my RealAge!

so a major realization that i came to through the process of competing in (and the recovering from) the figure competitions was that what i look like in the mirror and the numbers on the scale are certainly not the only indicators of true health.  nor happiness for that matter.  so as i sit here with about 7 more LB’s than my competition weight and now a little tiny roll around my belly, i’m happy to say that i’m finally at a point where i can now appreciate my curves and not be so hard on myself for not maintaining that 11% lean body. it’s not realistic and it’s not healthy either. now – i can’t honestly say that i love my clothes a bit more snug, nor do i just love the reappearance of my beloved cellulite on my butt (TMI – i know)….but i am reevaluating the correlation between my body and my happiness. it seems to me that regardless of the scale, my happiness is tied directly tied to how i’m taking care of my body – not what it looks like. it’s a process, and sometimes i wonder if competing was worth how obsessed i became – you almost have to when you compete.  i have decided it was completely worth it because not only did i reach a goal that i set for myself, but i’m now learning even more about myself and how strong I am in the process.

SO in my quest to be the healthiest me – not just ripped or lean – i came across the RealAge test, which i heard about on oprah awhile back. it basically evaluates you on 5 factors: health, lifestyle, relationships, fitness and nutrition. then based on your answers it calculates your biological or “RealAge” and compares it to your calendar age. the best part is that it gives you a plan after to improve (read: lower) your RealAge by implementing positive changes in each area of your life. it’s totally free – just check “no” on all the options to share your info and you won’t even get any emails!

so how did I do? well, to put it perspective for those of you that don’t know me personally, my calendar age is 29.6. yes –  i am oh-so-near to my thirties.  i can’t wait…all the research says it’s the best decade for women and the way things are going in my life – i believe it! so that said – after answering a series of questions which took maybe 10 minutes max, i found out that my realage is [drumroll please]….. 27.5!!  i’ll take it! but of course I wanted to know why i wasn’t younger…i feel 19 after all! i’m competitive like that – plus i live a really healthy life!

things that ‘aged’ me that i need to work on:

  • stress less: easier said than done since you can’t control life, but i am trying to work on how i handle what life throws my way – and also incorporate more time into my life to relax and be social!
  • working out a bit too much: what? ok i could’ve told you that but recently i have started mixing up my routines a bit and started taking classes…that way i don’t burn out my body or my mind.
  • know my numbers: i knew my overall total cholestoral (super low…119), but i didn’t know my triglycerides or blood pressure!
  • focus on driving: don’t talk on the cell phone while driving – and don’t speed (oops…sorry mom).
  • bread – what?:  i need more grains (hmmm…not sure i agree here, but the reason was i need more fiber).
  • stretch it out: spend more time on flexibility/stretching…yoga and pilates would be good choices and would be a double-whammy to deal with stress too.

things that keep me young – yay me:

  • love my peeps: i have a close support system so despite a lot of stress, i have the relationships in place to deal with it (thanks – i’m so blessed!!).
  • getting my sleep: i get about 7-8 hours of sleep each night (most nights!) and it’s so important.
  • non-smoker: vegas doesn’t count, but i digress (joke!).
  • mylo: people who have dogs are healthier…love my little guy!
  • visits to the doc: i get my checkups and have my regular dental cleanings – plus i floss every day. aren’t you proud mom?
  • steady goes it: i have maintained a  fairly consistent body weight…it’s worse to yo-yo!
  • healthy attitude: i’m just a pretty darn positive person, good for the soul…and apparently your age.
  • edumacation: not sure how this makes me younger because i’m pretty sure getting my mba contributed directly to item #1 in the ‘needs work’ column (stress!).
  • take those multis: since i take a multi-vitamin every day i seriously hadn’t been sick for 3 years…until 2 days before my figure competition in hawaii. go figure.
  • fruits + veggies: no problem here for me – i get all my servings easily each day!

the best part is that the site then lets you set goals for improving your health! may i suggest you jot those down in your fitbook? write down your RealAge and then take the test again in 3 months to see how your doing!
here are my actionable goals that i’m putting in place – effective now:

  1. integrate either a yoga or pilates class into my workout plan each week
  2. go buy a new hands-free headset for my cell phone (finally!)
  3. learn something new – i need to keep challenging myself mentally, not just physically
  4. start a gratitude journal…i’ve always wanted to but never have and research shows it reduces stress
  5. revisit my numbers…check! found my report from my physical in january and found triglycerides (66), HDL (66), and LDL (40)…all super healthy!) now i know!

i’ll check back in a few weeks and let you know how i’m doing on my little action plan above.  i love stuff like this and thought you might too. THIS is all about living life fit after all. take your test now – and comment on my blog to let me know how you did! stay tuned – tomorrow I’m taking a poll on what my next fitness or health challenge should be. i wanna know what you think!

all my best…


4 Responses to “my RealAge!”

  1. 08.26.09 at 11:18 am

    Thanks again for your honesty, girl! Glad to hear you are HAPPY (and..only 27 yrs old;)
    Enjoy your 30’s, their the best years! When you turn 40 things happens..still a great age, but you’ll have to work so much harder for everything! (I’m 45..)
    I will take the test asap, exciting!

  2. 08.26.09 at 8:34 pm

    I did the test! Wow, I must be really good at flossing :)) as I got -4.9 years and ended up 40.6 (I am 45.5) (How come I feel like 30something? haha!)

  3. 08.27.09 at 1:51 pm

    I will have to take that. I’m mid 20’s, but I always feel like I’m closer to 30 (in mind anyways).
    You’re right, happiness is so much more than looks. You have to feel happy from the inside out. That’s a hard thing to do and a lot of people never acheive it. You sound like you’re well on your way.
    Gratitude journals are so fun. I started one a few years back after a rough go through a break up. It certainly helped. It forces you to think about something happy in your life that you take from granted sometimes. (ex, smell of the air after a thunder storm). I always found I wrote in it when I was in a down mood. Made more sense to help get out of it.

  4. 08.29.09 at 2:42 pm


    I am guessing that you meant that your LDL was at 66 and your HDL (good) was at 40? I am in the pharmaceutical industry and I have never seen anyone have their HDL numbers be higher than their LDL. Either way, very impressive numbers and I much say that you have a great thing going on here. It is nice reading over your blog because I realize that there are other people out there with the same passion for fitness and health that I have. Good luck with all your endeavors and keep in touch.

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