summer bod week #6: get your c’s, g’s and zzz’s!

half. way. there.  that means we are a mere 6 weeks away from flaunting our fab figures.  we’ve focused a lot on reining in our nutrition and refining our workouts – and the half-way point is a perfect time to re-evaluate: reflect on how far you’ve come over the past 6 weeks, reward yourself for those accomplishments (as we preach in the fitbook!), and then revisit that big goal that will keep you motivated on the home-stretch.

while i never focus too heavily on supplementation (except for my crazy pre-competition pill-popping), there are a few recent studies that came out that have me dialed in on getting my c’s, g’s, and zzz’s.

c’s: as in vitamin c
we all know that getting vitamin c is great for boosting immunity, but did you also know that it can reduce the levels of cortisol in your body?  cortisol is the nasty stress hormone that causes your body to store abdominal fat so the beautiful thing about vitamin c is that studies show getting approximately 1000mg per day can actually increase your body’s ability to burn fat!   check out my nutrition challenge below for the week on ways to get more vitamin c in your diet naturally.  a few fizzy supplement options are emergen-c (a fave of biggest loser contestant ms. shay sorrells) or my newest love e-boost which throws in some added bonus vitamins, minerals, and green tea extract…which leads me to the g’s…

g’s: as in green tea
if you saw the most recent issue of the fitlosophy e-newsletter, you saw my new-found love for green tea, which started primarily because of the fat-burning properties that caused me to perk my ears up and take notice.  if i can kick-start my metabolism by just adding 1 little cup of green tea to my day, it’s worth it. along the way i found out that there are some super yummy teas that (dare i admit!) i may have almost enjoyed more than coffee (gasp!).  say it isn’t so!  it’s true.  getting a daily dose of this metabolism-boosting, cancer-fighting, and cancer-fighting miracle-in-a-cup has been shown to slow your body’s absorption of carbohydrates, preventing a rise in insulin levels, which then causes your body to burn fat.  if that’s not enough, green tea is a mild appetite suppressant and also removes excess water from your body.  enjoy a decaf cup at night so you can relax and get your…

zzz’s: as in sleep!
we all know we need to sleep more…but did you know that lack of sleep could be sabotaging your ability to get that rockin’ bod that you work so hard for day-in and day-out by eating right and exercising?  while it may seem simple: sleep more, lose weight…the truth is that we have so many things in our lives pulling us in every direction that often our sleep is the first to go.  from the article “lose weight while you sleep” on this subject from glamour magazine: “science shows that sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on hormones that control appetite, cravings and the metabolism of fat.”  lack of sleep actually causes your body to also create more cortisol (again – that nasty stress hormone) that causes your body to store abdominal fat.  (and no it’s not ok to slam double doses of e-boost and operate on 4 hours sleep…i know you were thinking it!).  now i’m preaching but i’m not all that good at practicing, but starting this week i’m adding sleep into my weekly goals because the last thing i want is lack of sleep to be why i don’t see results from all my sweat sessions at the gym. cut out a little tv time (tivo people!), keep the crackberry/iphone out of the bedroom, and unwind a half-hour before bedtime.  try it this week and see just how much more energy you have during the day!  i’m in.

so those are my 3 little add-ons to my fitness + nutrition goals…so much so that i’ve added little reminders in my fitbook each day (if i like ’em enough, they might just be added to future versions!).  here’s what i do: at the top of my food log page i jot down “sleep = #” and enter the number of hours i sleep the night before…and then i can see how that affects my eating that day.  then in the nutrient tracker section under h2o i’ve been adding a little “g” and “c” in 2 of the boxes…and since i take both my vitamin c and green tea with 8oz of fluid, it’s just a way to remind myself that i need to take those each day.  i’ve been having my green tea after breakfast so i don’t forget for the day…and then having my e-boost or emergen-c as my post-lunch treat because it actually satisfies that little sugar craving i have after a meal.  just my little tips – now onto your weekly challenges.

weekly fitness challenge: consistency is key
last week we changed up the workouts quite a bit by tweaking your splits and adding intervals into your cardio. continue with the same workout plan this week, remembering that the key to seeing results is to be consistent.  going to the gym isn’t an option – it’s part of your day.  do it. don’t think about it – just go. i saw a quote the other day in fitness magazine: “no one ever said ‘i wish i hadn’t gone to the gym today’.”  so as i plan out my week ahead, that’s my inspiration (which i’m happily writing in my new fitbook 3.0 in my little inspiration box!).  i go to the gym every day (except sunday) – but i don’t want to just show up, i want to make every session brutal and walk out knowing i did myself a favor by kicking my own butt.  on those intervals, you should have jotted down your distance/stairs/etc. that you reached within the 20m…this week, beat those numbers.  lift harder, run faster, sweat more.

weekly nutrition challenge: get those c’s + g’s
few natural sources to get in your vitamin c:
oranges, guava, red/green peppers, kiwi, grapefruit, strawberries, brussel sprouts, canteloupe

and get your green tea: check out the green tea that i flipped over so much so that i had the waiter bring me an extra tea bag so i could find it online – and a little lean green tea mini muffin recipe from ms. fitness & spice to enjoy with your tea! one thing though: recent research shows that adding milk to green tea negates the positive effects, so drink your tea straight up either steeped or on the rocks.

half-way there.  what’s your goal?  i can’t remember if i shared mine with you or not, so those of you that faithfully read my blog (all kajillion words of it) – i’m spilling my little soul.  my 12-week goal is to look and feel like the girl on my website both inside and out.  she’s confident and happy with who she is.  and i’m almost there.  and while life’s inevitable ups and downs has throw me a few curveballs – i’m happy to say that “i’m back”.  i’m focused. most people would look at me and see a fit little bod, but what i’m striving for is that internal confidence and go-get-em-ness that i know i have in me.  i have no desire to be a certain size because of what i look like on the outside, but because what i look like on the outside is a direct reflection of how i feel on the inside.  ok now i feel like i’m standing naked in a room full of people by baring my soul.  (and why that would bother me i have no clue given that i am half-naked in all my pre-competition pics!).  but i’ve always promised to myself that this blog is nothing more than just me being me, and hopefully, just maybe it helps someone else along the way.

with (true) love,


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