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speechless (yes – me.)

i received this little tidbit of joy in my inbox yesterday as i was running around a frazzled mess trying to get ready for the big launch behind fitbook 3.0.  this stopped me in my tracks – so i had to share:


subject: fitbook: How I Love Thee, Let me Count the Ways…

Dear Angela, fitlosophy team, fans of fitbook, and yet to be (but soon to be) fans:

I just wanted to take a moment and express yet again my utter and undying love for fitbook, and all things fitlosophy. About a year and a half ago, I had been living on a diet of processed carbs, large restaraunt portions, and beer…(that’s what I got for living with my boyfriend!), but I was also working out, so I figured I was ok. Then, I decided that at around 145 lbs, that was a little much for my 5’6 frame, and I was definitely carrying some less than flattering pudge. So, I figured the first step was to start writing down what I ate, thus I needed a “food jourmal”…but could not find one I liked anywhere. Then I was reading an issue of Shape mag- and saw a promotion for the “fitbook”…I thought it looked cute- so I ordered one. Oh. My. Gosh. Cute does not describe this litte tiny phenomenon. It’s format is EXACTLY what I was looking for and more. Writing down what I ate and how much I exercised was actually fun, and this cute little book with it’s equally adorable pen fits right in my handbag- and goes everywhere with me. And I can’t pull it out without having people ask me about it- whether at the gym, out to eat, or anywhere in between. I am now on I believe my 5th fitbook- and my love affair has yet to burn out. I have reccommened it to, and had many friends buy it. A year and a half later I am down 30 pounds, and am more fit than I have ever been. I do strength training 3 times a week, and cardio 6-7 times a week, and eat a healthful diet- all of which gets jotted down in my cute little fitbook. I can honestly say that I could not have done this without it. I can’t praise it enough. It is also full of heathy eating and exercise tips- which are so helpful- it’s encouraging to see these tips, and know that it is not about the numbers on the scale, but about remembering and striving to “live life fit.” I recently became certified to teach Zumba- which is so fun, and am planning on going back to school to further my education in the fitness and nutrition field- thanks, in large part to fitbook!  I proudly rock my cute little red ‘live life fit’ tank at least once a week at the gym- for which I also get mad compiments. I have seen first hand the changes that are possible when given a little help.  My health, body image, and confidence has soared. Congrats to Angela and her team at fitlosophy for having such an awesome, inspired idea and putting it into action! I owe you huge!!!!! Everyone should get fitbook- you WON’T be dissappointed!!!!!

Thanks again!

Becca M.
Portland, Oregon


wow. that pretty much sums up why i do what i do every single day.  it’s moments like those that remind me just how passionate i am about what i do. and i’m not sharing this with you to brag about how amazing fitbook is or how fabulous i am (because i am not)…but moreso to give a real-life example that reaching your goals IS within your reach if you just set your mind to it. push yourself. remind yourself every single day what drives you.  THIS drives me.  so whether it be your family, helping others, being healthy, or whatever that inner-drive might be,  find that god-given motivation, channel it…and go for it.

ok – so not exactly “speechless”…but this might be my shortest blog post yet!
finally – a big thanks to becca for sharing her love of fitbook with me – and all other fitbookers and fitbookers-to-be. congrats on all your success – YOU are putting the hard work in.  keep it up and thank you for making my day week!
now off to launch the NEW fitbook 3.0!


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