viva la mexico…i’m back!

the past few weeks have been a whirlwind!  between hawaii (which i think was the last time i blogged!) and then only being home for a few days before heading to mexico for a week – not only have i been traveling like crazy, but then of course i’m behind from being gone so much.  i really shouldn’t be complaining as i know i’ll get no sympathy for having spent a total of 10 days in the sun in a matter of 2 weeks.  i can’t lie – it was amazing!  i definately needed some time away i think it really did me a lot of good.  i actually worked in mexico…outside in the sun on the patio, overlooking the beach with an iced coffee.  i think i got more done there in an hour than i do in a whole day here!  and of course when you absolutely LOVE what you do – i didn’t consider it working, as much as having the time to really focus on what’s important.  anyway – more on fitlosophy later.  mexico.  so amazing.  as you can setres postrese, i diverted happily from the competition diet and quickly acclimated to eating normal again. although, normal for me is not really depicted in this pic (no – i don’t tend to eat 3 desserts in one sitting), i did enjoy getting to just eat the amazing mexican food and enjoy some wine and maybe a few tequilas.  even though i was on vacation i was still active….didn’t want those tacos to come back with me to the states!  i went to the gym and actually trained the friend that i was staying with which was fun….then a few days i went for long aimless walks on the beach and swam around in the pool.  one morning i was feeling ambitious so i went on a great morning run on the beach…i just kept running and then about 20m into the run i actually came upon this huge group of people doing a workout on the beach to salsa music – there were a ton of people and people would just join in at random.  so to fully experience the culture (and since no one there knew me and i was free to make a fool of myself) – i joined in and did a little salsa on the beach!  i was definitely the only american and i stuck out like a sore thumb – but i really didn’t care…i was having too much fun!  so i decided i should head back because i heard thunder and i was a good 20-30m away from the house.  all of the sudden it just started pouring and i ran in the hardest downpour all the way back and was sopping wet by the time i was done.  it was hilarious – but actually very enjoyable!  so despite my being active and trying to just enjoy all the yummy food in moderation, i definitely brought back a few LB’s as souvienirs from mexico! 🙂 

so i had an epiphany when i got back – well, i don’t know if it’s that incredible, but it was for me.  i kept trying to think of something to motivate me to at least get my mind re-focused and back into my workouts.  and i guess for a long time now i’ve been working so hard toward a goal that i set, but because i was blogging and everyone around me knew that i was working toward the competition, that held me accountable. so anytime i felt like giving up or slipping up a bit, i knew i had pictures on monday….or i knew that if i was with people, i couldn’t slip up when i had this goal i had set.  that’s the great thing about voicing your goals – but what i also realized is that once that goal was gone, i didn’t feel like i had anything motivating me!  so the epiphany?  i guess i realized that right now i want to be focused on being healthy for ME…not for a competition, not because anybody is watching…but because i want to.  don’t get me wrong – my idea of falling off the bandwagon isn’t all that bad…a few days away from the gym and a little crappy eating for a few days.  but the truth is i just don’t feel good when i’m not taking care of myself.  so i’m back baby!

i got back from mexico last monday…and my goal last week was just to 1) go to the gym and get back in the swing of things and 2) eat healthy but not be too strict on myself.  my priority right now is to get my mind back to a healthy (non-obsessive) state.  while i learned a ton and am so happy i did the competition, there are a lot of after-effects that i could’ve done without.  but – it is what it is and i’m working to set new goals for myself that are for me.  so for starters, i got back on a monday and i started my new fitbook on a tuesday!  sounds like a stupid thing but maybe some can relate to the whole ‘monday syndrome’…i feel like i have to start things right…be perfect on monday or i’ve wasted a week. i’ve done this so many times and it trains our brains to just get down on ourselves and give up…eat crappy for the rest of the week, be a bit lazy at the gym, and then get all geared up for the next monday.  so small step, but a step all  the same.  my plan right now is to completely switch up my workouts like no other, moreso for the mental aspect…just needing something new because i got so burned out at the gym.  but i also want to shock my body with new and different workouts!  so i’ll be posting my new workout tomorrow – stay tuned!  also coming to a blog near you: exciting updates on fitlosophy and our next fitbook launch (next month!).

i seriously miss blogging – i really must get back to it.  i have no clue what the point is now that i already did my competition, but i’ve received enough emails from people saying they miss it that i suppose someone somewhere loves reading my ramblings.  if there are specific things you wanna know about my workouts/nutrition/fitlosophy/life…whatever…leave a comment and let me know.  so – i will wrap up tonight’s blog as i sit on my patio enjoying the warm summer night.  ahh…so relaxing!
buenas nachas!  🙂


3 Responses to “viva la mexico…i’m back!”

  1. 07.23.09 at 8:21 am

    The beach salsa sounds like it’s from a movie or something..how fun! (..the rain included 😉

    I’m totally lost (what nutrition concerns) after vacation, totally neglected my Fitbook – and – I was thinking to start fresh on Monday, but after reading your “monday syndrome” here, you’re so right about that! I’ll start my Fitbook RIGHT AWAY!

    (..staying tuned..won’t miss your new w/o routine!)

  2. 2 gretchen
    07.23.09 at 6:09 pm

    hey lady!! glad to see you back in action.. i see shots on that table! sounds like SUCH a fun vacay!! 🙂 miss u!

  3. 07.24.09 at 9:17 pm

    Glad to hear you had a fantastic vacation. Salsa on the beach would be a great time.

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