summer bod week# 1: lose the excuses + gear up!

brilliant. that’s me launching a 12-week program on easter sunday, especially when i’m traveling and spending time with family.  while i love being with family, it poses quite a challenge when you’re trying to train intensely or follow any kind of nutrition plan (flashback: competition prep!).   so there are a few speed bumps here on the road to the 12-week summer bod program:

  1. since i am traveling, access to a gym is pretty much non-existent so i’m limited to my running shoes and the wide open (country) roads.
  2. i absolutely hate starting programs mid-week, not to mention that i don’t have a NEW fitbook with me to start the program and for some reason it just throws me off to start a program and not have a brand-spanking-new fitbook.
  3. my recent commitment to a 10k mud run has me anxious because i thought i had 12 weeks to train and i only have 8  – which throws an interesting curveball in my training program.
  4. no internet – i kid you not i’m in my grandparent’s basement writing this as i’m home for easter and there is no internet access – so the only reason you’re reading this now is i’m was able to find internet in this little podunk town that i so lovingly call home.

so those are my excuses. what are yours?
as the fit tip in week 10 of the fitbook states:
“lose the excuses. they don’t get you any closer to your goals.”

in a perfect world i would be at home with no interruptions and i’d be able to focus on training and eating clean for the next 12 weeks – but that’s not life.  nothing ever goes as planned, so i’m taking this as a lesson learned and while i oh-so-want-to write a little blog post that says “happy (late) april fool’s – we’re starting next week” –  well then,  i wouldn’t be practicing what i preach.  so as we kick off this 12-weeks to a ready-to-bare-all bod, here are our to-do’s for the coming week:

aim big:
sit down and think long and hard about what your big goal is over the next 12 weeks.  is it really just to look good on the beach?  if so that’s fine – but dig deeper and think about some bigger goals that might really drive you.  give it some thought or even talk through it with a friend so you can really identify what that big goal is and then what the motivating factor is behind it – because that is what will keep you going on tough days.  my recent goal: i committed to run a 10k mud run in june – which would be all fine and dandy except i’m signed up to be on a team with 3 other guys and they want me in sub-7m-mile shape for race day. 6.2 miles….in the mud….with 3 guys….and to be honest i’m mildly terrified.  but that challenge is what i need to kick my butt into gear.  so why did i agree to it?  i know that my competitive nature will drive me to train like a madwoman – but i also was exhilarated at the thought of training for something that shifted my focus from what my body looks like to what my body can do!  so what’s your goal over the next 12 weeks?  think about it and aim big.
*see goal setting 101 page in fitbook for more tips + tricks for setting effective goals to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

gear up:
after you’ve identified your goal, you’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary tools to help you get there. first off – if you don’t have a fitbook – get one.  not for my sake –but for yours. (use promo code GETBEACHY before april 9th to save 12% and get a free body tape measure too!)  planning your goals out, tracking progress, and jotting down your thoughts are proven to work.  so what else might you need?  it will depend on your goal.  for me, my action item this week is to finally get the new ipod nano (in red!) and the nike+ system (which i’ve had before and loved).  the ipod was part of my recent 12-week goal rewards which i happily earned so i’m going to order that online by tonight and get the nike+ so i can track my runs, pace, and progress.  other gear i need: new running shoes.  so while i will continue to lift and do cardio at the gym, i’m gearing myself up with the things i need to focus hardcore on reaching my running goals.  what gear do you need?  order it tonight or make time this week to go pick it up.
*see the fit resources page in the fitbook for ideas on what tools you might need – or check stuff we love online.

prep your space:
part of starting any healthy-living program is ensuring that you set yourself up for success.  this means taking the time to toss out food (or donate non-perishables) that just have no place in your kitchen.  have a weakness for peanut butter? don’t buy it. cookies on sale and your kids love them?  pass them up – give ‘em a banana instead.  don’t torture yourself by keeping foods around that tempt you, but rather create a healthy environment so you’re more likely to stay on track. instead of rewarding yourself with food,  earn treats so you can still enjoy things you love, but try and keep them out of the house. other ways to get prepped for success: make sure you have a gym bag packed and ready to go so you can hit the gym before or after work – or if you don’t belong to a gym, find one near you and make it a point to sign up this week.

make the time:
take the time to really make sure you’re prepped each sunday night so that the busyness of the week doesn’t derail your workout and nutrition program.  my sunday afternoons are spent stocking up on healthy foods at the grocery store, prepping clean eating staples like chicken, brown rice, quinoa, and washing/chopping fruits and veggies.  then i plop down and plan out the week ahead in my fitbook so i’m all ready to go come monday morning.  take it one step further and not only plan out your workouts (including times) in your fitbooks, but also make it an appointment on your calendar so you can never say you don’t have time.  guarantee things will happen throughout the week that will challenge your schedule, but make yourself and your health a priority.  you may not want to hear this but – working out in the morning is pretty much the best way to ensure you’re get that workout in no matter what and research shows that morning fitness fanatics are more likely to reach their goals.  people ask me the best time of day to workout and my answer though always is: whatever time you’re most likely to stick to it because consistency is key!

those are the to-do’s for the week – now for your fitness + nutrition challenge:

weekly fitness challenge: step it up
start where you are – and take it one step further this week.  have you been hitting the gym 3 days a week? go 4. do you usually do 20 minutes on the elliptical? do 25. do you always do 3 sets of 12 reps when you lift? do 3 sets of 8 and up the weight.  you get the idea. wherever you are in your workout program, just take it one step further this week.

weekly nutrition challenge: be mindful
take the time this week to be mindful when you’re eating and learn to listen to your body. try to not multi-task (i.e. watch tv, read magazines, peruse the internet) when you eat this week so you can really tap into how your body feels.  this increased awareness will help you as we start tweaking your nutrition plan to help you reach your goals. and also ask yourself when you’re eating this week: will eating this get me one step closer to [insert goal here]?  often times the answer is no – and while you should enjoy food – we want to shift our thinking to “food as fuel”.

we have a lot to do this week – so get on it and get focused because we want to kick that booty into (better) shape come june, not just so we can rock the bikinis (and heaven forbid, speedos) but so we can truly be our best (healthy) selves.

feel free to write…ask questions…and join me as we kick off 12 weeks to a summer bod!
happy easter and live life fit…


5 Responses to “summer bod week# 1: lose the excuses + gear up!”

  1. 04.05.10 at 5:04 am

    the thought of getting beach ready should be enough motivation to do it!

  2. 2 Georgina
    04.05.10 at 5:46 am

    I love your blog so inspiring! It’s so hard getting started when you have been out of the loop. I am starting tomorrow so keep blogging with ideas for diet and workouts! I will be recording in my fitbook!

  3. 04.05.10 at 12:31 pm

    Great tips, Ang!

    I love that you have 2 goals…one for a race that has a hard deadline and one for getting that beach bod…one that is achievable but doesn’t have a hard deadline.

    I’m going to head over to check out your other gear recommendations! Although, I did order a bike this weekend so my gear budget just might be tapped.

    Go Ang Go!

  4. 4 KRISTIN
    04.05.10 at 12:46 pm

    Watch out! Angela’s back! ..you’re my true inspiration!

  5. 04.30.10 at 5:35 pm

    there’s nothing more fun than jogging in the park,
    love your blog.

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