nifty low-cal tweaks + treats

so out of desperation really i’ve figured out a few tweaks to make here and there to make my recipes better – so i wanted to share my latest one!   my protein pancakes are super yummy – but as you know, when you make any protein pancakes, they are runny and are very thin!  well – i’ve been adding psyllium husks to my protein pudding at night for a long time now because it adds fiber and if you let them sit a bit, they expand…so you feel more full!  so i thought i’d try adding just a tablespoon of those to my protein pancake recipe and sure enough…it made them nice and fluffy!  you can buy the psyllium husks at any health foods store (whole foods, trader joes) or at a supplement store too.  they add a ton of fiber to whatever you add them to and 1 tablespoon only adds 20 calories!  just make sure you’re drinking enough water when using these in your diet.  oh but they made my protein pancakes about 10 times better – so exciting!

another treat that i just discovered (to add to my list of cinnamon and splenda creations) is when watching calories, it’s hard to include peanut or almond butter in your diet because they’re so calorie dense.  so – that leaves me eating a plain apple all alone and it’s just boring.  SO i took 1/4 cup non-fat greek yogurt (which is MUCH creamier than regular yogurt – plus super high in protein) and i added a teaspoon each of splenda and cinnamon!  it seriously tastes like cinnomon cream cheese frosting!  so i dip my apple slices in that and i’ve got me a sub-100-calorie treat with 14g of protein!

lastly, i wanted to share my chocolate protein souffle recipe that i have about an hour before bed every night!  i’ve had 3+ months to perfect this so it’s a great way to curb my sugar cravings and also keep me full through the night!  it’s using this new protein (i may have mentioned it before!) from fasttracktofatloss.com called protein freeze.  the idea behind is it is to literally use this protein powder to make ice cream…but there are recipes for all kinds of yummy stuff. the reason i love it is that it’s really low-calorie (only 130 cal per scoop).   so here is my chocolate protein souffle:  i take a scoop of the chocolate protein freeze, added 1/4 c chocolate almond milk (unsweetened so it’s only45cal), and then 1 tbsp psyllium husks and mix thoroughly.  let it sit for about a minute to let the psyllium husks expand.  microwave for 25s, take it out and stir it…then microwave another 20-25s and it forms this super yummy brownie-like yummy goodness around the edges with a still gooey inside like a souffle!  the entire yummy treat is only 150 calories but has 22 g of protein per serving.  SOOOOO good!

that’s it for now!  more to come later…


1 Response to “nifty low-cal tweaks + treats”

  1. 06.16.09 at 6:45 am

    Great recepies! Will try the psyllium in pancakes for sure!
    (can’t get the protein freeze in Norway..sounds delicious!)

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