aloha: alive + kickin’ in waikiki!

all I can say is thank God for moms and antibiotics!  don’t know what i’d be doing right now if it weren’t for both.  the medication, combined with tons of water and even more sleep did the trick and i’m a new woman!  i’m not 100%, but at least I can function.  i’m excited because now i know that i’ll be able to compete – a few days ago it was fairly questionable.  now – i may not look quite as good because i’ve supposed to have been dehydrating the past 2 days and i couldn’t…hello…sick…need water to get better!  but other than that I still stuck to my diet.  it was actually a blessing in disguise I think.  the mere thought of eating asparagus still turns my stomach from the last competition…eating about 3lbs in one day will do that to you.  but the beautiful thing is 1) i don’t have much of an appetite so i’m not hungry and 2) i can’t taste a thing!  so i’m happily munching on my asparagus and eating low-sodium tuna from a can and have no clue that it’s absolutely disgusting.  we made a trip to the grocery store yesterday so i loaded up on my exciting foods i can eat.   i have to have sweet potatoes but i have no microwave in my room – so i got creative and bought baby food sweet potatoes which is just pure sweet potatoes and water.  brilliant!  instead of buying my asparagus at the grocery store, i’ve been frequenting the PF Chang’s right by my hotel…i’ve been there twice already and will go there again today.  i just order a large order of steamed asparagus and brown rice and for $7 i’ve got freshly steamed asparagus that is more palatable than the raw asparagus.  it’s hilarious though – you have to go to the bar to order a to-go order and i went there at like 8pm last night and while everyone is at the bar ordering drinks…i ordered asparagus.  the bartender was amused.  so my diet is in check and i should be fine there.  the workouts though…yeah i could barely move on wednesday so my exercise consisted of rolling over in bed.  and yesterday i still didn’t feel well enough to hit the gym so I went for an hour-long walk on the beach.  the sand-walking is great for your legs and it was at least some form of cardio…it’s still hard to breathe so i just didn’t want to overdo it.  i woke up this morning and went for a jog in the sand for about a half-hour and then went for another half-hour walk in the sand…bright and early at 7am.  it’s so beautiful here early in the morning.  a little later i’ll do some resistance band exercises (total body) and work my little abs.  although I must say this coughing is giving my abs quite the little workout! 

so it’s literally 8am and i’m sitting in my hotel room listening to the ocean waves and drinking a cup of coffee.  Heaven.  i’m just so thankful that i feel good enough to enjoy just how beautiful it is here.  the first picture (above) is the view from my hotel room…ok well the view straight out is just of water (not complaining here!)…but if you lean out to the left this is the view.  and then the other pic is one I took at sunset on my walk last night.  yesterday was actually overcast and it rained a few times so I didn’t feel quite as bad that I didn’t make it to the beach.  but now, i’m headed down to lay on the beach and read and/or sleep, then I have to get my pedicure and my first coat of paint tonight!  we have to do height check-in tonight at 6pm and the show is tomorrow – agghhh!  i think that just sunk in just now…now i’m nervous!  oh well.  i’m just going to have fun! 

so that’s the Hawaii update – all is well in waikiki…thank goodness!  as long as i don’t have a coughing fit on stage tomorrow, we’re good to go!  wish me luck…mahalo!!


4 Responses to “aloha: alive + kickin’ in waikiki!”

  1. 1 Eric
    06.26.09 at 10:26 pm

    Good luck tomorrow! All your hard work will pay off!

  2. 06.27.09 at 2:47 pm

    Good luck Angela! You are doing a great job and going to kill it today.

  3. 06.27.09 at 3:39 pm

    Great! Good luck! I knew you could do it!!!

  4. 06.29.09 at 2:53 pm

    Good Luck tomorrow!!! You’ll do great, and no matter what the outcome, you can say you made it to Hawaii, did the competition while still somewhat sick and accomplished something wonderful 🙂
    The pictures are beautiful!!

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