week 12: blogging our hearts out…for a cause.

this week marks week 12 of the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT program where myself and 4 other bloggers joined forces to increase awareness around heart disease and the american heart association’s go red for women initiative.  each week we blogged through the 12-week betteru program – and honestly i loved it.  it took maybe only 10-15m each week but was a great way to start the week out thinking about something new and different to make myself just a little bit healthier.  of course my favorite part of the program was the focus on goal-setting which fit oh-so-nicely with planning in my fitbook each week.  here’s a little insight into what the betteru program has to say about goal-setting (i couldn’t say it better myself, so why try!?):

plan for the future. Throughout the Go Red BetterU Course for Success you have been encouraged to set smallweekly goals. Short-term goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic, and have a time frame) guide you in making changes and build your self-confidence. It is important that you continue to set new short-term goals for yourself. These daily action plans will remind you what you need to do to make your heart and your health is a priority.

long-term goals help keep you focused. In addition to setting short-term goals, set one or two long-term heart health goals. Walking in an organized 5K walk, eating four cups of fruits and vegetables most (5 or more) days of the week and taking 8,000 to 10,000 steps each day are long-term goals that Go Red Women have set.

i have to give a shout-out to the betteru program.  we issued a fitbooker survey back in january where 72% of all customers said they wanted a weekly wrap-up added to the fitbook – so of course i took note of that. but it was the betteru program that really opened my eyes to how effective it was to set weekly rewards.  i found myself more motivated because while the fitbook encourages you to set weekly goals to reach that big 12-week goal, we only had implemented rewards on a 12-week basis.  hello – love short-term rewards!  even if they seem trivial, like treating myself to new magazine or a trip to go window shopping at the mall, those weekly rewards really did keep me focused toward reaching my weekly goals.  so a big thanks to YOU betteru for inspiring the latest version of fitbook: fitbook 3.0!

so as we wrap up this 12-week program – just a look back at the big things that happened over the past 12 weeks:

  • fitlosophy launches the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT initiative to increase awareness around heart disease using social media, gaining press coverage for our efforts!
  • fitlosophy sponsors the first-ever BLOG YOUR HEART OUT day on february 12th with the fitlosophy blogging team alone tallying 1726 blog views. bloggers worldwide joined the campaign to create awareness and share their personal stories, with over 458 people being directed to the go red for women site in one day to join the movement.
  • fitlosophy teams up with shay sorrells, season 8 contestant from the biggest loser, to kick off national start! walking day with the american heart association in orange county to promote the importance of being active.

so as we wrap up what has been an amazing intitiative to be a part of, i want to personally thank my amazing team of bloggers who have rallied over the last 12-weeks all for a good cause – so thank you lani, joanna, sahar, and jodi!  and last but certainly not least we want to thank the american heart association for supporting this effort that we hope becomes an annual initiative.  with nearly 90% of fitlosophy’s customers being women, it’s a cause near and dear to our hearts to increase awareness around the #1 killer of women.

with all my HEART,


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