week 4: taking a TEAM approach

no matter what your goals are, big or small, it’s important to have a team of people to help get you there – and that’s what week 4 in betterU is all about.  betterU talks about having a TEAM of people that you can count on at any one point in time – not just to hold you accountable but to also workout with, share healthy recipes, and be a positive influence for one another.  at fitlosophy we’ve been proponents of fitbookers teaming up to hold each other accountable – fitbook buddies!  whether it’s someone you just touch base with once a week or even daily, it truly does help to have that extra boost when you may not feel like peeling yourself off the couch to hit the gym or if the peanut butter seems to call out your name louder than the fresh brocolli in your fridge.  often times it’s just venting that helps keep you focused – and it works.  my fitbook buddy: miss joanna from fitness & spice (who i met through her fabulous blog!).  we either chat or email each other on sunday evenings with our weekly goals that we set in our fitbook, usually touch base over the phone or email a few times a week, and then send nudges of motivation each other’s way throughout the week!  i may send her a message on twitter to see how she’s coming for the day on her green tea quota and likewise she’ll check in to see how my workouts are coming.  my walking buddy is one of my girlfriends – we load the 9-month old in the stroller and we’re off for a 3 mile walk a few times a week which allows me to catch up on my girl-time but also burn calories at the same time.  my other workout buddy?  my 6lb yorkie mylo!  per betterU: “research shows that dog owners who walk their dogs are more active and have a lower body mass index (healthy weight for height) than people who don’t own or walk their dogs.”  who knew the cute little furry critter could not only melt my heart – but also be good for my heart health!

speaking of teams: little shout out to the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT blog team who joined forces to blog through thebetterU program!  exciting news that this initiative has gained some press which will further help our mission to help raise awareness and encourage others to SPEAK UP against heart disease.  check out this press release!  this tells all the stats and facts on the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT initiative and gives the stats on the first-ever BLOG YOUR HEART OUT day on february 12th.  not too shabby!  keep on blogging your way through betterU – and continue to make noise via twitter/facebook/blogs.  we’re going strong and are 4 weeks in – keep bloggin’ to save lives!

speaking of strong: did you know that you only need to do resistance training 2 times per week to build strength?  women in particular have this misconception that they’re going to bulk up when they lift weights but it’s actually quite the opposite.  doing strength training is the one way to build lean muscle which will help you to burn more body fat.  this isn’t a tough goal for me as i love love love lifting weights. trust me, even though i have a love my stepmill (well – kinda love-hate), i have to get my lifting in on top of the cardio to build lean muscle.  my goal this week is to lift 4 times per week and start doing more circuit training workouts (again – bump up the calorie burn) and do 3 days of cardio on top of that.

as i’ve said plenty of times before, i spend sunday evening planning out my week’s workouts and prepping food for the week – it’s just to get a healthy start on the week!  so take a few minutes and think about how you can put together a team to help you reach your goals – then step back and set your weekly goals which should include at LEAST 2 days of strength training,  maybe 4-5 days of cardio…but the whole point is to be active everyday.  even on off days i’ll fit in a quick half-hour or hour-long walk so my muscles can repair.  the important thing is to just move and be active – which actually is sometimes more important for my head than it is for my body!

now i’m off to meet with another “team” of mine for a little r&r – and some heart healthy wine!


3 Responses to “week 4: taking a TEAM approach”

  1. 03.03.10 at 1:01 pm

    I have to say I love our team approach. Having an accountability buddy (YOU!) really does keep me on track. It makes a big difference when you find a buddy that has the same workout style, work ethic, and goals as you do…even if they are two time zones away!

  2. 03.03.10 at 6:30 pm

    yes – LOVE having you as my fitbook buddy! i seriously think we were sisters separated at birth! 🙂

  3. 03.05.10 at 11:48 am

    Hey Angela,
    I found your site through your fitbook buddy (and just all around great person) Joanna!

    Knowing you are accountable…that can really be a motivating factor in those moments when it feels like you are about to eat something you shouldn’t, skip a workout, etc.

    And speaking of PB…yikes!! (it’s like you were speaking right to ME!!!!)

    Happy workin’ out…to you!

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