summer bod week #9: bbq survival guide

ahh…a 3 day weekend.  if you were a brave soul last week and joined me for the circuit workouts then you’ve definitely earned a little r & r!  holy camoly the circuits were brutal – but beware it gets tougher this week.  i did 3 days of cardio for 45m-1hr each day plus the circuit workouts the other 3 days.  i must admit i squeezed in an extra 2om cardio on the circuit days.  it’s a mental thing for me.  i know circuit training actually burns more calories because you’re combining strength and cardio, but i can’t seem to get it through my little head that it’s ok to NOT be in the gym for an hour.  it’s like i have this little time-clock in my head and if i don’t reach that one hour point i feel like i haven’t worked out hard enough. silly, i know.  plus, with only a mere 4 weeks left in the program, adding a little extra cardio doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to lean out!  check out this week’s workouts…and then onto my handy bbq survival guide for all of you that will be partaking in any memorial day festivities that usually include burgers, brats & beers.  read on…

weekly fitness challenge: more circuits + even more cardio
this week has a similiar split schedule to last week (3 days circuits + 3 days cardio) but 1 ) the circuits include harder exercises, 2) you do the circuits longer and 3) we’re upping the cardio even more!   if you are not on the verge of getting sick at the end of the circuit workouts, take your pen and check the “good” box in your fitbook and next time work hard to make it “killer”!  the best thing about these workouts: you’re working every body part during each workout but giving each muscle group time to rest in between so that you can really work hard since muscles are fresh once you get back to them!  here’s your weekly schedule and below are the circuit workouts.  take time sunday to jot the circuits down in your fitbook and you’ll be ready to go!

monday: circuit #4
tuesday: cardio intervals (30-40m)
wednesday: circuit #5
thursday: steady-state cardio (45-60m)
friday: circuit #6
saturday: cardio intervals (30-40m)
sunday: active rest day (beach volleyball, swim, bike, hike, walk…get outside!)

circuit notes: perform exercises #1-10 as a circuit for the 40 minutes, repeating as necessary for the entire time. then do ab exercises #11-12 and cool-down. so for example, you should be able to almost get through the circuit 4 times in 40m…then do abs for a total workout of about 50m. key to this workout: MOVE FAST – NO REST BETWEEN SETS…GO GO GO!  lift moderate weight – you’ve gotta be able to push through for 40m and it’s tough!

circuit #4:

  1. squat thrust (10)
  2. incline dumbbell bench press (10)
  3. bent-over 1-arm dumbbell row (10/arm)
  4. lying overhead triceps extention (10)
  5. jump rope (70s)
  6. squat w/dumbbells (10)
  7. dumbbell curl (10)
  8. dumbbell bench press (10)
  9. dumbbell side raise (10)
  10. jump rope (70s)
  11. plank (3 times, 60s each)
  12. side plank (3 times, 60s each side)

circuit #5:

  1. jump rope (70s)
  2. push-ups (15)
  3. dumbbell side raise (15)
  4. lateral bench hop-overs (12) jump back & forth quickly!
  5. jumping jacks (20)
  6. lying triceps extention (15)
  7. squat thrust (15)
  8. incline dumbbell curl (15
  9. jump rope (70s)
  10. dumbbell kickback (15)
  11. crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 20)
  12. side crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 20)

circuit #6:

  1. clean & press squat thrust (10) oooh these are brutal – see video for example…do the 2nd one if you canw/the press. (author note: after taking this long to find a video of this exercise, i think i am going to break out my FLIP soon!)
  2. single leg lunge on bench (10/leg)
  3. dumbbell bench press (10)
  4. seated dumbbell overhead press (10)
  5. jump rope (70s)
  6. bent-over 1-arm dumbbell row (10)
  7. barbell curl (10)
  8. dumbbell deadlift (10)
  9. jumping jack lunges (10/leg)
  10. dumbbell triceps extension (10)
  11. plank (3 times, 60s each)
  12. side plank (3 times, 60s each side)

[again – credit goes to celebrity trainer t.r. goodman for designing this program i found along time ago in men’s fitness…it is killer]

weekly nutrition challenge: bbq survival guide
nothing like a memorial day bbq to get you in the summer spirit!  i’m all about living life (fit) which means enjoying (almost) all things in moderation.  thing is: you can easily get through a bbq without doing too much damage, you just have to 1) plan ahead, 2) be strategic, and 3) be mindful.  if it’s your bbq then it’s easy: make sure you have a healthy cookout.  i’m not saying grill up veggies and a side of sauteed tofu here people, just healthy tweaks.  for example, for your burgers try going with grass-fed bison (buffalo) which is leaner than other types of beef, and then when you’re making the patties add in about a cup of diced up portobello mushrooms.  it cuts calories, makes more burgers, and actually keeps them super moist!  but odds are you’re going to be at a pot-luck style bbq with all the (not-so-healthy) fixin’s.  so here are a few things you can offer to bring – you’ll be a generous guest and ensure you’ll have a few healthy options:

  • orowheat whole wheat 100-calorie sandwich thin buns – a better option than those big buns that pack in  200 cals each!
  • a pack of veggies burgers – a thoughtful option for non-meat-eaters at the shindig.
  • LEAN turkey burger patties – don’t be fooled though, restaurant turkey burgers can actually pack more calories & fat than beef so if you buy the turkey at the store buy extra lean.
  • a veggie platter – instead of ranch dip, add a pack of the powdered ranch seasoning to non-fat greek yogurt.
  • light beverages – whether it’s coke zero, vitamin water, or corona light, trust me there’s always someone at the party that appreciates a lower-cal alternative; if opting for alcohol just remember to sip water in between so you don’t throw back 500 calories!
  • fruit popsicles or skinny cow ice cream sandwiches – these are a light and fresh alternative to heavy desserts and both have only around 100 cals.  plus they’re already single-serve meaning no cutting and serving a messy pie or cake!

so there you have it: a quick little how-to guide to get through any bbq while still enjoying yourself!  important though: if you’re following our 12-week plan, our focus this week is the same as last: eat clean.  so enjoy your bbq as your cheat meal (not cheat DAY) and then get back on our plan so you can reach those long-term goals.  and just because monday is a holiday (here in the states anyway) doesn’t mean you don’t work out.  wake up, get it in early so you can go on about your day and enjoy yourself.  i promise you’ll feel better that you did.

any questions, comments or random thoughts on the blog – feel free to comment! last thing: check out our new facebook fan page for a 3-day only promo for facebook fans only…good through sunday at 12pm PST!  now i’m off to enjoy my 3-day weekend…WOO HOO!


4 Responses to “summer bod week #9: bbq survival guide”

  1. 05.29.10 at 1:23 pm

    This workout ought to burn off some fat. I love it! And yes…where there’s a will there’s a way to incorporate healthy eating into any event. Your ideas rock.

    Enjoy your weekend, Ang!

  2. 2 Rachelle
    05.31.10 at 2:33 am

    Great tips on BBQ-I brought a tabouli salad to one on Friday and chose grilled shrimp rather than scampi-that had 2 sticks of butter melted over the top of it. Drank water and swam in the pool with my kids so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat! Love the circuit workout last week-looking forward to this week. THanks for posting these! Can’t wait to get my fitbooks! Just ordered!

  3. 06.02.10 at 5:35 pm

    Thats some workout. One of these days I’m gonna meet you at the gym and hopefully I can make it though your routine. Sounds awesome.

  4. 02.19.13 at 11:50 pm

    I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You are incredible! Thanks!

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