summer bod week #8: clean up + lean out!

ahhh…spring is in the air!  despite a little grey weather lately, i must say i love the brisk mornings and the warm afternoons that are just teasing us with summer right around the corner.  this time of year i get the spring cleaning itch and it began this weekend after plowing through my entire house.  organizing…cleaning…sorting…and tossing any excess stuff which really serves no purpose other than the added anxiety that i get from trying to keep it all organized!  my inspiration? well, other than the parents coming to town for a visit for the holiday weekend, our upcoming e-newsletter is all about spring cleaning so after working on that this past week – i’m inspired.  but obviously this isn’t about spring cleaning mi casa – this is all about cleaning up your diet and leaning out those bods for summer.  we’re in week 8, which means 1 of 2 things: 1) you’re completely on board and have seen such great success that you’remotivated as we head into the last 4 weeks or 2) you’re kicking yourself because somewhere around week 2 or 3 you fell off the bandwagon and gave up.  either way – tomorrow is always a new day which means we have the opportunity to make even better choices and making those little choices every day leads to big success over time.  so pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and let’s spruce up your nutrition plan and polish that workout program!  grab your broom (er, dumbbells) and let’s get to it!

weekly fitness challenge: killer circuits + cardio/cardio/cardio
circuit training is the best way to lean out because you’re increasing the intensity of your entire workout but you’re still including resistance training.  i’m warning you: this workout will kick your butt.  and if it’s not, then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.  we will do circuits for the next few weeks but each week they’ll get harder.  so here’s your weekly schedule and below are the circuit workouts….and i will be doing these too so never fear, i will be in pain along with you!  note: if you want to switch the off day with one of the cardio days that’s fine, whatever works with your schedule but just be sure there’s a rest day between each circuit workout.  jot the workouts down in your fitbook before you head to the gym and you’ll have them handy to reference!

monday: circuit #1
tuesday: steady-state cardio (30-45m)
wednesday: circuit #2
thursday: cardio intervals (20-30m)
friday: circuit #3
saturday: steady-state cardio (30-45m)
sunday: active rest day!

circuit notes: perform exercises #1-10 as a circuit for the 30 minutes, repeating as necessary for the entire time. then do ab exercises #11-12 and cool-down.  so for example, you should be able to almost get through the circuit 3 times in 30m…then do abs for a total workout of about 40m.  key to this workout: MOVE FAST – NO REST BETWEEN SETS…GO GO GO!  lift moderate weight – you’ve gotta be able to endure for 30m!

circuit #1:

  1. jumping jack (20)
  2. push-ups (12)
  3. single-leg lunge on bench (12/leg)
  4. dumbbell curl (12)
  5. squat thrust (12)
  6. lateral dumbbell raise (12)
  7. squat w/dumbbells (12)
  8. lateral bench hop-overs (12)  jump back & forth quickly!
  9. jump rope (60s)
  10. dumbbell tricep kickback (12)
  11. crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 20)
  12. side crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 20)

circuit #2:

  1. squat thrust (10)
  2. dumbbell side raise (10)
  3. bent-over single-arm dumbbell row (10)
  4. single leg lunge w/back leg on bench (10/leg)
  5. dumbbell overhead triceps extension (10)
  6. squat thrust (10)
  7. barbell curls (10)
  8. dumbbell bench press (10)
  9. squat thrust (10)
  10. dumbbell overhead press (10)
  11. plank (3 times, 60s each)
  12. side plank (3 times, 30s each side)

circuit #3:

  1. jump rope (60s)
  2. dumbbell squat (10)
  3. lying tricep pullover (12)
  4. jumping jack (12)
  5. push-ups (12)
  6. jump rope (60s)
  7. lateral bench lunge (12)
  8. jumping jack lunges (12/leg)
  9. jump rope (60s)
  10. dumbbell tricep kickback (12)
  11. crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 20)
  12. side crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 20)

[gotta give credit where credit is due – this is a workout i found a long time ago by celebrity trainer t.r. goodman…it rocks]

weekly nutrition challenge: clean it up
workout out all you want and if you’re not eating a healthy, clean diet, you may as well kiss any plans to see that 6-pack goodbye.  it’s all about eating clean.  so – this doesn’t mean starve yourself.  on the contrary, the cleaner you eat, actually the more volume of food you can eat because clean, healthy foods tend to be lower in calories.  so – here are a few tips for this week to clean up your diet and yes, we’re going to take a few things away, and NO you don’t have to do it.  but if you wanna lean out, well, you’ve gotta sacrifice something.  this little plan is a derivation of my 4 weeks out competition diet – so beware, this is not for the weak.  enjoy!

  • limit dairy (low or non-fat) to only one serving per day
  • try substituting milk or soy milk with almond milk (unsweetened!)…you’ll never go back!
  • drink a gallon of water per day
  • limit condiments that usually just add either salt or sugar (ketchup, salad dressing, salsa, etc.)
  • no starchy carbs (yes – this means NO bread!)…only whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, oats, etc.)
  • max of 1 egg yolk per day – unlimited egg whites though!
  • alcohol: hate to tell you but this isn’t really included, but if you must, choose 1 glass of red wine

need clean eating recipe ideas?  i subscribe to clean eating magazine (or even peruse their recipes online) and check out the recipes on my blog or at fitness & spice.  other great resources: note: you can add in a cheat meal per week and i actually recommend it so that you don’t lose your sanity.  but it’s a cheat MEAL, not day.  make sure your cheat meal is not on your off-day and be sensible…trust me if you go all out with burger, fries, and shake, you’ll pay later!  maybe your cheat is a healthy dinner and splitting dessert with a friend or enjoying a glass of wine and a few chocolate strawberries.  love burgers?  have one – but consider making it at home versus ordering out…they can pack nearly 1000 calories!  remember: the point is to treat yourself for doing great all week, but then quickly get re-focused.  my cheat (in case you’re new to my blog): golden spoon frozen yogurt…mmmm!

alrighty…so there you have it: a lean-and-mean workout routine and a spic-and-span clean eating plan!  along with this theme of spring cleaning, make sure you’re subscribed to receive the fitlosophy e-newsletter coming out THIS week which will be our special spring cleaning issue, full of fresh new things at fitlosophy, super spring savings, my picks for the summer’s best beach reads, an update from our miss shay sorrells from the biggest loser, and of course a recipe for you!

happy sweating…


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  1. 1 KRISTIN
    05.23.10 at 8:45 am

    Love a good circuit, I’ll sure look into these..

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