my new program!

as promised, here’s a glimpse of my workout program that is intended to not only shock my body a bit by doing something totally different, but most importantly…get me motivated and get my mind on track!  it’s worked so far this week.  just the process of trying to figure out what workout i wanted to do and how to set up my week – totally got me all fired up.  so here it is:

monday:  back/biceps  + 2om treadclimbers + 20m stepmill intervals
tuesday:  legs/shoulders + 40m incline walking
wednesday: spin class + abs
thursday: total body tabata training* + 40m incline walking
friday: beach workout**
saturday: chest/triceps + 40m incline walking
sunday: active rest – swim, rollerblade, walk on the beach, volleyball – anything!

on lifting days i’m doing 4 sets and 2-3 exercises per body part…but the first 2 sets i’m doing heavy (6-8 reps) and the last 2 sets i drop the weight and do 15-20 reps.  not really sure where i got this but thought it sounded good…will work to build muscle and then lean out by following up with high reps.  on lifting days i’m also circuiting with cardio and explosive/plyo training to keep my heart rate up and burn calories.  for cardio i’m really mixing it up…i’m doing intervals mostly to try and lean out a bit.  here are the details on my tabata training and beach workout: 

*total body tabata training: my good friend and trainer taught me about tabata which is high intensity interval training (HIIT).  i’d done it for cardio but he recently told me about doing it while lifting.  basically you do 1 exercise per body part to hit all muscle groups and you choose a weight that is about 50-65% of your max.  so say you’re doing dumbbell overhead press for your shoulders…you do reps for a total of 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, do another set for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds…and you keep going for 8 total sets!  so you do that for each body part.  killer.

**my beach workout is amazing and it literally kicks my butt every time – and it’s different every time.  i love it.  i get to workout while looking at the ocean – i can’t really complain!  the workout usually consists of working this long flight of stairs for awhile with running, jumping, lunging – you name it.  then i’ll go running in the sand, sprinting up hills…anything to just make it tough. then i’ll find a park area and do step-ups on the little walls, pushups in the grass, pull-ups in the trees (yes!).  pretty much anything that i can find to do in an hour.  i usually go with my friend/trainer so it’s incredible all the things we can think to do to kick each other’s butt…it’s somewhat of a competition.  he won last time: we did pushups all the way up a flight of stairs with a squat thrust/burpee in between each pushup.  brutal.

research shows you should change up your workouts every 6 weeks to keep your body (and your mind) guessing.   i did the same darn workout (pretty much!) for 4 months.  time for change!  most importantly, i’m in the gym only 2 days in a row….getting out and changing things up a bit which frankly i love.  it’s summer anyway and i wanna enjoy the weather and be outside!  i’ve found changing up my workouts not only keeps me from getting bored, but it has a major positive effect on my nutrition…i’m overall just more focused and happier.  so for nutrition – here’s the plan: because i do want to lose a few of my ‘souvenir LBs’ that i brought back from mexico, i am going to cut back during the week to 1500 calories for 2 weeks…then i’m done counting calories!!!  i hate it…i want to just focus on eating healthy and eating when i’m hungry.  but – i also want to lean out just a tad bit and that’s the only way for me to know calories in / calories out.  muscle & fitness had this great little formula for calculating how many calories you should eat.  you figure out how many hours per week you work out  and add that to 9.  so for me, i work out at least 6 hours a week (probably more, but i wanted to be conservative) so i add that to 9 to get 15.  then you take that and multiply it by your target body weight (mine is 110)…so that’s how i came up with 1500!  not rocket science but it’s a different way of figuring out your target caloric intake. 

on the weekends, i will just eat healthy most of the time and enjoy golden spoon for my treat.  that will get me back on track easily in 2 weeks and then NO MORE calorie counting for me.  my weight is always very consistent so i don’t really like to weigh and i definitely don’t like counting calories.  i have enjoyed integrating things i used to enjoy back in: ezekiel bread, van’s whole wheat waffles, string cheese, nuts, avocado…all good things, but not allowed before.  i even bought milk!  but i only drink it in moderation because it is like twice the calories of my almond milk, but i must say i missed it…i love milk!  so the nutrition won’t change a lot – because frankly, i ate really healthy before!  but i am making different choices and i’m happy that i can enjoy my weekends again, share dessert with my girlfriends, have a glass of vino (!) with my meal…and enjoy life!  that’s what it’s all about right?


4 Responses to “my new program!”

  1. 07.24.09 at 7:45 pm

    I think you are right on track here, girl!
    Hope you don’t mind if I steel some of your good tips and ideas here! I’ve been doing Circuits for a while, will try the Tabata, sounds like a killer allright! Gotta love that!
    Interesting about the cal. counting from M&F!

  2. 2 gretchen
    07.24.09 at 8:45 pm

    looks good girl.. are u doing the evening spin at 24 on wed? i need to sign back up huh? lol

  3. 07.24.09 at 9:06 pm

    yep 24hr spin on wednesdays…it rocks!!

  4. 07.24.09 at 9:24 pm

    Sounds like you have some pretty realistic goals. You’re right about needing to change up your workouts. I just went through that with mine, but it wasn’t by choice (stupid injuries). I was bored, but thought I could probably push through it. Turns out my body was trying to tell me something.
    I totally wish I could work out on the beach. That would rock! I would definitely have to drive too far to find one up here. haha
    I think going through the competition was hard on the nutrition portion, but you seem to have gained a ton of new foods and recipes out of it. (I’m like you and would miss wine too much haha!)

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