summer bod week #11: excess + moderation

the heat is on…only 2 weeks to the finale of our 12-weeks to a summer bod!  if you’ve been rockin’ these circuits the past 3 weeks you are 1) exhausted, 2) yet energized, and 3) well on your way to that 6-pack.  (speaking of 6-packs did anyone see ashton kutcher’s in killers?  oy.)  sorry – focus.  i don’t know about you but around week 6 or 7 my energy starts to wane a bit on any 12-week program  – and then around week 10 i snap back because the end is near.  and i’m (hopefully) that much closer to my goal.  so what do you do to keep yourself motivated on those tough days?  i literally have exactly 1 month from today until i have to rock a bikini on the beaches of mexico where i was last year at this time, post-competition.  (if you haven’t been following my blog for that long, well just peruse over and check out how rockin’ my bod was.)  yeah.  oh how i remember bouncing around in my bikini without a care (or a jiggle) in the world.  point being: while yes i’m still fit, i ain’t THAT fit!  we all have different measures of where we feel our best – and to be honest i was a bit thin at competition so i’m okay having a little extra booty on the backside.  but you can guarantee that knowing that the mexican beaches are awaiting me in less than 30 days keeps me rather focused every day.  so find out what motivates you every single day.  i keep thinking i should keep a competition pic as a bookmark in my fitbook but i’m not sure yet if it will motivate me or depress me. ha!  whatever your goal is, don’t overwhelm yourself – it really comes down to 2 simple things: exercise in excess and munch in moderation.

exercise in excess
think about it this way: if you plan out your workouts every week, but each day you pushed yourself just 5 minutes more, you’d be that much closer to your goal.  i have a client that i train that has the best attitude: anytime i tell her, give me 3 more…she says “i can do 5 more…i can do 5 more of anything!”.  that sticks in my head everytime i’m working out.  5 extra minutes of running or 5 more reps on your last set of squats…whatever it is, push yourself to excess.  every little bit each day adds up to easily an extra 100-200 calories burned each week.  i tried this out the other day: i ran my 3 miles as planned and then i was going to do 8 sets of sprints where i run 30s sprints on this stretch of road by my house, then walk back which takes about 1 minute and 30s.  i finished my 8 sprint-walk sets and was dead tired.  but i knew i had 2 more in me so i pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and eeked out 2 more (no not 5 – but you get the point).  planning workouts is important so you fit them into your busy lives, but don’t just follow what’s written on the page and call it a day.  push yourself.  go all out. and redefine what it means to check that little box that says “killer” in your fitbook.

munch in moderation
i’ve always been one to preach to enjoy all things in moderation.  however, our society is all about having whatever we want, when we want it, and sometimes i think we lose touch with the meaning of what moderation truly is.  this is really a personal thing and here’s how i define what moderation is to me:  truly enjoying something right up until that point right before guilt starts to set in.  so whether it be money, food, being lazy on the couch…whatever it is.  there is only a certain amount of anything that you can have or do before the positive actually starts to become a negative.  (you may disagree with this on the money issue, but my pastor always says: “if god wants you to have a lot of money then he’ll give it to you – and if he doesn’t it’s because he knows if he does, it will destroy you!)  so as this applies to food – this varies from person to person and you truly have to be aware of your body and mind – which is why we have those cute little smily and frowny faces in the fitbook.  what can you enjoy without going overboard?  for me, i can enjoy my 1 small golden spoon a week – but i can’t (don’t ask me why) even enjoy real ice cream.  would i gain 5lbs if i enjoyed it once a week?  nope – probably not.  but i wouldn’t enjoy it.  i love my wine, but i limit myself to 2 glasses a week (on most weeks).  do i love dessert?  of course!  but i’ll never just order my own – i always share with someone or pass.  practice being mindful so that you enjoy all those little treats – but not to the point of excess.  do you really need that extra glass of wine after you’ve had 2 (although you may not make this decision concsiously, so therein lies the problem)?  or will those extra 2 bites of dessert really make you that much happier or taste better than the previous 2?  shaving off even 1 extra nibble or that 1 extra helping can whittle away hundreds of calories per week – and the best part is you’re still enjoying things, but in moderation (sans the guilt).

combine these 2 little tweaks and you’ve got a killer combo: burning more calories and cutting out unnecessary intake.  the key to both is being tuned in to your body and your mind.  yes it might sound fluffy but it’s true.  i’m so not a “mind-body-get-in-touch-with-your-inner-being” frou-frou person, but there’s something to be said for really focusing on how your body feels when exercising, then pushing it a little further.  same goes for food: don’t just mindlessly munch, really think about if you’re hungry or if you’re really just  ______ [fill in the blank: stressed/bored/tired/angry/lonely].  so try these 2 things this week and let me know if you learn  anything new about yourself – i know i did.  now onto your plan to kick your booty and nourish that bod.

weekly fitness challenge:  (yes) MORE circuits + INTENSE cardio
the end is near – hang in there people.  great thing about these workouts – it’s new every day so while they’re intense, you won’t get bored!  same split schedule as last week (3 days circuits + 3 days cardio) but the circuit sessions are just a tad bit longer…5m to be exact, and remember you can do “5 more of anything”!  remember: at the end of the workouts you should be sopping wet and exhausted.  earn that “killer” rating.  crank up the ipod, move fast between sets, and burn some major calories.  here’s your weekly plan:

monday: circuit #10
tuesday:  cardio intervals (40-45m)
wednesday: circuit #11
thursday: tabata treadmill intervals + steady state cardio (30m)
friday: circuit #12
saturday: cardio intervals (40-45m)
sunday: active rest day (beach volleyball, swim, bike, hike, walk, dance…play!!)

circuit notes: perform exercises #1-10 as a circuit for the 50 minutes, repeating as necessary for the entire time. then do ab exercises #11-12 and cool-down. so for example, you should be able to get through the circuit almost 5 times in 50m…then do abs for a total workout of about an hour. lift moderate weight so you can endure!

circuit #10:

  1. clean & press squat thrust (15)
  2. jumping jack (15)
  3. lateral push-up (15) [start in push-up position then walk your hands to the right and do a push-up, then walk hand back to the left and do a push-up, so go side-to-side working each side of your chest]
  4. jump rope (80s)
  5. jumping jack lunge (15)
  6. bentover dumbbell raise (15)
  7. clean & press squat thrust (15)
  8. dumbbell tricep kickback (15)
  9. jumping jack (15)
  10. lateral bench hop-overs (15) jump back & forth quickly!
  11. plank (3 times, 90s each)
  12. side plank (3 times, 60s each side)

circuit #11:

  1. jump rope (80s)
  2. dumbbell bench press (10)
  3. dumbbell deadlift (10)
  4. squat (10)
  5. barbell curl (10)
  6. jump rope (80s)
  7. lying triceps extension (10)
  8. dumbbell side raise (10)
  9. single leg lunge on bench (10/leg)
  10. dumbbell deadlift (10)
  11. crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 25)
  12. side crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 25)

circuit #12:

  1. jump rope (80s)
  2. squat (15)
  3. lying triceps pullover(15)
  4. jumping jack (15)
  5. lateral push-up (15)
  6. jump rope (80s)
  7. lateral bench hop-overs (15)
  8. jumping jack lunge (15)
  9. jump rope (80s)
  10. dumbbell kickback (15)
  11. plank (3 times, 90s each)
  12. side plank (3 times, 60s each side)

[credit goes to celebrity trainer t.r. goodman for designing this killer circuit program from men’s fitness!]

weekly nutrition challenge: write. everything. down.
if you’re already doing this then odds are you’re seeing results.  but if you’re not, you might give it a whirl.  check this out: in a study by kaiser permanente, nearly 1700 participants were asked to eat healthy and exercise.  nearly 2/3 of participants lost 9 lbs over the 6-month period, however those who logged their diet and exercise lost an average of 20 lbs – more than double the amount of the non-journalers.  not too surprising then why fitbook works!  but this isn’t about pushing fitbook at all – it’s about you being successful.  heck use a blank notebook for all i care – but please try this.  now, we at fitlosophy are not big proponants of counting calories because frankly it’s exhausting.  but the truth is, losing weight comes down to calories in, calories out.  so when it’s crunch time and i’m wanting to be super diligent with my nutrition, i’ll track my calories in the little notes section.  however, my personal rule is that i won’t do it longer than 1 week – otherwise i get all obsessive.  and that’s no bueno.  but what it does do is help me revisit portion sizes, keep my servings in check, and be mindful of how many calories my body needs and how that corresponds to my hunger levels.  so try this!  again – get a fitbook, a blank notebook, or a spreadsheet (this is how i started before i created fitbook!)…and try this for the next 2 weeks for me for the rest of our 12-week program.  some people tell me they don’t have time – yet they have all the time in the world to complain about being overweight.  lose the excuses.  if you want it that bad, pick up a pen and try it…and then after you’ve tried it, then i might listen if you want to bash it.  (sorry for the lecture – said with love of course)

take this weekend to revisit those 12-week goals that you set just 10 weeks ago – dig deep and figure out what is going to motivate you through these last 2 weeks.  i’m always here for support or to answer any questions you might have.  and if you don’t need that, well then i’m at least here for a few laughs: check out my latest post on a recent gym sighting!

live life fit…


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