plan it so you have something to do.
    I’m happy to hear you’re getting ready for another competition. Can’t wait to hear all about it. I’ve been missing reading the blog in the mornings. The light on my phone hasn’t been flashing when I wake up. haha
    Hawaii is beautiful, and I’m glad that you’re getting a vacation out of it while you’re there.

  4. 05.20.09 at 2:12 am

    Welcome back, Rock Star!

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