3 magazines + my next challenge

so i’ve been bombarded with goodness all in one day from 3 different magazines…go figure.  i’m so happy that i can barely contain myself.  check it out:

magazine #1: fitness magazine (sept 2009)
to back up just a bit, there’s been a crazy up-tick in fitbook sales the past few days and i was wondering why…and i fitness-mag-cover_sept2009remembered that fitness magazine had contacted me about featuring fitbook.  so i bee-lined for barnes & noble and sure enough – there on page 100 is a little write-up and photo of the fitbook!!!!!  seriously – to see that just made me giddy as a little girl!  the write-up was on fitness trackers and they list the “perfect workout tools” for different types of people.  they recommended fitbook for the ‘journal lover’: “let no move or munchie go unrecorded with the fitbook.” (they capitalized fitbook but i’ll let that one go…understandable error given that it would be grammatically correct that way!)  they go on to talk about the features of it and they included a little image of it and everything!  i proceeded to buy 4 copies, leaving 1 of course so someone else can buy the magazine and then buy a fitbook!  ah – what a blessing.

magazine #2: IDEA fitness journal (sept 2009)
this is the fitness industry trade magazine from IDEA – the organization that put on the fabulous fitness convention that we just attended in anaheim…where fitbook celebrated its first birthday, i might add!  (happy bday fitbook!)  so i get the mail at around 11 o’clock tonight, still glowing from the fitness magazine feature, and i’m flipping through the IDEA magazine and fitbook is featured in the product showcase….a little write-up and pic!  what are the odds?  just another reason i love IDEA (www.ideafit.com).  a lot of trainers and gyms learned about fitbook at our very first tradeshow just one year ago in vegas and we happily returned to the IDEA expo this year in anaheim – but we’re so thankful to IDEA for puttin’ the word out about fitbook in print too! 

magazine #3: muscle & fitness HERS (sept/oct 2009)
so i just sat down to relax tonight and was flipping through my latest issue of muscle & fitness hers.  everytime i get it i flip through really quick to find the fitbook ad that we place in there each month in the HersSHOP section.  there was my little fitbook happy as can be!  ok this is the wierd coincedence: directly opposite the fitbook ad is an article entitled “aftereffects: beat the post-contest blues by staying disciplined in the off-season”!!!  ok how many times did i joke that there should be post-competition therapy or support groups…and where was this article when i needed it most?  🙂  well, apparently directly opposite my fitbook!  i seriously want to write the entire article down here for my blog-followers that followed me both before and after the competition because you’d see that (apparently) i’m normal and everything i faced was just part of it.  it touches on the post-competition blues, the “feeding frenzies”, which apparently are due mostly to the hormones which get manipulated during competition prep. the most interesting part was that since you’ve been depriving your body, it starts absorbing fat, sodium and sugar like a sponge so your hormones go out of whack to try to stabilize itself…then the sugar (which you have NONE of during prep) causes your hunger to go “through the roof” (YES – i can attest to that!).  ah – it was just nice to see that i wasn’t whacko!!  a lot of people deal with this and end up weighing more after the competition than they did before (which i did too!).   the article goes on to talk about a “step-down plan” which consists of knowing yourself and what your triggers are while bringing your calories up by 300-400 per day, staying active to maintain, keeping  water intake high, and then staying accountable (fitbook perhaps?).  anyway – great article and SUCH an enlightening read for me.  i wish i would have had this sooner – but i made it through on my own and learned so much in the process.  

needless to say: lovin’ my mags right now!  the whole point of this blog was to talk about my next fitness challenge for myself, but i just had to share the great news with everyone.  so onto the point of the blog: i’d love to hear from you what you think my next fitness challenge should be for myself.  here are a few ideas – feel free to let me know which one you like, or recommend something else for me.  here are my ideas:

  • blogging through p90x: i’ve heard it’s killer which to me means “challenge”…i’m competitive that way.  i thought i could do the p90x program and blog about it each step of the way for 90 days (which is equal to one fitbook coincedentally!).
  • train for a tri: (sprint, that is)  a sprint triathlon consists of a 1/2 mile swim, 10 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run.  i’m fairly certain that i could do that now – but if i trained for it i could really kick butt at it!  there’s one in catalina island on november 7th i could train for!
  • …any ideas?  let me know what you think…i really want to push myself and find a new goal.  i’d love to hear your input.  (no figure competitions for awhile please!!)

i’ll be starting my new little health challenge in about 2 weeks, after i get back from some traveling!  in the meantime i’m loving being back in the gym, taking some new and fun classes, and starting enjoy cooking again with more than 5 ingredients, but still healthy as always. now that i’m back at it – i’m ready to tackle something new!  so please – challenge me…what do you think i can’t do?  that’s all i need – and i’m all over it! 
bring it on!!


8 Responses to “3 magazines + my next challenge”

  1. 08.27.09 at 1:07 pm

    P90X – heard about it..not quite sure what it’s all about..so I’d say you choose that program (for me to follow :))

    Magz – Happy for ya! Go girl!!!

    The post comp blues – wonder if that’s what happens to me every Monday..after a Saturday of cheats (sugar and carb overdose!?)

  2. 2 Shana
    08.27.09 at 2:28 pm

    Sprint triathlon! I have always wanted to do this and if I just lived a little closer I’d sign right up with you. Wish I had someone to train with, it’s my one motivation. So I guess I’ll just live through you for now 😉
    I see your fitbook ads all the time, and each time I think of you and I’m so happy you’re doing so great.

  3. 08.27.09 at 3:38 pm

    The P90x is supposed to be crazy. I have a friend that tried it and only lasted 2 weeks. My boyfriend and I will be trying it out in a few weeks once we get our new fitness equipment in our basement. Doing it in 90 days will take a lot of determination and focus. I think when we start it, I’ll be doing the P200x because it will take me that long haha.

    A tri would certainly be something different for you. It’s completely different from the weight training. You get 3 fabulous activities to do in order to train. That would be just enough to keep you challenged and have something new to work on every week.

    my vote: Triathlon 🙂

  4. 08.28.09 at 3:25 pm

    I say P90X! I’m finishing up my 2nd week and loving it! I found you at IDEA (I was with the Platinum Presenters booth) and as soon as I got home I ran to your website and bought myself a Fitbook. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It’s been a great tool for me in planning my P90X routines and meal plans! Great for consumers and for trainers! I’ll be recommending your product to all of my clients and customers! Thanks for creating the Fitbook!!!

  5. 08.28.09 at 4:33 pm

    Congrats on the fitbook success, your one year anniversary and the mag publications! I missed you at IDEA… not sure how?! Love your blog and I vote P90X challenge because I want to know if I should do it!

  6. 6 hrmeredith1
    08.28.09 at 6:11 pm

    WOW! I just found your blog yesterday and have gone back and read every entry up to the current one. What an amazing journey! You really hit on some things I was curious about too…supplements, recipes and protien powders, as well as everything else. I will continue to read your updates and learn new things. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I even posted on my facebook last night…”I found the best blog ever today!”. lol.

  7. 08.28.09 at 6:49 pm

    P90X is amazing! I promise you that you will love it at much as I do. I love helping people get in the best shape of their lives. Check out my site and look at my before and after photos from P90X. Keep pushing play and don’t quit!

  8. 08.28.09 at 6:57 pm

    glad you love my blog….yes it’s been quite a journey to say the least! 🙂 thanks for following…stay tuned!

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