so 2 days before i’m supposed to leave for hawaii i started feeling a little sick, but since i haven’t been sick in over 3 years (seriously), i thought i could kick it.  in my attempt to be ready for the hawaii show i know i’ve been pushing my body extra hard.  tuesday morning i woke up early and went and did a killer workout at the beach – then did another 2 hours in the gym later that day.  i was feeling sick that morning but stubborn little me – i just kept pushing myself.  but that night my body just shut down, i couldn’t sleep all night and had to wake up at 5am to catch my flight to hawaii.  yeah.  so i woke up sick as a dog…fever, coughing, and seriously feeling like crap.  needless to say, the flight was just miserable and the last thing on my mind was the competition…i just felt horrible.  when i got to hawaii i called my mom – because that’s what i do when i feel so yucky.  what is it about talking to your mom when you’re sick that just makes you wanna cry?  i had toughed it out all day feeling horrible and the minute i heard her voice i lost it…big baby.  ha ha!  luckily she told me to have my doctor call in a prescription for me for an antibiotic.  so i made my way to my hotel, then found the pharmacy, and while i’m feeling deathly ill they seriously took like 45m to fill one prescription.  the whole time i’m sitting there really feeling like death would be a good option at that point.  (ha ha – i know i’m dramatic!)  so i finally got my prescription, made my way back to my hotel and crashed.  all the while, all i’m thinking is that the competition wasn’t looking so good…i couldn’t even bring myself to sit up, let alone eat or workout.  so kim finally got here and being the sweetheart that she is, she brought me soup and put me in my place – telling me that i needed to just focus on feeling better and the worst case scenario is that i don’t compete and i’m in hawaii…but that my first priority was just to feel better.  i was just so bummed – i was in hawaii and all i’d seen so far was the ocean from the view of my bed!  but i didn’t have the energy to do much else.  i slept all day yesterday and woke up at 9am today (which by the way is noon my time in california!!) and thank heavens woke up feeling a little better.  not 100%, but at least my fever went down and i could function.   the problem is that to compete, the next 3 days i’m supposed to be dehydrating my body and fluids are what i need to get better!  plus i don’t feel like eating – and when i do eat, the last thing that i wanna eat right now is low-sodium tuna and asparagus.  blah!  i’m just not going to stress about it.  i’m realizing now that my body just shut down – it can only take so much stress, plus 2 hour workouts everyday on such low calories.  and sometimes – you just need to listen to your body – and when you don’t, it makes sure it gets your attention.  mine did…with a vengeance! 

so that said – i wish i could report that hawaii is just fantastic and i’m having a great time…but it is what it is.  lucky for me i have a pretty good sense of humor and i can laugh this off.  i made my way over to starbucks to get caught up on email and just felt like i should check in on my blog.  i’ve gotten so many emails from my blog-readers (thanks for the support!) and i know i’ve been neglecting my blog.  i have to update everyone on all the good things going on with fitlosophy.  while i was excited for the hawaii competition – i just wasn’t “in it” like i was the first one, because to be honest, i had so many other good things going on!  i’m grateful for that!  not to mention, as i’ve said in my previous blogs, i’m just ‘over’ not eating and working out 2 hours a day….it’s summer and i wanna enjoy myself.  but – anything i do i wanna do well so i’ve pushed myself pretty hard.  hence – my body just coming to a crashing halt.  i’m pretty sure i’ll still compete – i may not look as good, but i’m just proud of what i’ve accomplished and can’t be so hard on myself.  i’m in hawaii for heaven’s sake!  i’m going to stick to my pre-competition diet as much as possible, with the exception of dehydrating myself today, and we’ll just play it by ear.  if i continue feeling better, there’s no reason for me not to compete – besides, the day of the competition is the fun part and i’ve worked to hard to not have a little fun! 

so i’m going to head to the beach…lay out and rest…and then maybe go for a long walk in the sand to get some sort of workout but still relax and enjoy myself.  thanks again for all the support….i’ll keep you posted on hawaii.


3 Responses to “hawaii…ugh.”

  1. 06.26.09 at 12:41 pm


    OMG, so sad that you are sick in Hawaii. That’s so not fair. I hope you can enjoy the beach and the waves – go for a swim and just take it easy. I’m proud of you – competition or not. Thinking of you with lots of love, Marcia

  2. 06.26.09 at 5:17 pm

    Aloha Angela!
    I’m sad to hear you’re not feeling well. Getting some sun might help, or at least give you a warm place to nap. haha It’s hard to stay motivated in the summer when all you want to do is relax and enjoy yourself.
    Get better!!!

  3. 06.26.09 at 6:46 pm

    I know you will feel better soon, and when the comp is finished, you’ve got all the time in the world to enjoy summer, friends, family and life!

    Prayers going up!

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