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summer bod week #2: walk this way

upright – that is.  without going into too much detail, basically i have yet to master the art of walking.  a lovely stroll down the street in denver last week i was sauntering along in my italian stiletto black leather boots, laptop & purse on one shoulder, and of course starbucks in-hand…and apparently a slight crack in the sidewalk was all it took to send me sprawling.  a roll of the ankle, a twist of the neck, a pull on the hammy, and a real nice crick in the back…about 8 or 9 steps later i had managed to stay upright but i think i would have been better off going down.  it had to be quite entertaining for anyone who witnessed my graceful almost-tumble.  i must say though, i did manage to save the starbucks amidst the stumble which was obviously my primary concern.  so if you’ve seen me complaining on facebook about my injury, please let me preface this with: i’ve never really been injured and i hate whiners.  so now i’m injured and now i’m whining about it. go figure.  5 days, 2 chiropractor visits, 3 bags of frozen broccoli, and countless tablets of advil later – here i am.  still not better. still whining.

here’s the scoop on why i’m waiting til the wee hours of sunday night to write this blog which is SUPPOSED to be up so you can plan your week in advance (my bad):

  1. doctor’s orders: i can’t train for the mud run.  while i was highly vocal about dreading it, i was truly looking forward to the challenge. so i wasn’t exactly stoked to announce that i have to back out from training.  no running for me for at least another 2 weeks, leaving me only 4 weeks to train for a sub-7m-10k.  yeah – not happening.  however my goal is to get better so i can follow the training plan for it – it was BRUTAL and i’m so wanting to still take that on.  for now, i have to practice what i preach (and doctor’s orders) and listen to my body.
  2. i’m a little freaked out. it’s messed with my head a little bit – i’ll admit it.  i’ve always feared getting injured because working out and being active are just part of who i am. not to mention, i can’t even enjoy food if i feel like it’s not being used to fuel my body for anything other than plopping myself in front of my laptop. i have to move!  so a quick call with my girl kim and she put it to me straight: “well, now you have a perfect reason to eat super-duper clean for the next few weeks because you ain’t gonna be movin’ all that much!” (pardon the slang but that’s pretty much how blunt she is – and it works.)
  3. i can’t workout – all i can really do is walk, so i’ve spent the last few hours racking my brain on what i would write in my blog if i can’t even do more than walk at a swift pace, and even that is questionable given my aforementioned ability to put one foot in front of the other without taking a nosedive. then i realized: this 12-weeks to a summer bod is about you, not me.

which leads me to YOU…YOUR 12-week summer bod program.  hopefully you spent this past week gearing up and setting goals.  if you haven’t noticed the beautiful weather, let that be a nice little reminder that summer is right around the corner – which means time-is-a-tickin’!  so last week you were supposed to think about what your 12-week goal is,then get the gear you need to reach that goals prep your space, and then make time for yourself each week (preferably sunday night) to plan out each week so you take steps toward reaching your 12-week BIG goal.  what’s your goal?  tell me!  (i’m going to have to revisit that one – it may go from running a muddy 10k to just walking a city block in 2-inch high heels.)

did you step it up last week and add a little bit more onto your workout routine?  were you mindful when eating so that you’re completely in-tune with your body and emotions to ensure you’re eating for fuel?

so this week – it’s on.

weekly fitness challenge: circuits + splits
regardless of how you’ve been training, try adding circuits to your strength training program so that you’re moving constantly.  between each set you’ll throw in 30 seconds of either jump rope, walking lunges, hopping up and over a bench from side to side, squat thrusts, pushup, crunches, leg lifts…you name it – just keep MOVING!  that gives your muscles plenty of time to recover by the time you circuit, then change weights and hit the next set.  next, try this split for your workouts: one body part per day.  this allows you to focus 100% on that muscle group and your strength training session lasts only about 20-30m, including circuits which keep your heart rate up the whole time.  add in some cardio, with length of time depending on your current physical shape, and you’ve got a killer workout in less than an hour a day.  plan out your week ahead in your fitbook and then jot down each day’s workouts ahead of time so you know what you’re doing when you get there.  here’s the deets:

monday: back + 30m steady state cardio
tuesday: chest + 20m interval cardio
wednesday: 30-45m active rest (walking, etc.)
thursday: legs + 30m steady state cardio
friday: shoulders + 30m steady state cardio
saturday: arms (bis/tris) + 20m interval cardio
sunday: active rest (don’t be a bum!)

**for lifting do 3-4 different exercises per body part with 3 sets per exercise. looking to build muscle? do 8, 6, and then 4 (or to failure) reps. wanting to build strength & muscle tone? aim for 12, 10, and 8 reps – but you should always be struggling on that last set/rep!

weekly nutrition challenge: clean it up!
wanna sport a bathing suit soon? time to rid your diet of all those preserved foods (most of the time) and eat clean.  aim for 6 meals a day with your pre- and post-workout meals being super important to fueling your workouts and feeding your muscles. sit down and jot down when (approximately) each meal should be based on when you workout so you’re eating every 3-4 hours.  SUPER IMPORTANT: drink up!  hydrate like crazy with the H2O which does wonders for your bod and, by the way, keeps you full when you’re cutting calories.  speaking of which: i vowed not to count calories anymore, but it is a good idea to know approximately how many you should be consuming each day.  here’s a sample breakdown of what your meals should consist of to eat clean and still fuel the body:

breakfast: whole grains + fruit + protein + fat  (oatmeal w/fruit, coconut oil and scrambled egg whites)
snack 1: protein (dairy) + fruit + fat (greek yogurt w/blueberries and walnuts)
lunch: protein + veggies + whole grains (big spinach salad w/chicken, fish or turkey, and quinoa or brown rice)
pre-workout: protein + slow carb (protein shake and brown rice cake or sweet potato)
post-workout: protein + fast carb (protein shake and fruit/sugar…hint: chocolate milk is the best post-workout meal!)
dinner: protein + veggies (fish/steak/chicken/turkey/eggs and as many veggies as you want!)
snack 2 (optional): protein only (before bed opt for either a protein shake or cottage cheese)

i’ll have more little inside tips + tricks for you next week but this should keep you busy!  the most important part – eat clean. try your best to avoid the condiments and add-ons that usually pull unnecessary sugar and salt into your body.  follow this plan 5 days a week and you’ll be doing good…6 days a week and your body will be rockin’…and 7 days a week, well that’s just incomprehensible to me because i personally need one meal a week where i can eat something that my body’s craving.  so whether it’s making my healthy french toast on sunday morning or enjoy frozen yogurt on fridaynight, i have to enjoy a few things in moderation to keep me sane.  my tip: do what works for you!

so i’m pushing you this week to really focus. i’m out of commission (workout-wise anyway) so do me a favor and kick it up a notch. when you’re working out, appreciate that you’re able to push yourself hard and give yourself credit for committing to get in (better) shape.  and when you’re eating, don’t think about what you can’t have, but instead focus on nourishing your body for optimum health.  on that note, i’m off to bed as i’m not practicing what i preach on the importance of getting 8 hours of shut-eye a night.  see what i do for my fitbookers?
in pain but smiling,


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